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What are the Different Types of Computer Screens

What are different types of computer monitors? What are the types of notebook LCD screens? How to buy them? This article introduces the methods of recognize all types of computer screen and LCD screens.


Part 1: What are the types of laptop screen?

First of all, notebook LCD screens are divided into LCD and LED in terms of craft and materials. Because OLEDs are use different display technologies,so OLED screens are not in the comparison range.

1. LCD liquid crystal display

The structure of the LCD is to place a liquid crystal cell between two parallel glass substrates. A TFT (thin film transistor) is provided on the lower substrate glass, and a colors filter is provided on the upper substrate glass. The signals and voltages on the chip are used to control the direction of rotation of the liquid crystal molecules, so as to control whether the polarized light of each pixel is emitted or not and achieve the display purpose.

Advantages: Thin display panel (flat panel structure), small electromagnetic radiation, no glare, good for eye health, large amount of display information, easy colorization, and long life.

Disadvantages: The colors are not bright enough.

2. LED liquid crystal display

LED is the abbreviation of Light Emitting Diode, which means light-emitting diode, which is a solid-state semiconductor device capable of converting electrical energy into visible light. It can directly convert electricity into light, and LED displays are more power-saving, more durable,and have a long service life. High brightness and less heat, and is an environmentally friendly green lighting source, and its craft is higher!

Liquid crystal display can be divided into passive matrix LCD and active matrix LCD according to different control methods.

2.1 Passive Matrix LCD

Passive matrix LCDs are relatively limited in terms of brightness and viewing angle, and their response speed is also slow. Due to problems in picture quality, this display device is not help to the development of a desktop display. Passive matrix LCD can be further divided into TN-LCD (Twisted Nematic-LCD, twisted nematic LCD), STN-LCD (Super TN-LCD, super twisted nematic LCD) and DSTN-LCD (Double layer STN-LCD, dual Layer super twisted nematic LCD).

2.2 Active Matrix LCD

At present, a relatively widely used active matrix LCD is also called a TFT-LCD (Thin Film Transistor-LCD). TFT liquid crystal display is a built-in transistor in each pixel in the picture, which can make the brightness brighter, more colourful and wider viewing area.

In the notebook computer, DSTN-LCD (commonly known as pseudo colour display) and TFT-LCD (commonly known as true colour display) are mainly used.The LED display currently refers to the LED backlight. The notebook display is still an LCD display.

Part 2: TN Vs IPS Displays in Laptops

TN Panel

The full name of the TN panel is Twisted Nematic panel. The biggest feature is that if you swipe your finger across the screen, a water ripple-like track will appear (this is also a way to identify the TN screen).

Advantages of TN panel:

Because the number of outputs grey levels is small and the liquid crystal molecules deflect quickly, its response time is also easily improved.With the continuous improvement of the TN panel, the latest TN panel display will no longer reduce picture quality due to efficient response time, and the low price and better energy consumption control are also its great advantages.

Disadvantages of TN panels:

As an original 6 Bit panel, the TN panel can only display 64 colors of red / green / blue, and the maximum actual colour is only 262.144. Even though the "dithering" technology can make it achieve the performance of more than 16 million colors, it can only display the three primary colors of 0 to 252 grey levels-the resulting colour display number is only 16.2 million colors. It is difficult to improve the contrast of a TN panel. The problems exposed are narrow colour gamut, poor reducing ability, unnatural transition,and narrow viewing angle.


IPS Panel

The screen hardness of IPS is higher than that of TN. There is no discoloration on the part pressed by the fingertips. It is more difficult for IPS screen to change colour. The theoretical viewing angle of up to 178° is the characteristic of IPS. The wide viewing angle does not cause the screen to become white and dis coloured even when viewing content obliquely. For the IPS screen with wide viewing angle and higher colour performance, it is more suitable for video and image processing workers than other.

Disadvantages: Because IPS is an LCD screen using flat conversion technology, which is a type of TFT-LCD, the essence is still LCD. LCD screens are often accompanied by light leakage, which also requires a backlight to increase brightness. Light leakage is easy to occur in ordinary IPS screen products. The contrast is low, and the light shines through when displaying a black scene.

When your screen is damaged and you want to buy a notebook LCD screen and replace it yourself, you need to know your laptop model and purchase the corresponding replacement LCD screen for your laptop.

Part 3: How to find your laptop screen model?

1) Right-click on a blank area of the computer desktop, a list will appear, right-click on "Display Settings"

2) Select the Display tab and look for the Advanced display settings option at the bottom or at the right.

