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How to deal with Lenovo laptop power disconnect

       Recently I saw some friends asking questions: What are the reasons for the failure of power-off and restart of notebooks?

       According to Xiao Bian's experience, this is likely to be caused by your laptop's CPU power supply is insufficient, usually the motherboard to the CPU power supply is insufficient, in this case is likely due to aging of the motherboard components, resulting in the power supply part of the low voltage, CPU naturally can not normal work.

       There may also be a problem with the laptop's power supply itself, resulting in insufficient power to the motherboard.

       How to solve it?

       According to the circuit diagram, check the CPU power supply, power management chip, MOS tube, etc., find the cause of power shortage, and then take the corresponding method to solve.

       If this is the first case, the first thing to check is that the computer's power supply matches. Before checking the power supply, you should consider whether or not to add any other accessories such as a board to the computer. The power supply of some brands is exactly the same as the total power of the system. Adding a new card may cause the power supply to be insufficient.

       If there is a newly added device, you can take the device off the line and try again. If this is not possible, then it is necessary to consider whether the electricity supply from the city is stable, and the unstable electricity supply in some places will also lead to this situation.

       There is no problem with the power supply, it is necessary to find a problem on the motherboard, then just check whether there is a capacitor on the motherboard is damaged, if the damage to replace the new capacitor, otherwise only replace the motherboard, because the notebook's CPU is not replaceable They are all soldered to a computer. If they have to be changed, they can only change the motherboard together. In this way, the graphics card and CPU are changed.

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