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How to Buy a Laptop Charger Online

If your laptop's power adapter is lost or broken, how to buy a cheap replacement laptop charger? The original laptop adapter of the same model can be applied certainly, but the original adapter price is very expensive. This article tells you tips for choosing a replacement laptop adapter.


Part 1: What is an ac adapter for a laptop?

It converts your power supply 110-240V AC into a smaller, stable DC voltage for use in small devices. Usually these are necessary to charge the battery or power the device.

Part 2: How to choose a replacement laptop charger?

1. Choose brand chargers

First consider choosing the same brand as the original adapter. I suggest you buy the original laptop adapter. Professional brand products will not cause damage to the battery and laptop due to poor quality charger.

How to determine the laptop model and purchase the adapter:

1) Product name: Identify your notebook in a series your product belongs. You can see the model label of the notebook in the lower right corner of the screen or in the upper left corner of the keyboard. You can often see a series of letters and numbers.


2) Serial number: This is the identity number of the notebook. For example, HP notebooks, you can use this serial number to query the warranty time of the product and related parameters of each component, including information about the adapter at HP support site.

For more information on laptop numbers, you can refer to HP's Support,and other brand rules are similar.


2. Purchase new laptop adapter according to purpose

Buy a conventional adapter for your home and office laptop power adapters. If you need a laptop power adapter for use in your car, you need to buy a notebook car power supply. You can purchase a car laptop power adapter for all brands of laptops at GEMWON Mall.

3. Identify V, A and connectors

Confirm which brand the laptop is. How many voltage and current are written on the label on the back of the old charger (generally written in OUTPUT) and the connector of the charger is round or square, or porous.

For example, if you buy anew laptop charger online with a current higher than the original adapter current, you can use it.

If the newly purchased adapter current is lower than the original configuration, the emergency can be charged in special circumstances, and the battery and laptop will be damaged after a long time. So, don't buy a laptop adapter with an output current lower than the specified output current.

4.How to choose the right laptop adapter with the right voltage and current

The general rule is that the voltage is the same and the current is equal to or exceeds the rated current.

so, if you choose an AC adapter to make sure to check the following:

The adapter output voltage matches the rated voltage of the device.

The adapter outputs a device that is greater than or equal to the rated mAh or A.

This plug is suitable for your device and has the correct polarity.

5. Select the plug

You want to have the size of the adapter plug, just check the adapter measurement, these types of connectors have two measurement methods.

OD - the outer diameter of the plug.

ID - The inner diameter of the plug.


For example, there is plug that parameter is 5 mm x 2 mm, which represents an outer diameter of 5 mm and an inner diameter of 2 mm. If you enter the store to buy a laptop replacement charger,you can compare and test the connector size, or if you have tools, you can measure the port size yourself. ID an OD measurements must match and the new adapter can connect properly.


6. The plugs have the same polarity

Usually the polarity of the symbol on your notebook is positive and negative. The adapter and device must match, so be sure to double check the symbols on the AC adapter and the device displays the same polarity.


GEMWON is a wholesale online shopping mall for laptop accessories, and offers all original laptop adapters for LENOVO/ASUS/HP/TOSHIBA. You can wholesale original laptop adapters less than $3, which is a good online shopping mall for laptop parts.

Above is about how to match charger with laptop. If you are purchasing an adapter, but you don't know about the adapter's parameters, then you can provide Model of the laptop and GEMWON will find the right adapter for your laptop.

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How to Make Laptop Run Faster?

Do you need to enhance the speed of theaging laptop? Adjusting software and upgrading hardware will give a new life toyour old computer.

Are you looking for some tips for making laptop run faster? Using an effective way will surely help you to clean the hard drive, delete the temporary files and clean up your laptop system, which is able to make a maximum use of your laptop.


What's the best way to make your computer run faster? You can have a try on the following methods, which will give you the perfect answer to your question.

1.Get your Disk cleaned up

Through the disk cleaning, the files that you don't need any longer can be removed safely. The temporary files also can be deleted and get your Recycle Bin emptied. You can follow the simple steps as below to clean it and make laptop performance better windows 10.

1. Double click "this pc".

2. Choose the drive you want to clean and right click select "properties".

3. Your disk will show how much free space is existing in the pop-up dialog. The disk is needed to clean up in the case that the free space does not exceed 20%.

4. Check the disk that you need to clean and click "disk clean-up".

5. How much space should be released will be calculated by the laptop.

6. Enable all boxes before click on "Clean" button.

Your laptop will run faster once the hard disk is cleaned up.


2. Get unused programs uninstalled

There are a great number of previously installed programs and apps which you may don't know on your laptop. Also, it might be the app that you didn't used was downloaded, getting rid of these unused programs is able to release more disk space to let the system search the files that you need in a rapid way.