Click it and on the screen that follows, open the Choose display drop down.

3) When the properties window appears, left-click the "Monitor" tab, then locate the "Properties" button and click.

4) The "Universal Plug and Play Monitor" property window appears, click the "Details" tab with the left mouse button, and select "Hardware ID" from the drop-down list of properties.

5) The monitor will show up with its make and model number.


After buying the screen, you can replace the screen. If you have questions about laptop screen replacement, welcome to refer our article How to Fix Broken Computer Screen GEMWON Mall has been providing wholesale most of the notebook accessories, including laptop screens,keyboards, fans, etc.


What type of computer screen should i buy? Of course, there is a difference between playing games and students use. Understanding the advantages and disadvantages of these laptop LCD screens can very helpful when you are buying a laptop.

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How to Fix Loose Charging Port on a Laptop

Go for repair or continue to use it regardless of failure will break the charge port eventually. We encountered this problem; this article is about troubleshooting for hp laptop charging port repair.


Confirm whether charging port is faulty

Contact the official after-sales service if it is faulty. Some notebooks tell you that this is normal. Charging plugs generally have a certain range of looseness. But conventionally, this comes from the motherboard flexing, as the cable is connected to the corner of the MB. It shouldn't be a problem, but if you continue to wiggle it over time it could bend the MB and sever a connection. Typically, this isn't a defect,mostly it comes on low end devices with poor internal Mobo support.

Clear the charging port




Using the notebook, the charging port is often not tight, resulting in failure to charge or poor charging contact.The charging plug swings in the charging port.

This situation usually occurs when the laptop charging interface of your laptop is broken. In fact, the reason for this is the long-term accumulation of dust and fluff in your pocket.

The solution is to use sharp tools such as tweezers or paper clips to gently pick out the compacted dust when the computer is turned off.

Finally, after the charging interface is cleaned up, the laptop can be charged normally.

Check the laptop adapter

The first step in solving such problems is to identify the core issues. You may experience a faulty charger port.

If your laptop charger not working,you must replace or repair the charger to continue use your laptop.

First determine if the jack on the laptop is loose or the adapter plug. If there are obvious signs of damage at the interface of the adapter, then the adapter must be replaced and tested.Replacing a broken adapter is simple, just buy a replacement laptop adapter according to the notebook model specifications. If you have more questions about how to buy a laptop adapter, please click here.


Laptop Connector DC Board:

If the laptop power outlet is loose,the laptop's charging port must be repaired. There may be a problem with the laptop power socket. Check if the metal tentacles are deformed or broken. If the charging port of the motherboard is open, then it can be used normally after disassembling and then welding.

The external power plug of the notebook is loose, and the power socket of the notebook is generally designed in a modular manner. It is simple to replace these parts. You only need to purchase accessories of the same model of notebook, and then you can replace the laptop broken part. The notebook needs to first remove the hard disk and then the keyboard bezel, then remove the keyboard, then the screen,then remove the rear cover, remove the shield, and finally remove the motherboard.


HP laptop charging port is loose

If the power jack is loose,solder some connections and reconnect it to the motherboard.

Disassemble the laptop.

Next, remove the motherboard and power jack to the repair shop.

You can also replace the internal charging board.

GEMWON provides Laptop Dc Jack/Cord for most brand of notebooks, and if you need it, you can find it here. 16 years of laptop parts wholesale, let us have the most models of notebook parts and supply chain. Come GEMWON and tell us your needs. All orders will be shipped all over the world as fast as possible.


Damaged motherboard

After repairing or replacing the power jack, if the laptop cannot be charged or cannot be powered by AC power,the motherboard may also be damaged. A professional motherboard inspection repair shop is recommended.

Symptoms include: After the adapter is plugged, the laptop can't be charged.

The Bottom Line:

The physical defect will cause the laptop charger to be damaged or stop working. According to the laptop charging port repair cost and tips, the intermittent charging failure of the laptop caused by the loose adapter is solved. I hope to help you, if you think it is useful, I hope you share it with more friends.

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The Best Ways to Clean a MacBook Screen

A MacBook has been used for a long time and you may need to clean the keyboard,screen, DVD drive, headphone jack, USB port and more MacBook parts. A dirty screen can dim your display. How to clean fingerprints off MacBook screen? What are the best ways of cleaning an Apple MacBook Screen?


How to clear fingerprints on the MacBook screen?

