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The most effective notebook cooling method

       Laptop cooling has always been a headache for laptop users. How much do you know about notebook cooling?

The most common method of heat dissipation for notebooks is the combination of a fan and a heat pipe, which brings relatively good performance and is the most balanced choice in both performance and size.

       The disadvantage of this heat dissipation method is that the speed of the fan speeds up and generates a lot of noise.

       The most effective cooling method is a water-cooled notebook. In a water-cooled laptop, without any temperature concerns, the water-cooled cooling system can provide the most powerful performance, even when the chip is overclocked. There will be too much heat pressure.

       Although the performance is powerful, the disadvantages are also obvious. It is a huge volume and expensive cost. It is only suitable for some high-end enthusiasts.

       The most extreme cooling method is a fanless design. Some notebooks use a fanless design in pursuit of a thinner and lighter device. For example, the Huawei Matebook X uses only a heat pipe to conduct heat, that is, a passive heat sink, so that the notebook can be designed to be thinner. Do not worry about internal dust problems.

       The downside is that notebooks cannot work for long periods of high performance, so the number of such notebooks is small.

       In addition, radiators are also widely used in daily life, and its style is also varied, including a notebook cooling base, an exhaust fan, and the like.

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