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How to change the notebook video card is more appropriate

       The nephew of junior high school recently fell in love with an online game called Jedi Survival. However, the model of the notebook at home is relatively old, and the configuration is somewhat behind. After entering the game, the screen is seriously stunned and asks if I can change the new graphics card.

       I believe this is also a lot of notebook users want to know, did not pay attention when buying a laptop, really use it to feel the graphics card is too backward, and work and entertainment are limited, want to change the independent capacity of the graphics card.

       However, after I looked at the notebook model of Xunzi, I gave him a negative answer. It is a laptop that cannot replace the video card. He is puzzled because many laptop accessories can be changed, like notebook keyboards and notebook speakers. , notebook fan, etc., why the notebook video card can not be changed?

       I explained to him that most of the graphics cards are now soldered to the motherboard. Only the cards with the MXM slot specification graphics card can be replaced. However, this kind of notebook is quite small. His notebook graphics card is also soldered on the motherboard. On the other hand, if it is forcibly dismantled and replaced, because of the many welding points involved, it is easy to operate improperly and cause short-circuit damage to the graphics card, etc., and burns the notebook.

       Even if there is a notebook that can replace the video card, the mold does not have a uniform standard, so it may not necessarily be replaced, and the design of the notebook is based on the lowest power consumption design. After you change it up, the notebook cooling will certainly not be good. Causes frequent notebook crashes and black screens.

       If you use the MXM slot specification notebook can be free to change the graphics yet?

       According to reality, the probability of change is also very small, because these types of notebooks are generally mid-to-high-end gaming notebooks, when the performance of the purchase is relatively strong at that time, but after playing for a few years, the notebook has been relatively old, plus processing The device version changes quickly. If you upgrade the discrete graphics card separately, the performance of the notebook will be limited by the CPU. Therefore, there are various problems and the upgrade performance is not obvious. In addition, the replacement of the video card with the notebook is more troublesome and the cost is high. Playability is not high.

       So we see that in real life, more people use the method of installing memory instead of replacing the video card in order to increase the performance of their notebooks.

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