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Will OLED screen dominate the future notebook screen market?

       With the release of the iPhone X, full-screen, OLED screens and other technologies have also become more popular. After all, Apple is synonymous with cutting-edge technology in many people's eyes. The technology it uses must be the best. The editors are not going to get to the bottom of the table. Today we are going to talk about laptop screens. We discuss this question: Will the OLED screen dominate the future of the notebook screen market?

       For a long time in the past, the laptop screen (LCD) was the world of TN panels. The advantages of TN panels are fast response and low cost, but they have the disadvantage of low viewing angle.

       Why do you say this, because the TN panel can only guarantee the display effect when facing the screen, whether it is from the side view or overlooking the top, there will be a significant color cast problem, if you have the experience of looking at the notebook screen sideways, you Will have a deep understanding.

       With the innovative development of science and technology, most game titles and mid-range notebooks now use an IPS panel with a higher viewing angle. It has the advantages of high viewing angle, fast response, and good color reproduction, and can guarantee 170 degrees. Watch in range without color cast problems.

       However, although IPS panel technology has already led many TN panels, today, with the serious homogeneity of this electronic product, notebook makers are facing not only more portable tablet PCs and smart phone competition, but also peer competition is fierce and stressful. Manufacturers must make every effort to make changes, and some people just want to apply OLED screens to notebooks. Obviously, OLED screens are stronger than previous screen technologies.

       Difficulty appears in the market positioning. The price of the notebook itself is higher than the price of the mobile phone. The cost of the OLED screen is indeed very difficult to popularize in mainstream price products. This is similar to the experience of the SSD solid-state hard drive, which is also the cause of the cost. Limit its popularity.

       Will the future be popularized? It may be too early to say now that many mobile phone manufacturers have already popularized OLED screens to mainstream consumer models. With the continuous development of OLED screen production capacity and technology, Xiaobian believes that even thinner OLED technologies with slower visibility will be slower. Slowly spread to more electronic products, including notebooks.

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