How to Fix Broken Hinge on Laptop

My Samsung np530u4bl has a broken hinge and black and white wire connected is broken. Howto fix broken hinge?  We received a question from the customer, which is a common problem in laptop repair cases. This article will guide you how to fix a laptop with broken hinges.

laptop fix broken hinges

There may be two problems, one is loose screws, and the other is cracking of the screen hinge. Try to solve the problem by tightening the screws. The screen hinge can be tightened, and there are fastening screws inside the left and right screen hinge.

1. Buy laptop screen hinge

Purchase laptop replacement parts:contact us in the GEMWON mall to customize the screen hinge, or you can search for the model and part name on eBay or Google. The price is less than 10USD, supporting global sale.

Repair tools: screws or disassembly screwdriver kits can be purchased together.

If you choose to have the repair shop replace the damaged laptop hinge for you, laptop hinge repair cost will range from tens to 100 dollars.

buy laptop screen hinge

2. How to replace the hinge on Dell Sony?

1. Turn off the laptop and disconnect the power adapter. Unplug any peripheral devices or drives connected to the laptop.

2. Turn off and flip the laptop.

3. Loosen the screws that secure the base cover to the bottom of the laptop. Put the bottom cover aside.

4. Remove all screws that secure the keyboard to the palm rest.

5. With the help of a flat-blade screwdriver, disconnect from the motherboard and carefully lift and remove the keyboard bezel.

6. If you find a hinged cover, remove the hinged cover, and then disconnect the cable that connects the motherboard to the screen.

7. Now, remove the screws that secure the screen to the laptop base, and then lift it carefully.

8. Unscrew the screws responsible for combining the two screen halves. With the help of your fingers, lift the front bezel, then remove video cable and remove the LCD screen from the cover.

9. Remove the screws fixed on the display cover, remove the broken hinge, and then replace it with a new kit.

10. Reverse assembly according to disassembly.

dell laptop hinge

Replacing broken hinges of a laptop screen is roughly the same as the above steps, and it will be slightly different depending on the model.

Several case to change the screen hinge of the notebook screen:

1. Most of them are to disassemble the board cover above the keyboard, then remove the laptop battery, use a screw driver to remove the screw above the hinge, use tweezers, carefully knock on the left, remove the entire panel, you can see the screen hinge.

After removing the B case (the frame around the screen), use tweezers to take out the rubber gasket, remove the screw, and remove the frame from the inside out.

The screen hinge is normally connected to the frame around the screen, you need to remove it with a small Phillips screwdriver, remove the screen hinge, and then replace the new.

replace laptop hinge

2. First remove the screen protector,remove the keyboard, and remove the screws on the back.

Remove the cover outside the screen hinge and remove the frame around the screen.

Use a screwdriver to remove the screen hinge and replace it with a new.

3. Remove the battery and remove all screws on the back.

Use tweezers to carefully open the keyboard, remove the screws under the keyboard, and remove the C case cover,which is around the keyboard.

When you see the screen hinge, you can replace it with a new one.


· The disassembly may vary depending on the laptop model.

· You may need to remove a set of screws from the bottom of the laptop chassis to release the keyboard. These screws are usually located inside or next to the battery compartment, so you need to remove the battery first.

· If you cannot remove the hinge or cannot find a replacement hinge for your notebook, you may need to replace the entire back cover. Or you choose to contact us, we will find the right laptop repair accessories for you.

laptop hinge wholesale

As the screen and hinge opens and closes frequently, you will encounter some problems. For example, broken hinges may need to be repaired. But in some cases, you can solve the problem yourself.You can easily fix the laptop hinge and save dell laptop hinge repair cost.

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