Can you clean a MacBook screen with alcohol? You can use a little fleece, a thinner cloth with water. Do not use organic solvents such as alcohol. If the water cannot remove the surface deposits, you can buy a special electronic screen detergent instead of the water.

Use dust-removing stickers. Electronic product screen protection films usually come with dust-removing stickers. The dust-removing stickers can remove the dust on the surface of MacBook screen.

Steps for MacBook screen cleaning

1. Turn off the computer. Disconnect the power adapter from the computer.

Clean the dust and other particles on the surface, because it must be removed to avoid the surface with high hardness particles such as sand, and to avoid screen scratches during the cleaning process below.

2. Wet a soft cloth. Moisten the soft cloth with a little water, and it will be moist.

3. Carefully move in small circles across the screen. When rubbing,apply it gently and evenly, don't use too much force. For fingerprints, grease marks, or stubborn stains, you need to use a screen cleaner.


How to keep your MacBook screen clean?

There are a few simple things you can do to keep your MacBook clean. Use your Mac laptop carefully. Don't eat while using a MacBook and keep it away from debris and dust. Keep your MacBook in a protective case to protect it and keep it clean.


Clean MacBook Pro keyboard

1. Turn off your portable computer and make sure it is not plugged into a power adapter.

2. Make sure to get a dry towel and quickly wipe food or drink from your keyboard.

3. Clean up the sticky keys by getting a dry towel and applying a cleaner on the flannel. Now, carefully wipe the key with a flannel.

4. If you want to do better, or the keyboard is damaged by liquid drinks, then you must remove every key and clean the key bracket separately.


MacBook ABCD cover Cleaning

Notebook case cleaning, the first thing to notice is the case material,because some notebook cases will use a special process paint coating, so avoid using a solvent to damage the coating of the notebook case.

1. Shut down and unplug the MacBook power adapter.

2. Lightly moisten a soft cloth with water.

3. Carefully wipe your MacBook case. For those speakers on both sides,or the ventilation holes, do not wipe with too moist towels.

4. Spray the USB port with compressed air. Compressed air is the best way to clean your USB port. If you haven't purchased compressed air, you can also use a cotton swab as a replacement.


How to clean the inside of your MacBook?

Most notebooks remove the D side and remove all the screws to see the internal structure of the notebook.

a: Shut down before disassembling and cleaning.

b: First use a brush and hair dryer to clean the dust.

c: Part of the radiator, especially the location of the air outlet, can use compressed air to blow in the direction of the air to avoid blowing the dust to the inside. In addition, the pressure of the compressed air will have a stronger dust removal effect.

Because there are many internal components, avoid using any wet towels, cleaning cloths, and cleaning solvents.


Tips for cleaning your MacBook

1. It is best to clean with a lint cloth.

2. Avoid cleaning your MacBook with water, strong oxidants, and unknown detergents. Alcohol needs to be used with caution (avoid coating where possible).

3. Please spray the cleaning agent on the wiping cloth and then wipe the electronic part, instead of spraying directly on the electronic components.

4. Oily stains are difficult to clean with water, and generally need to be dissolved with a cleaning solvent. The glue marks left by common stickers can be cleaned with organic solvents such as alcohol, but it is best not to use organic solvents for the screen.

More MacBook parts that need to be replaced are available at GEMWON. Regarding your consultation, we will help you find the laptop parts you need immediately.


This article details some of the best ways to clean MacBook screen without streaks. Most other electronic device can learn the similar cleaning methods, such as external displays.

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How to Fix Loose Bottom Panel on HP Laptop?

The bottom is kind of loosen up a bit, should I apply an adhesive of some kind to fix this?  How to fix a loose laptop bottom case?


The lid of the laptop is often opened and closed. If you accidentally operate, some components of the lid may loosen,and there may be problems such as cracks between the screen and the frame. In order to avoid the case of a laptop computer is loosened, so it should be slowly opened and closed after use. Do not make large movements, otherwise it may cause physical damage to the PC cover.

Laptop Cover materials:

Notebook Cover materials are aluminum-magnesium alloy, titanium alloy, ABS engineering plastic, carbon fiber, etc.

Many computers are use ABS plastics.According to current, more than 70% of the low-cost notebooks are mainly used it to make shells. The quality of this material is not easy to break. It has excellent heat resistance, easy processing characteristics of ABS plastics, and is cheap. But it is not very thermally conductive, so the heat dissipation will be worse.

