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How to prevent laptop LCD screen black spots

       According to international practice, according to international practice, there are 3 or less bright and bad LCD monitors for electronic products within the allowable range. This is an obvious “overlord clause”, but consumers are not good and foolproof. They are Can not be willing to buy a LCD with a bright, bad point of the display, so generally there is a bright, bad LCD manufacturers are difficult to sell, the average customer bought back is no dead pixels display.

       However, there are many notebook users who have bought back their notebooks for some time and found that their laptops have bright spots and bad spots. What is this all about?

       The first case is the product itself.

       The bright/bad point is a kind of physical damage that the LCD screen can't be 100% avoided in production and use. In most cases, it is generated when the screen is manufactured. In use, impact or natural wear may also cause bright/bad spots. In order to obtain benefits, some manufacturers will not abandon these LCD screens. In most cases, these panels will use a professional device to handle the bad/dead spots so that they can be viewed from the surface without a bad light/bad point. Effect.

       There are still a few manufacturers who do not even deal with them, and these panels are directly put into the production line for production, so as to achieve the purpose of reducing costs.

       This type of product does have advantages in terms of price, but the use will soon produce light/dead spots, so when you buy LCD monitors, you don't want to buy cheaper ones at a time. To buy some unknown brands, there will be great Hidden danger.

       The second, poor use of the method causes the notebook display to be bright and dead.

       1. The materials used in liquid crystal displays are very fragile and easily damaged. Once they are subjected to excessive force, the LCD will cause difficult-to-repair damage to the LCD. Therefore, notebooks should be handled lightly, and buying a thick package is also a good way to reduce the impact of the collision on the fragile LCD screen when moving, and do not place heavy objects on the notebook when not using the notebook.

       2, most of the notebook's LCD screen and the fuselage of the connecting shaft is plastic, when the switch in the front edge of the front cover opening and closing, and pay attention to force evenly, as gently as possible.

       3. Don't use your fingers to point the LCD screen at ordinary times to avoid the nails from leaving irreparable scratches on the LCD.

       4, clean notebook display Do not be too hard, use a soft cloth to clean.

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