Here'show to uninstall any program in Windows 10:

1) Open the Start menu.

2) Click Settings.

3) Click System on the Settings menu.

4) Select Apps & features from the leftpane.

5) Select an app you want to uninstall.

6) Click the Uninstall.


3. Prevent the automatic starting on the programs

Laptop also has a function of setting program with the automatic start on the backstage. Maybe the programs are what you need and used frequently, so you have to set the automatic start for the programs. You can prevent any automatic starting on the programs you don't need via some settings. This prevents the started program from taking up too much storage and speeding up the laptop.

Turn off automatic startup app windows 10:

Open up Task Manager by right-clicking on the Task bar, switching to the "Startup tab", and then choose and disable.


4. Get the temporary files deleted

If you like playing games, the temporary files are easily installed when you get access to a game site via the Internet each time. But these temporary files are not needed anymore once you came out of the site. They will occupy the space in the storage drive, you have to remove these files to free up more space. This is a good solution to the issue of how to make windows 10 faster for gaming.

5. Get a solid-state drive installed

You can consider turning a hard drive on your laptop into solid state drive. Your task can be accelerated to six times by solid state drive. Flash memory used by SSD can get the moving parts deleted in the hard drive, which helps the computer to search the files in a quick way.Solid state drive has a good feature of durability and high read and write speed for a laptop.

At GEMWON Blog, you are provided with a guide to installing a solid-state drive for your laptop, and I hope to help you. There is a article for how to Upgraded SSD Makes MacBook Pro Speed Increase and Replace Laptop Optical Disc Drive with Hard Drive .

6. Import an addition of external drive

You can buy an external drive and connect it to your laptop via USB cable if you haven’t prepared in upgrading to the solid-state drive. An external drive facilitates you to move the big size files to other computers.

7. Get more RAM added

If the Laptop has no enough memory, it is hard to keep up even if the task is very simple. You can get more RAM added to make your laptop get benefit.


To make laptop run faster on Windows 10,using the method mentioned above will help you to optimize the performance of your aging laptop, so that you can enjoy a good experience of playing games and doing other things on the laptop without sacrificing your time anymore.

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How to Fix a Microphone Not Working on Windows 10

Your Dell microphone is not working when recording video or calling. If you are suffering from these problems, then this article can help you solve the problem that dell laptop microphone not working windows 10.


1. Check the Audio Driver

Determine if the sounds driver is working properly. If you have an external microphone that will be displayed under the voice bar in the device manager. If the notebook's built-in microphone driver is not working in windows,there may be a yellow exclamation mark in front of the audio card name.


1) Right Click This PC - Manage - Device Manager – Sound, Video and Game Controller

2) Select the sound card driver, right click and select "Uninstall device".

3) Then you need to download the corresponding Audio driver on Dell website to reinstall.

If the sound card driver is disabled, the microphone will not be available and a black down arrow will appear on the sound card drive icon.

Solution: Select the sound card driver, right click and select "enable device".


2. Is the sound card device disabled?

The Dell built-in microphone is still not available after ensuring that the drive is working properly. You can right click on the small speaker icon at the bottom of the screen to select "sounds", then select the "recording" option to check the device is enabled.


3. Microphone not working during video call

How to test the microphone sounds:

1) In the start menu, select "Settings" - "Devices(Bluetooth, Printer, Mouse)".

2) Select "Bluetooth & other devices" on the left and the "Sound Settings" button on the right side of the screen.

3) The "Sound" --"Sound control panel", select the "Record" item, the word "Microphone" will appear, right click to select the Recording tab, then find the microphone in the recording device list. (If you can't find it, right-click on the list and select  Show Disabled Devices. Then right-click Microphone and select Enable.)


4) Select the "Record" -- "Listen", check the "Listen to this device", then click "Apply" to speak into the microphone. If the microphone is working properly, it will make a sound.


If the microphone has no sound on dell laptop, check that the microphone settings are normal.


Select "Internal Microphone" -- "Properties" - "General", find "Device Usage", set it to "use this device(enable)", and click the"OK" button.

If the device status is displayed as "This device is working properly", it means there is no problem with the microphone and there maybe problems with other settings (such as the volume of the sound is muted).

4.Restart "Windows Audio"Service

Press the Windows logo key and R (simultaneously) on the keyboard to invoke the run command.

Type services.msc and click OK.

Find the "Windows Audio" service, right click on the restart,and check if the microphone is working.


5.Skype Does not Detected Microphone Dell

Check microphone privacy:

In addition to the microphone driver issue, the Windows 10 privacy settings may turn off the application 's permission to use the microphone, we need to open the permissions.

