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How to deal with excessive sound for laptop

       When using a notebook everyday, there is always a little noise that “invades” our ears. Especially when the notebook is running at a high load, the noise will be even greater. Why is this?

       First tell you about the source of the noise of the notebook, it mainly includes four aspects, the first is the notebook cooling fan, the second is the mechanical hard drive, the third is the noise of the optical drive work, the fourth is a variety of electronic components work Noise emitted. Among them, notebook fans and mechanical hard disks produce the most noise. They are the most important culprit in laptop noise.

       1, how to reduce the notebook fan noise?

       After the laptop is turned on, the internal heat will be generated. This heat must be discharged to the outside of the body. Otherwise, the notebook will be turned off because of heat. The notebook fan is designed to remove heat. The higher the temperature generated by the notebook, the faster the notebook fan will turn. The sound is also louder, so some measures need to be taken to help notebook fans to reduce the heat stress.

       There are two main methods: First, clean up the dust inside the laptop, or replace the fan with a new one. Second, add a radiator to the notebook. This effect is also obvious.

       2. How to reduce the mechanical hard disk noise?

       We all know that laptops can't have no hard drives. Generally speaking, 5,400 rpm hard drive noise is lower than 7200 rpm hard drives, and the same performance is also lower with 7200 rpm. When the notebook is processing various commands, the hard disk is also in high-speed operation. The more information processed, the more noise the hard disk emits. How can this problem be balanced?

       The method is to use third-party software to clean up the useless files of the notebook, and you can sacrifice some performances to achieve the purpose of mute. However, the best way is of course to upgrade and transform your notebook into a faster-processing SSD solid-state drive. Improve notebook operating efficiency.

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