The main component of aluminum-magnesium alloy is metal magnesium. Generally speaking, its hardness is several times that of ABS, but its weight is less than half that of ABS plastic, and its heat dissipation ability is very good. This kind of shell can make the computer look more fashionable and convenient for coloring. Generally,it is used to spray colors on the material to change the color. Therefore, it is the first material choice of portable notebooks.

The carbon fiber material has both good quality and good-looking characteristics, as well as very good plasticity. It looks like plastic on the surface, but it has better hardness and thermal conductivity than plastic. And it can play a metal-like shielding role, and it is necessary to apply an insulating layer on the shell and its cost is higher.


The titanium alloy material combines all the advantages. In addition to the metal, it also incorporates carbon fiber. It is better than aluminum-magnesium alloy in terms of heat dissipation,hardness, or appearance. And it is easier to process, and the appearance is more diverse. The most important advantage of titanium alloy is that the toughness becomes better and it can become thinner. But It is very troublesome to process, which means that the cost will be high.

How to fix laptop bottom peeling/loosen up?

1. Try to push it gently, can it return to original position? If it feels like it can't seal, you will need to open it to remove any parts that prevent it from returning.

If it's just bad adhesive, you can use a repair glue or double-sided tape to sew it tightly. Please be careful during the repair process, as it may fall on the LCD screen and make it difficult for you to remove it.

2. What to do if the laptop cover is tight, can the screen shaft be loosened?

The screen hinge shaft can be loosened, and the screws on the inside of the screen shaft can be adjusted according to the maintenance requirements.

Tips to replace the loose back case of a hp laptop

Changing the back cover of the notebook requires disassembling the notebook. Here are some tips for disassembling the notebook.

1. Before all operations, the first thing is to disconnect the power.

2. Keep the screws well.

3. Remember the order of the screws when disassembling, and different types of screws are stored separately.

4. Be sure to remove all the screws before removing the rear case. Pay attention to some screws in the corners.

5. After removing the screws of the notebook, the back shell will not be separated directly, because there are still tenons inside to fix it. At this time, it needs a crowbar, extend the pry into the gap, and slowly open the back case.

6. Disconnect the cable.

7. The integration level of many notebook motherboards is not so high, there will be many cables connected to speakers, fans, sub-circuit boards, etc.When disassembling, you need to disconnect the cables carefully, pay attention to flying leads, do not pull hard, you need to pull it out gently! In addition,because the notebook is not highly integrated and there are too many cables,manufacturers will use tape and other methods to strengthen the cables to avoid loose cables. To remove the cable, you need to remove the tape first.


8. The last step is to assemble.Follow the disassembly steps to install each component in reverse, connect the cables and tighten the fixing screws. If you are not familiar with disassembly,it is recommended to take a photo every step you do.

The premise of removing back cover hp laptop is to purchase a laptop replacement cover. GEMWON has most of the parts for laptop. This part offer in stock, brand new and the original part. Depending on your laptop model, if you search online in the search box,or you can get results from suppliers of the part. Consult GEMWON to get the laptop spare parts you need.

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How to Update Laptop Wireless Driver

The laptop manufacturer updates the wireless adapter driver. Windows 10 will automatically install through Windows Update. Windows 7 requires manual driver updates. If there is a problem with the wireless network, you need to download or install WIFI driver windows 10.


1. How to update wireless (WIFI) driver?

If the driver has been in use for more than a year, we recommend that you update it.

Visit any browser and then the official website of the manufacturer of your computer or wireless network adapter.

Download the latest driver for your wireless adapter from the manufacturer's website,download and install it.


2. How to install wireless driver windows 10

Driver updates for Windows 10 and many devices such as network adapters,screen, printers, and graphics cards are automatically downloaded and installed through Windows Update.

If you want to update or reinstall the driver, follow these steps:

Right-click the "this pc" and select "Manage"-"Device Manager".

Right-click "Network Adapter" and select "Update Driver".

Select "Search automatically for updated driver software."

Select "Update Driver".

If Windows cannot find a new driver, you can find a driver on the device manufacturer's website and follow its instructions.


3. Automatically update WIFI driver windows 10

Right-click the "this pc" and select "Manage"-"Device Manager".

Right-click the name of the device and select Uninstall.

Restart your computer.

Windows will attempt to reinstall the driver.

4. Update the driver through Windows Update

Click Settings to open Windows Settings. In the main interface of the application, select the "Updates and Security" tab.

On the right pane on the next page, click the Check for "Windows Updates".


If the manufacturer of the wireless network card installed on your computer has released a new update through the Windows Update, the latest update will be downloaded and installed on its own.