Here's how to check if the program can use the microphone:

Step 1. Use the Windows shortcut "Win + I" to open"Settings".

Step 2. Choose privacy.

Step 3. Click on "Microphone" in the left column.

Step 4. Turn on the microphone in the right part. You can also enable or disable the app to use the microphone.

Adjust the microphone settings on Skype:

1) Sign in to Skype with your own account.

2) In the Skype window, click Tools > Options.

3) Set the microphone device in "Audio Settings" and uncheck"Automatically adjust microphone settings".

4) Click Save.


6. Troubleshoot sound problem to resolve Microphone Problems on dell

Windows 10 can solve the problem that the microphone is not working through "Troubleshooting" option.

Here are the steps to sound troubleshoot:

Select the icon of the small speaker in the lower right corner, right click to select the "troubleshoot sound problem". Through the detection results of the troubleshooting, the cause of the failure can be found and solved Internal mic not working in windows 10.

Run the troubleshooting in the settings:

1) Click Start and select Settings.

2) Click Update & Security and select Troubleshoot.

3) Click "Recording Audio" and then click Run Troubleshooting.

4) Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the troubleshooting process.


7. Check the hardware

The audio port is exposed that can cause dust accumulation or even physical damage. If you notice dust or other contaminants in the port or fitting, you can use compressed air to clean the port.

8. Update system and bios

Device drivers and BIOS updates may include enhancements or improvements (hardware and software) that help keep your system software up-to-date,compatible with other modules, and improve stability.

Update the following device drivers for optimal recording performance and solve common problems associated with microphones:

BIOS, Chipset driver

Howto download or update the BIOS on a Dell PC

How do I install Windows Update on Dell?

1) Right click on Start and click on Settings.

2) In the Settings panel, click Update & Security.

3) In the left panel, select Windows Update.

4) In the right panel, click Check for updates.

5) After downloading and installing the update, restart your computer.

9. Run Dell EPSA hardware diagnostic

To determine if your Dell PC is experiencing hardware problems so that the microphone not picking up voice, it is recommended that you first run a hardware diagnostic test on your PC.

How to run DellEPSA hardware diagnostic test:

1) Restart your Dell PC.

2) When the Dell logo appears, press the F12 key to enter the Boot Menu.

3) Use the arrow keys to select Diagnostics and press the Enter.

4) Follow the on-screen prompts and appropriate responses to complete the diagnostics.

5) If the test fails, be sure to write down the error code and check error.

If you still can't use the above method to fix the Dell internal microphone, there may be some problems with the hardware on your PC. It's a good idea to check the built-in microphone cable and motherboard on your laptop or send it to Dell Service Centre.

The Bottom Line:

The above is solution for microphone isn't recognized on Dell. Most of the methods have been tested and applied to other hp/ASUS/acer/Sony etc.notebooks. More about laptop accessories repair, laptop keyboard and laptop fan please refer to GEMWON.

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How to Fix Disk Utility Can not Repair the Disk

When disk utility fails in repairing my drive, I will receive a message 'Error: Disk Utility can't repair this disk. Back up as many of your files as possible, reformat the disk, and restore your backed-up files.’


Is there any method which can help to get the disk repaired? Data loss would cause a big trouble to each of us.

Disk Utility is used to get the disk as well as the related task of the disk volume performed on the operating system of MacOS. It is also a system utility with comprehensiveness. You can use disk utility to erase, format,partition and clone disk and repair the bad sectors.

Moreover, it is a commonly used in MacOS Sierra, Yosemite or Mavericks.

The issue "Disk utility can't repair this disk" frequently is a barrier in making the bad sectors in hard disk or the system errors beyond repair. Once you receive the signal of error message, you are told that your MacBook hard drive is out of work and you need to transfer all important data in a safe way.

How to Back Up Files when MacOS can't Repair the Disk?

When disk utility can't repair this disk and how to back up files to prevent the important data loss? You can use Time Machine in Apple to back up the files from Mac to the external hard drive. But the best solution to back up is using a clone technology to get all files on your hard drive copied to another drive, this is a 100% guarantee for protecting the data. You can use the cloning software for Mac disk, which takes no trouble to you and it can used as hard drive backup or help upgrade the hard drive.

How to clone the data from hard drive if MacBook utility can't repair the disk, you can follow the guide as below:

1. Run the cloning software EaseUS Mac on the computer and connect the hard drive along with SSD to Mac.

2. Choose the source disk for cloning from the drop-down list.


3. Choose SSD as the target disk from the drop-down list.


4. Create the cloning properties on the disk. The files or the folders can be excluded here if you need.


5. Click on the button "Start" to begin the operation for cloning.

How to Fix the Disk Utility can't Repair This Disk?

