Upgraded SSD Makes MacBook Pro Speed Increase

Maybe you are worried about small space of your hard disk. Fortunatelyyour MacBook’s memory space can be 2,4,8 or 16 times larger than before and the boot time of your device can be also increased by 3 or 5 times. For achieving these above, you just need to install one more SSD into your MacBook. More details, please have a look at MacBook Pro SSD upgrade guide below.

upgrade macbook with ssd

Prepare for Upgrade MacBook with SSD Hard Drive


A SSD drive for MacBook pro

A screw driver

A portable hard disk box

2.Steps for Changing MacBook Pro’s Hard Disk

Note:Before disassembling your device, wear antistatic gloves.

2.1 Backup Your Personal Data

Put your personal data into a portable hard disk or your new SSD, then power off your device and remove battery (if the battery is built-in).

2.2 Remove screws from rear cover of your Mac, keep these screws safe, you had better put all screws into one box.

2.3 After taking apart the cover of your device, you can see the whole inside of MacBook:

taking apart the cover of macbook

2.4 For dismantling HDD, you need to remove two screws from HDD’s holder and then take holder out.

hdd of macbook

2.5 Uplift hard disk lightly, then you will see SATA port connected with hard disk.Disconnect the connector and take hard disk out.

take out hdd

2.6 Install a new solid-state disk, operation procedure is the same as above.

3.We can let an old hard disk become a new portable one, and even the old hard disk remains data, you can still read the data in the new portable hard disk.

3.1 Unscrew screws from portable hard disk box, install the old hard disk into connector.

3.2 Boot up MacBook Pro, keep tapping “command+option+R” for starting internet recovery process.

3.3 Make sure that your MacBook is connected to internet, then recover your device system according to tips. If you would like to enjoy latest Mac system, you need to update your Mac system, it will cost some hours to enter your system and you should be patient.


From my point of view, MacBook with SSD vs HDD, I think that it is very easy to replace MacBook Pro SSD, and its advantage is obvious. By doing so, your MacBook can have larger memory space and run faster. Of cause, updating MacBook Pro SSD is a bit expensive but it will let your MacBook run smoothly for a long time.


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