If your Wi-Fi is disconnected or no Wi-Fi is available, make sure you have the latest driver installed for your wireless network adapter. Generally, the best way is to install the latest drivers for the device, as it has the latest patches for the device. You can get WIFI driver for windows 10 free download from laptop brand support website.

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How to Fix Hard Drive Not Detected Error Message

Boot screen shows hard disk drive not found. this problem occurs when hard disk is installed in computer. how do I troubleshoot this problem? How to fix dell laptop not reading hard drive?


1. Device Manager Scan

If the notebook has 2 hard drives and can't find the second hard drive.The laptop did not recognize the hard disk.


  • Then we can use the device manager to observe whether the hard disk can be detected in windows.
  • Right click on the computer and select Device Manager.
  • Click the "disk drive" option,
  • Expand the disk drive option to see if there are any disks you have connected to.
  • Right mouse button on the disk drive, select Scan to detect hardware changes,
  • After the scan is successful, the disk drive will be connected.

2. Earlier Version Windows

When you install an earlier version of Windows on a drive that will be the boot drive, the drive may not be detected. You may need to update the drivers for your computer's storage controller.

3. If the BIOS cannot detect the hard drive,

there are usually these reasons:

The hard disk is not installed correctly. At this time, the first thing we need to do is to check whether the data cable and power cable of the hard disk are properly installed. In general, it may be that the hard disk is not detected when it is not properly placed.

1) Unpack the computer case and find the hard disk;

2) Change the data cable of the hard disk, the power interface is seen whether it is inserted;

3) Re-install and then start the test;

4) Try using a new hard drive and a new data cable.

4. Damaged hard drive

Remove the hard drive from your laptop and use it as a secondary drive on another computer to see if it can work.

Physical damage to the hard disk or IDE interface. You can connect the hard drive to another computer and try to detect it. If it is a new hard drive, check the pin configuration on the back of the hard drive.

5. The jumper settings on the drive are incorrect

If your laptop has dual hard drives installed, you need to set one of them as the master hard drive and the other as the slave hard drive slave. If both are set to the primary hard disk or both are set to the secondary hard disk, connect the two hard disks to the IDE slot of the motherboard with one data cable. At this time, the BIOS cannot detect your hard disk.

6. Hard drive failure and can't not recognized

6.1. The hard disk is physically damaged.

Solution: There is also a possibility that the hard disk is damaged and the computer cannot detect the hard disk. At this time, it needs to be repaired or replaced. It should be noted that if there is important data in the hard disk, you should go to the reputable data recovery company to recover the data and then send it to the factory for repair.

Check hard drive bad sectors

Preparation Tools: Beta version of the HD Tune software.

In the software running interface, click the "Error Scan" tab,then click the "Start" button to start scanning.

1) The scan result will be directly displayed in the box on the left. If it is green, it means pass, and red means there is physical bad track (that is, the hard disk is faulty).

Reminder: The general host has only one physical hard disk. By default, there is no need to select a hard disk. If there are other hard drives that need to be detected, you can select different hard drive models through the drop-down menu and then click “Start” to scan.


In addition: the test results provided by the HD Tune can only be used for reference. If you need further confirmation, you need to contact the service station.

2) If the scan results are all green, the hard disk does not have a sector with physical bad sectors. So, you can consider checking the hard drive data cable, power cord is loose?
You can try to re-plug the connection test to see if the fault is repaired.

6.2. The hard drive data cable and power cable are loose, oxidized or broken.

Try changing the power connector, data cable or IDE SATA interface.


6.3. Some motherboards have the SATA interface turned off by default.Therefore, after we load the BIOS default settings, the SATA hard disk will not be found.

Just enter the BIOS and open the SATA interface. Because different motherboard settings are different, please refer to the motherboard manual for modification.

6.4. Poor contact caused by oxidation on the metal interface of the back-circuit board after long-term use of the hard disk.

You need to remove the circuit board to remove the oxide on the metal.It is recommended to find a professional maintenance personnel to help cleanup.

The above tips for troubleshooting dell diagnostics hard drive not installed. If you still have a problem with your notebook and need laptop repair part, please leave a message below.

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Windows 10 Saying Password Incorrect after It Wakes Up

Windows 10 says password is incorrect when it wakes up from Sleep. Why is this? How can I sign back to my Windows 10 now? In this tutorial, we'll provide 8 easy ways to solve the windows 10 will not accept my password.


Restart Laptop

Restart the computer. Sometimes restarting may resolve issues with incorrect passwords after software updates. This is the easiest way of all.