Seen from the above operations, you are clear what to do when disk utility can't repair disk, back up the files by cloning is a great solution to this issue. Do you know how to fix the issue when disk utility can't repair hard drive? Here we will show you the specific instructions as below for your reference.

1. You will be navigated to Single User Mode on Mac by holding down "Command + S".

2. Enter "fsck -fy" into the command and wait until it is finished.

3. If the message named "File system was modified" can be seen, launch fsck - fy one more time till you can see another message "The volume x appears to be OK".

4. Finally, enter "reboot" so that you can come out of Single User Mode.

External drive cannot be repaired by disk utility on Mac, what should you do?

External hard drive can be repaired on Mac in the way of reformatting via disk utility when the data has been recovered from the external hard drive.

1. Run disk utility from the tool Utilities.

2. Choose the damaged external hard drive.

3. Choose "Erase" option and apply the related information that you have finished such as name,format and scheme.

Once the above operations have been completed, the external drive can be repaired on Mac to prevent data loss.

Once you meet the issue "MacBook utility can't repair the disk" and it requires you to back up more files as many as possible, get the disk reformatted and make the backups restore. You must back up the files on your MacBook immediately to prevent any data loss.

For more troubleshooting on MacBook/MacBook air/MacBook pro and Apple repair parts, you can refer to GEMWON Laptop.

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How to Deal with Old Laptop

Maybe there is an old laptop in your home that has been used for many years, and it is a pity to lose it. So how to get rid of old laptop that doesn't work? This article will summarize methods to reuse the old laptops.


Part 1: What to Do with Your Old Laptop

1.Used as audio & video entertainment

If the laptop processing speed is very slow and there is not enough memory. Then you can use it as a music player,because the music plays, you don't need a processor that is so fast. The speaker is normal and download a music or video player, it is a best way to deal with idle laptops.

2.As an email terminal

For old laptops that are still good,we can use the old laptop as the terminal for email. Moreover, this can mainly ensure that the old laptop can be turned on and off normally, and then the mail software such as Foxmail can be installed, and the mail can be easily sent and received, which is used as a work mail processing computer.

3. Upgrade the simple parts for family use

If the old computer is being discard due to poor hardware configuration, you can upgrade the laptop parts, buy some cheap RAM, SSD and upgrade your old PC. Donate computers to non-profit organizations or send for friends and family. Check the computer and then give individuals with special needs to help them with Internet skills and technology.


4. Upgrade hard disk drive capacity

If you prefer to download movies or play games, as an entertainment computer, you can upgrade the old laptop with a larger hard disk drive, and fix your laptop in a desk for downloading movies or as a daily file backup machine.

5. Laptop parts spare

Either way, the sale is usually less than $50 and may not meet your expectations. To get the best price, save the part and part number correctly, and you can collect the available parts to fix the broken laptop parts.


If it's hard to find the laptop parts on the market, then you may be able to sell them at a good price. It is also a good way to old laptop recycling.

Of course, if you need to buy laptop repair parts,you also have a better choice. GEMWON provides laptop touch screen, laptop keyboard,laptop fan for HP/Dell/Sony/Samsung/MacBook etc.

Part 2: How to wipe data from used laptop?

If your laptop is going to be used by someone else, it is extremely important to clean the personal data on the old laptop. Not only can you protect your privacy, but it can also make others feel as excited as getting a new computer.

2.1 Deauthorization:

For example, if an Adobe product is to be deactivated, open the program and click Help > Deactivate > Permanent Deactivation.

iTunes deauthorizes the application and clicks on Accounts > Deauthorize This Computer.


2.2 Reset to Factory

Generally, we choose to reinstall the operating system to clean personal data.

Here's how to clear data from computer before recycling on macOS and windows.

How to erase and factory reset your MacBook:

To reset your MacBook will erase your hard disk drive data and reinstall macOS, so back up your files.

1) Make sure the MacBook is plugged in power and connected to the Internet.

2) Restart your MacBook.

3) Hold Command + R at startup.

4) Select "Reinstall Mac OS"from the menu.


How to reset your PC in Windows 10:

1) Navigate to Settings.

2) Select "Update &security"

3) Click Recovery in the left pane.

4) Click Get started under Reset this PC.

5) Click either "Keep my files" or "Remove everything," depending on whether you want to keep.

6) your data files intact.


The above is a summary of how to dispose of broken laptops. In short, you should use an environmentally way to exhume the value of your old laptops.

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How to Adjust MacBook air Trackpad Click Sensitivity

How do I decrease touchpad sensitivity on MacBook?

There is a feedback from MacBook users: “Single clicks are interpreted as double clicks. Sometimes just touching it causes an action that should require a click. Positioning the cursor almost always selects an entire word (sometimes an entire line) requiring a forward or back arrow to get to where I want to go.”

