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Laptop turn on repeatedly

       Recently found in the Lenovo notebook forum, many users asked such a question, said that their Lenovo notebook forced shutdown, the next boot has been repeated the boot screen, can only enter the system through the safe mode, do not know what to do.

       Xiao Bian must confess here. Some notebook users often open N web pages at the same time and do not say, but also run N software at the same time. This can also be understood, and the home is played in front of the computer for a whole day. Well, the Otaku world is not Understand, but why don't you give the notebook more reaction time when shutting down? It will take time to run so many programs one by one. However, if you do, you will be forced to go downstairs and eat directly. Then the next time the boot has problems blame the notebook "too slag", you are an ordinary laptop, it is not Tianhe No. 1 supercomputer, you engage in this problem is also normal.

       Someone may be unhappy, saying that you haven’t said a solution for a long time. Don’t worry, Xiaobian tells you the solution.

       First, after entering the system through the safe mode, remove the anti-virus software and related security software, and then reboot to see if it can access normally;

       Second, after entering the safe mode, it is recommended to download and update the ATKPackage and graphics card driverfirst, and then restart to see whether it can enter the normal system;

       The third type is still to enter through the safe mode, and then keep your notebook open, wait for more than half an hour to see if there is no automatic shutdown or card machine phenomenon, if not, it should be a problem in the system, Can only take the ultimate move: reinstall the system.

       Finally, I hope that everyone will take good care of their own notebooks. When using them at ordinary times, do not use too many programs at the same time. Try to avoid forced shutdown.

Publish on 04/03/2018 by yechao, 87 hits.

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