1. Check the password you typed

After entering your password in the Windows 10 login window, you will see a small eye icon on the right side of the password box. Click the eye icon, which will display the password you just typed. If the password is correct and the windows 10 keeps saying incorrect password, it is likely that you forgot your password.


2. Check the keyboard layout is correct

Be sure to choose the correct keyboard layout to type your password. In the lower right corner of the Windows 10 login screen, there is a language button (such as ENG). Click here and you will be able to change your keyboard layout.


You may have enabled NumLock, try entering your password using the on-screen keyboard or tapping the NumLock button to toggle the status.

Press the "FN +NumLock" numeric keypad switch button (on a 14-inch laptop, NumLock is often on the same button as F6, F8, Insert, etc.). If the Number keypad is turned off, try to re-enter the password to login.

3. Using the on-screen keyboard

Microsoft won't recognize my password. I found that the lowercase letters that were typed automatically were converted to uppercase letters, and the numbers and special characters can't type. This may have started after Windows update. This may be due to a keyboard error.


Using the on-screen keyboard, you can activate it with the easy access icon on the login screen. Click Easy Access > On-Screen Keyboard and use the mouse to click on the character to enter the correct password.

4. Login with your Microsoft account password

If you have been using a Microsoft account to login, you will need to enter the password for Microsoft account instead of the local account password.There are three ways to login to windows 10, Microsoft account passwords, pin codes and biometrics. Please confirm that the login method you selected is correct.

If you choose to log in with a local account but enter the password for the Microsoft account, the account and password will not match, and Windows 10 will prompt the user name or password is incorrect.

5. Reset your Microsoft account password

If you have forgotten your Windows 10 password, the easiest way is to reset your Microsoft account password by logging back to your account. You need to find a device with Internet access, log in to your Microsoft account, modify and access services like Outlook and Skype. After changing your password, try entering a new password in the login window of your PC. You should be able to access the account without any trouble.

Here is a YouTube video tutorial from GEMWON that tells you how to change your windows 10 password and Microsoft account password. Lenovo ThinkPad X230 Windows 10 Login Password Forgot

6. Switch other account to login

If there are other administrator accounts, select another account to login, and then go to Control Panel - User Accounts - Credential Management -delete the password stored on this laptop by this Microsoft account.

If there is no other administrator account, please keep pressing the shift key on the login interface, and then click the "Restart" button to restart laptop.

Select Troubleshooting - Advanced Options - Startup Settings - Restart, press 6 or F6 to enter safe mode with a command prompt.

Then enter the following command at the command prompt:

Net user User ****** /add (User is a new account, ****** is a new password)

Net local group administrators User /add

Restarting the computer after the operation, login to the computer with the new account.

7. Keyboard hardware test

If you are using an external keyboard and you are having problems with Windows 10 not accepting password,try disconnecting the keyboard from the USB and reconnecting.

For the laptop built-in keyboard,you need to verify if a key is stuck or the laptop keys does not work. If this is the problem, then unfortunately, you may need to repair this broken keyboard. We offer spare keyboards for all notebook brand, such as ASUS/Dell/Toshiba/HP, etc.We are always pleasure to help you if you need it.

8. Reinstall the Windows

As a last way, you can reinstall operating system. Another option is to reset the Windows 10 or to the previous operating system. This method is often used for your account can't login after windows update.

In the input password interface,hold down the "SHIFT" button and click the "Power icon", and select "Restart".

The restarted computer system will enter the troubleshooting and click to reset this computer.

Then click [Keep my files]. As shown below.

Then the display is being prepared.


At this point, the system will re-enter the process of installing windows. During the installation process, the computer will restart several times, and do not turn off the power of the computer.

After the reset is successful.There is no password after booting, you can enter the Windows 10 successfully.


We've covered many troubleshooting to resolve login password incorrect after windows 10 update. In addition, if you have any questions about laptop repair, please feel free to contact us or leave a message below the article.

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How to Buy Refurbished Laptops

I'm interested in buying a used laptop, and I don't have any experience in buying used online. To what should I pay the most attention?  We have received a lot of such consultations.

This article tells you the best way to buy refurbished laptops.


1. Check the LCD screen of the refurbished notebook

Laptop monitors are the most delicate and expensive parts of machine accessories,accounting for about 40% of the cost of the entire machine, so the primary consideration when purchasing a second-hand laptop is the LCD.