This article will offer some ways to solve the problem that the MacBook is not working properly.


There are some ways to change trackpad sensitivity on MacBook air:

1. How to Change the Trackpad Scrolling Speed on a MacBook

1) Click on the apple logo in the top left corner of the desktop.

2) Pop up the menu and click on "System Preferences".


3) Click "Accessibility".

4) Select "Mouse & Trackpad".

5) Click on the "Trackpad Options".

6) Drag the "Scrolling Speed" to the appropriate position.


Then click "OK" and slide your mouse use the trackpad to see if the speed is suitable. Repeat the above if it is not appropriate.

2.How to Adjust Force Click on MacBook Trackpad

Force Click and Force Touch (now called 3D Touch) can perform assistive operations by detecting pressure on the Mac Trackpad. You can easily change Force Click and 3D Touch functions on your MacBook to fix trackpad is over sensitive.

1)Go to the Apple menu and select "System Preferences."

2)Then go to the "Trackpad".

3)Select the "Point & Click" tab.

4)Make sure "Force click and haptic feedback" is checked as ON.

5)Look for the "Click" slide switch and change this setting to fit the Force Click pressure you want.


Strength comparison:

Light– a gentle press activates a click and Force Click.

Medium– the default option for click and Force Click pressure.

Firm– firm deliberate click pressure must be placed on the trackpad to activate Force Click.

3. Trackpad not Responding and Checkif it is Disabled

When the Trackpad does not work properly or not respond, you can try turning the touchpad off/on to reactivate it. You can disable this option if you have an external keyboard.

How to switch on/off Trackpads:

1)Click the Apple menu and go to "System Preferences".

2)Select the "Accessibility" panel.

3)Select "Mouse & Trackpad" from the Interacting section on the left.

4)Check to "Ignore built-in trackpad when mouse or wireless trackpad is present".

If you have enabled this function and find it not to be useful, just disable it again through the same settings by unchecking the "Ignore built-in trackpad".

The above methods also apply to the MacBook trackpad hard to click.


4. Reset NVRAM

NVRAM also called as "non-volatile random-access memory". It is a small portion of computer memory used to store certain settings in a location that macOS can quickly access. Resetting NVRAM may be helpful when it comes to some issues that are not hardware failures.

1.Shut down computer first.

2.Press command+option+R+P Simultaneously.

3.Press the power button to turn MacBook on, while keeping press on these buttons.

4.Wait for the computer to make four sounds and then release it.

5.After four sounds, press the power button again to turn it on. Test if the trackpad is back to normal.

5. Forced Press of the Trackpad to Connection

If you have tried all the ways to replace the battery, trackpad and changed all available software settings, then you can try the following this step.

1)Put the MacBook on the flat.

2)Press the diagonal of the trackpad with two fingers at the same time.

3)Then replace the other diagonal.

4)Repeat all four corners and perform as many times as necessary until the sensitivity issue is resolved.

If the above method is not useful, then it is recommended that you replace the trackpad or disassemble to reconnect the touchpad cable of MacBook. Some times MacBook trackpad not clicking well cause by the poor connection of trackpad cable. There is a video about How to Replace the Trackpad on a MacBook Pro A1286 for you if you need to replace a broken touchpad. Other MacBook models can also be used for reference.

This article summarizes many ways for MacBook air trackpad too sensitive 2019. These are the best suggestions I think. If you know any tips that make the MacBook trackpad easier to use, please feel free to share it below this article.

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How to Fix Laptop Boot Loop

If your Windows 10 computer is stuck in a continuous endless reboot loop, don’t be worry, this post offer solutions for your question about why did my PC restart loop?


Part 1: How to Fix Windows 10 Stuck in Restart Loop:

1. If the screen and light of computer or the is on after pressing the power button, you can see the screen startup program. This issue is probably just a problem with the software.

2. Uninstall the software that may cause the windows 10 restarting again and again, it may be that the computer is infected with a virus, or the system file may be destroyed. For software problems, we can press the F8 key on the windows 7 system when booting up, open the advanced options menu, and select "last known good configuration".


Part 2: How to boot windows 10/8 advanced options:

1) After removing all power and battery from the computer, only the power adapter is used to power the laptop.

2) Press the laptop power button, then forcibly disconnected the power adapter when you see the windows logo. The key step is the laptop shut down suddenly when you see the logo for Windows startup.

3) Repeat the above operation 3-4 times and wait for the normal boot, you will see the interface of the advanced boot options.

Advanced Options >"Troubleshooting" > "Advanced Options" >"Startup Settings" > "Restart", press [F4] on the keyboard to enter safe mode.


Part 3: What can you do in windows 10 safe mode:

3.1 Open the control panel

Open programs and features from here,then click “View installed updates”.

From here, you can uninstall problematic updates. Review any other updates that were recently installed and uninstall them.


3.2 Check if there are any new updated drivers

If the laptop boot loop after update or upgrading some drivers, you can roll back windows 10 and recover an earlier version of the driver.

3.3 How to disable automatic restart in Windows 10

Right-click on "this pc" Select "Properties" - "Advanced System Settings" - "Start-up and Recovery" - click on "Settings", uncheck the"Automatically Restart" and confirm your changes.


3.4 Run System File Checker

It can solve the problem that cause the system to crash. It is the preferred tool for resolving system file corruption.

1) Open a command prompt as an administrator.

2) At the command, type "sfc/scannow" and press Enter.

3) Wait for the scan to complete and restart the PC.

If you are unable to enter Safe Mode,you may have to boot to Windows 10 using the Windows installation media or recovery drive, and then select Repair the computer to go to Troubleshooting> Advanced Startup Options > Use a device. Now, you can use the Windows 10 DVD or a bootable USB drive, or you can use another computer to burn the Windows 10 ISO to a USB drive.

The above method also applies to blue screen or error causes computer keeps restarting windows 10.

3.5 Reboot loop after an Update

If windows 10 is restarting again and again after update, it is likely that Windows 10 upgrade fails and goes in are boot loop, or the upgraded system conflicts with some software.

You will need to update all possible drivers and uninstall third party software that may cause conflicts.

Boot your computer into the Advanced Recovery:

1) Click on "Advanced Options"

2) Click "Troubleshooting"

3) Click on "Advanced Options"

4) Click System Restore to check if you can return to an earlier time.

If not, please boot into the recovery mode again and try to perform a startup fix.

If this does not work, boot into the recovery mode and select "Return to previous version of Windows".

If this doesn't work, the next method will be tried.

Part 4: If the above method cannot solve the problem of the computer keeps restarting windows 10, then the simplest way is to reinstall the system.

Part 5: If you can't see the windows logo after booting or starts up with a black screen and display the alert code, it's probably a hardware failure.

There are many hardware problems that cause the computer to restart loop. The power output is lacking, you may use anon-original power adapter, high CPU temperature, cache corruption, and poor graphics card connection. You can repair the faulty laptop parts and check it according to the fault code displayed on the screen.

How to hard reset laptop:

Laptop hard resets can fix random hardware issues and other troubleshooting that cannot fix. To do a hard reset on your laptop, follow the steps below.

1) Close all program and turn the laptop off.

2) Once the laptop is off, disconnect the power adapter and remove the battery.

3) After removing the battery and disconnecting the power, press and hold the power button more than 10 seconds.

4) After 30 seconds, put the battery back in the laptop and connect the power cord.

5) Turn on the laptop to test.

For Built-in battery laptop:

Step 3 above is replaced with this operation, you can see that there is a small hole on the back of the notebook, called the "reset hole". You only need to press this reset hole with a needle.


The above are the reason and solution for how to fix laptop boot loop windows 10. For more laptop repair tutorial and laptop parts/ laptop screen/laptop keyboard/ fan refer to GEMWON blog. If it can help you, I hope you can share it with your friends.

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How to Fix Fan Error on Laptop

The rotation of the laptop fan is related to the CPU temperature, and the fan will only turn when the CPU reaches the warning temperature. If the CPU fan not working and error message,it may cause the computer to crash and shuts down, and even burn the CPU and some laptop parts.


Part 1: Why is the fan not working on my laptop?

1. First, the laptop fan does not turn should consider whether the fan has been broken, if it is broken, it can only be repaired or replaced with anew laptop fan.

2. If the CPU fan error but fan is working:

a. The dust inside the fan is accumulated too much. To remove the fan from the heat sink when cleaning, wipe them off with a cotton swab or paper, or use a wooden toothpick to wipe off the dust slowly.

b. The fan shaft is rusty. Disassemble the fan and apply some polish oil. Generally, use a straw or tweezers to drop lubricant on the shaft.

c. The motherboard is broken. It is maybe the damage of the triode of the power supply, and the complex case many components, such as temperature control circuits. In the IBM laptop repair related circuit failure, such as H8 temperature monitoring circuit has a error, it will report an fan error.

For more ways to fix fan errors, you can query according to the fan error code displayed on the screen and find a solution based on the reason. Most of the laptop implement the hardware power management of the BIOS.Take the CPU cooling fan as an example, and the fan on the desktop computer is different.

The fan of the laptop is only installed in the CPU, and the fan only starts when the BIOS detects that the CPU temperature exceeds the pre-set value of the manufacturer, so there is often a phenomenon of start and stop, which is normal.