1.1 You should pay attention to whether the screen is broken or there are horizontal or vertical lines on Laptop screen.

1.2 The size and performance of the display, and consider the performance and sizeof the display in relation to the price. In fact, today's mainstream laptop monitors are mostly 13.3-inch TFT true color LCD monitors, and even higher-end even 14.1 inches or 15 inches. Therefore, you must carefully identify the size and performance of the display when purchasing.

1.3 Display performance

First of all, pay attention to whether the display surface has obvious scratches;

Then, observe whether the maximum brightness, contrast and color temperature of the notebook screen are normal;

Finally, carefully check the screen for dead pixels and highlights with pure white and
black background images.

2. The processor of the laptop

CUP is a key factor related to the performance of the whole laptop. The performance of the notebook must also look at the quality of the CPU. In particular, the CUP of second-hand laptop has used long time and the quality and performance are compromised. Therefore, it is required to test carefully and inquire whether it is original.

3. Hard disk capacity, speed, usage time and bad sectors

Most of the hard drives in refurbished notebooks have been used for a long time, so the actual performance of the hard drives is very important. There is a small tool that can be used to detect hard drive usage: HD Tune. Then, use HD Tune to check the power-on cycle of the hard disk. This also allows you to intuitively understand the actual usage time of the notebook and have some understanding of the life of the hard disk.

4. Check other hardware: laptop keyboard, usb port, optical drive, mouse, speaker, etc.

The keyboard, each key must be tapped to confirm can type characters, and feel comfortable. All USB should be plugged to test and device can be identified; if there is an optical drive to try to read the CD-ROM. To adjust the volume to the highest, to see if there is popping, noise and so on.


5. Get the warranty for refurbished notebooks

In general, second-hand laptops are not comparable to new products in terms of performance or warranty and after-sales services. Moreover, refurbished computers generally do not provide an after-sales warranty. Therefore, when buying second-hand laptops, it is necessary to consider whether it is convenient to repair in the future, and whether you can buy accessories.


If you need to buy a machine that not under warranty, please consider GEMWON's help when you have a broken laptop parts need to repair. If you want to buying refurbished laptop parts on GEMWON website, please call or contact our professional team who can find the right laptop spare accessories for you.

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How to Sync an iPhone with a Mac without iTunes

It's convenient to use iTunes to manage iPhone files, but sometimes you just want to synchronous music, without using software like iTunes or iTool. Here are a few ways for how do i sync my iPhone to my mac without iTunes.

What can you do with iMazing:

  • Access data not available in iTunes, such as messages, voicemails, call logs...
  • Recover music from your iPhone or iPod
  • Retain and archive multiple backups of their devices
  • Back up your device to an external drive or any other location
  • Drag and drop files, media and photos instead of checking the checkbox(no pain in iTunes sync)
  • Easily browse and transfer files and folders (view file system structure)
  • Access advanced features not found in iTunes


First, you need to download and install the iMazing software, then launch the software to connect to your device. Once the WIFI connection is activated, as long as your device and computer share the same network, no need to trust multiple times.

iMazing allows you to sync and manage your Apple device without iTunes.You can use it when iPhone not syncing with iTunes.

AirDrop music from Mac to iPhone

AirDrop is the fastest way to exchange files between Apple systems, if you are using a Mac or even a file transfer between iPhones. You can use AirDrop to transfer large files at once. AirDrop requires Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to be turned on your device, but a Wi-Fi network is created between them and does not require an external Internet connection.

How to Airdrop a Song from Apple Music

Step 1: Turn on AirDrop

On iOS devices, you can do this by setting up or through the Control Centre. For the former, go to Settings > General > AirDrop. Then select "Contacts Only" to allow only people you know to send you content, or select "Everyone", which will allow anyone using AirDrop to find you and send you content. To access the same panel through the Control Centre,press and hold the network pane, then click AirDrop.


On a Mac, the easiest way to get into the same settings panel is to search through Spotlight. Click the search icon on the task bar or use Command +Space to search.

In the AirDrop window, you can access the same setup options via the link in the lower left corner.


Make sure Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are turned on.

Step 2: Make sure all other settings are correct

On iOS devices, AirDrop won't work if you're creating a personal hotspot. Close it in General > Cellular.

The Mac operating system has a built-in firewall. If it is already open,you will not be able to receive the file. Go to System Preferences >Security & Privacy > Firewall to make sure it is turned off.

On iOS, click the share icon when viewing sharable content. Here are the photos.


If someone nearby can receive it, you will see them in the AirDrop pane:


Click on the person/device you want to share with and the file will be sent.