Some manufacturers' fans can even adjust the speed according to different temperatures to minimize power consumption.

Part 2: How to stop laptop fan from running all the time after windows 10 update

1. If you just finished upgrading to Windows 10 and started getting the error, get into the BIOS (F1 key after powering up,Different by laptop brand) and reset to default.

Be sure to have "OS optimized defaults" set to Disabled,unless you do use UEFI-based Secure Boot in the system. If you're unsure, try both types of defaults.


2. Or before your laptop repair, you can consider upgrading bios.

Device drivers and BIOS updates may include enhancements or improvements (hardware and software) that compatible with other system modules, and improve stability.

It can be used as a solution for the fan error but fan is running on laptop.

Part 3: How to Clean DELL Fan to fix dell fan not working

1) Turn off the PC.

2) Unplug the power plug from the socket. Remove the battery from your laptop.

3) Tilt the laptop so you can see its left edge clearly. You will find a series of small vents. These vents are used for CPU fan exhaust.

4) Immerse the swab in alcohol.

5) Wipe off any external dust or dirt on the fan vents. Avoid passing the swab completely through the vents. Fan vents can accumulate large amounts of debris, which can be difficult to remove without the use of alcohol-based cleaners.

6) Blow compressed air into the vents to remove any residual dust or blockages. Sometimes the fan stops working due to accumulated dust accumulation.

7) Reconnect the battery and start the laptop. If the fan still does notwork, your computer won't boot or "Fan Error" message will be displayed. For more repair methods,

you can refer to this article:

How to Fix Laptop Fan Running So Loud


If the dell laptop fan not working because of hardware broken, you should replace the laptop fan, the following example uses the dell 1088 as an example.

How to replace the broken Dell 1088 Laptop Fan: How to Remove Dell 1088 Laptop Fan

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How to Burn CD in Windows 10

Some important videos and photos can be burned to a disc for storage. So how to burn a DVD? There are a lot of burning software,such as Nero, but the Windows 10 already comes with a burning function, you can burn DVD discs without installing third-party software in windows 10.


Part 1: How to burn cd in windows 10 without any software

Required tools:

1. Blank DVD disc (like U disk, with different capacity)

2. DVD burner (if the notebook does not have a CD-ROM burner, or without a burning function, you can buy an external USB DVD drive)

Burning DVD discs with windows 10 tool:

1. First, we will pop the DVD burner, open the "this pc", right click on the "DVD RW drive", select "Eject", or press the DVD burner button to pop up, we put a blank DVD or cd. The "DVD RW Drive" will display the available capacity,indicating that the disc is placed correctly.

2. After inserting the blank disc of the DVD, we right click on the "DVD RW Drive" and select "Open".

3. At this time, a dialog box will pop up asking you how to use this disc. Here we select [with a CD/DVD player] and rename the disc, then click the Next button, as shown below.


4. At this time, the page will prompt "Drag files to this folder to add them to the disc". We will drag the files we want to burn here, or copy and paste.

5. It will prompt "ready to be written to the disk"

6. At this time, we can right click on the blank space of the window and select "Burn to Disc", or click "Burn to Disc" at the top of the window, as shown below.


7. At this time will pop up a burn to the disc interface, we can name the disc, and select the speed of burning, click the "Next" button, as shown below.


8. After clicking the Next button, it prompts "files are waiting to be burned to disc".

9. Prompt "You have successfully burned your files to the disc", indicating that the computer have successfully burned the disc. If you also want to burn this file to another disc, please tick (uncheck if you don't need it) and click "Finish".


10. We found that the DVDdisc already contains the files that have just been burned.

Part 2:Free DVD burning software for windows 10

Nero is a perfect CD burning software for Windows but it costs a lot. Maybe you are looking free software download for a CD burning. Here, we recommend several free CD burning software windows 10.

1. InfraRecorder ✩ ✩ ✩

This is my Nero alternative. InfraRecorder is a free CD/DVD burning solution for Microsoft Windows. It offers a wide range of powerful features.


2. DeepBurner ✩✩✩

Powerful CD and DVD burning package. It can be used not only as a regular installable application but also a portable application.


3. ImgBurn✩ ✩ ✩ ✩

ImgBurn is a light weight CD/DVD HD-DVD/Blu-ray burning application that you can install on both Windows and Linux PCs.

ImgBurn is an optical disc authoring program that allows the recording of many types of CD, DVD and Blu-Ray images to recordable media, which is the most complete of the software with burning function.


4. Ashampoo Burning Studio ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩

Ashampoo Burning Studio is the most comprehensive version of the software. It is an optical disc authoring program for Microsoft Windows, developed by Ashampoo. Its main advantage is that it is easy to use. It has a disc ripping function (limited to CD in the free version)


5. BurnAware ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩

BurnAware's simplified interface not only looks great, it's also very useful, such as support rewrite disc.