On a Mac, if you open the AirDrop window, simply drag the file onto the icon of the person you want to share. Easier to control - Click on the file and** "Share" > "AirDrop" from the menu.


Step 3: Receive the file

When someone shares it with you,your device will alert you and ask you to confirm accept or reject the file.


Now iTunes no longer exists in macOS Catalina, and the iPhone and iPad device management on the Mac has a new butler Finder. Use Finder to sync, backup, update and restore your iPhone and iPad. Finder also can help you if your itunes won't sync music to iphone.

How to use Finder to sync backup iPhone?

Use your Lightning or USB-C cable to plug in your iPhone or iPad.

If it doesn't open automatically,start the Finder.

Look for the connected iPhone or iPad in the sidebar under "Location" on the left.


These are solutions for how to sync iPhone to MacBook. Simply ways in this article to easily resolve any issues related to iPhone transmission. If you have any better suggestions, please let us know in the comments below.

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HP Advanced Bios Settings

I want to unlock the all BIOS settings to change power option. This Laptop include Insyde H20 (version F66) BIOS. I tried a few solutions which I've found on Google but it does not work. How to enter advanced bios settings hp?


HP bios advanced settings

HP has locked some settings on your laptop that are managed by the system configuration because the device is configured for optimal performance.

You can't unlock advanced bios settings hp laptop with HP official help. You may try use the 3rd party tool to unlock and make changes, but HP does not recommend and there is no information about what tools can be used.

If you need to fix any circuit control, hardware program control fault, please try the following.

How to Enter the BIOS on a Windows 10?

Go to Settings (Windows + I) > Update& Security > Recovery and under Advanced startup click Restart Now.


After waiting for the boot to complete, you will see the advanced options.

Choose Troubleshoot > Advanced Options > UEFI Firmware Settings and click Restart, which will boot into your UEFI BIOS.

How to set bios to default windows HP

After turning on the laptop, press the Esc key several times.

Then press F10 to enter the BIOS.

If you want to choose to boot the operating system from USB, press F9 to go to the place where you want to select the boot order. To enter the BIOS, you need to press F10.

Then press F9 to load the default settings and select "Yes" and press "Enter".

Then press F10 to save your changes and exit and restart your computer, then check again.

How to modify bios to install windows 7 on ASUS laptop?

1. Press the F2 key to enter the BIOS interface when booting. Use the arrow keys to enter the [Secure] menu and select the [Secure Boot Control] option with the arrow keys to set it to "Disabled".

2. Use the arrow keys to enter the [Boot] menu. Use the arrow keys to select the [Lunch CSM] option and set it to "Enabled".

3. Click F10 to save the settings, restart the laptop, and click ESC to select the boot item when booting.

How to boot from usb ASUS?

Way 1: Select the startup option

1. First insert the USB drive that has been used to make the boot disk into the computer USB port, and then turn it on. After the boot screen appears, press the "ESC" button continuously.

2. Then windows will pop up a quick start option, we just need to select the U disk and click enter.


Way 2: Enter the bios to setup u disk boot

1. Insert the u disk that has already made the boot disk into the USB port of the computer, then turn it on.After the boot screen appears, press "F2" continuously to enter the BIOS setup main interface.


2. Press the left/right direction keys to move the cursor and select to the "BOOT" setting option. Boot is the place to set the boot option

3. Move the cursor to the boot and press the up and down arrow keys to move the cursor to the "Hard drive BBS Priorities" option and press the Enter key.

4. We select the first one, and then press the Enter key, a boot option will pop up, one of the options is the information of the notebook hard drive, and one is the u disk we just inserted.We just press the up and down direction keys to select, select the U disk,press the Enter key.

5. After adjusting the U disk to the first place, we press "F10" to save and exit and will restart your computer automatically. At this point, the ASUS notebook change bios start-up option is complete.

Asus laptop bios setup UEFI boot menu?

1. When the ASUS notebook is powered on, press the F2 key to enter the BIOS interface. Use the arrow keys to enter the [Boot] menu. Use the arrow keys to select the [Lunch CSM] option and set it to "Disabled".

2. Use the arrow keys to enter the [Secure] menu and use the arrow keys to select the [Secure Boot Control]option and set it to "Enabled".

3. Click F10 to save the settings and restart, and click ESC to select the start-up option when booting.

The above is about how to enter laptop bios and set the hard disk option. Unlock advanced bios settings hp laptop can help you install the system through bios settings. If you have more questions about laptop repair, please leave a message below.

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