Most importantly, it provides resources and supports all other formats you can imagine (including Blu-Ray) and burns quickly.


Part 3: Why my DVD is notburning

If your CD, DVD or Blu-ray not burning files to a recordable (R) or rewritable disc, you can refer to some of the solutions below.

1. Whether the drive can read the disc

If the disc burning not working, you use a recordable (R) or rewritable (RW) disc written on another computer to ensure that the disc is intact.
These methods also apply to all brand of laptop HP/Dell/Toshiba/Lenovo/Samsung cd burner not working.

2. Try using a different blank disc

It's important to check the disc you are using to write/burn to store files.

There are many different brands and types of recordable discs. Try different brands of CD-R discs because most discs are supported by the recordable drive.

Why the DVD drive won't burn disc:

You are trying to use the wrong disc type for your drive.

You are trying to use adisc that has been closed (write protected) during the last write/burn process.

3. Is the optical drive recognized in the device manager?

Press the"Windows" key + R to open the Run ("Run") dialog.

In the Run dialog, input"devmgmt.msc" and press Enter.

In the "Device Manager" window, expand the "DVD/CD-ROM" drive. Confirm that the optical drive hardware is recognized.


If the CD drive cannot be recognized, you need to do the following 3 steps:

Update the latest BIOS on your computer:

Operating system and driver versions are similar, BIOS updates include enhancements, or keep the system up-to-date and compatible with other modules (hardware, firmware, drivers, and software), security and stability.

You can load the BIOS default and then start the system to see if the CD-ROM drive can be recognized.

Perform a Windows System Restore:

System Restore is a built-in Windows tool designed to protect and repair the operating system. When there is a problem with your computer, you should try a system restore before restoring to the factory.

Restore your computer to factory:

If the above troubleshooting steps did not resolve the DVD drive not working windows 10, you can try to restore your windows to factory default.

4. Use the external optical drive

If the hardware of the optical drive is damaged, it is recommended that you do not need to repair it.


External Cd Drive, Pecosso Ultra Slim Writer/ Rewriter online at GEMWON Mall with laptop repair parts, which is not only easy to carry and use, but also costs less than repair your laptop.


The above is the tutorial on how to burn a CD in windows 10. In fact, burning a DVD is very simple. If you are more accustomed to using the free CD-ROM burning tools, you can refer the Part 2 section to give you the recommended best free cd burning software 2019.

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How to Fix HP Laptop WIFI Not Working Windows 10

"i just bought a hp pavilion 15-R005TX, but it refuses to detect my homes WIFI signal. Then is used my android phone as a hot spot and it was not detected by the laptop."


If you are using a hp laptop does not detect WIFI network, don't panic, here are some fixes for you to repair hp laptop WIFI not detect windows 10.

1. Restart the network

1) Turn off the laptop.

2) Unplug the router.

3) Unplug the modem.

4) Wait at least 45 seconds.

5) Plug in the modem and wait for it to come back online.

6) Plug in the router and wait for it to come back online.

7) Open the laptop and test the WIFI connection.

2. Turn on the laptop wireless switch

Some laptop models will be equipped with a hardware physical button for wireless. When you turn it off accidentally,no matter what you do, your hp laptop does not detect WIFI network.

Most laptops have a function button to turn the wireless signal on and off. Check the button status to verify that the wireless is turned on. A common possibility is the F12 or a button with an airplane or wireless signal icon.

You need to press FN+F12 or F12 repeatedly to verify that laptop WIFI detection is available.

3. Is the WIFI drivers working normally?

Please right click on "this pc", select "Manage", enter "Device Manager" to confirm whether the WIFI device is displayed normally.

If it is not normal (for example, there is a yellow question mark, exclamation mark), it is recommended that you reinstall the WIFI driver.

If the WIFI driver has a downward black arrow, the driver is disabled, select the driver, right
click the driver, and select "enable device".


How to reinstall the network driver:

1. Download the drivers from hp website, but don't running them.

2. Go to "this pc", select "Manage", enter "Device Manager".

3. Expand the "network adapter".

4. Right-click on the wireless adapter and select Uninstall.

5. Run the downloaded driver from step 1.

6. Restart the PC and test it.

If your Hp laptop won't connect to WIFI after windows 10 update, reinstalling the WIFI driver is a priority.

4.How to enable WIFI in windows 10 hp laptop

Navigate to "settings" — "network and internet" — "WIFI" to confirm that the switch is on.


Right-click the network icon in the tray section and select "Open Network and Sharing Center".


Select "Change adapter settings".


Check the status of your network connection. If you see its status as"disabled", right click on the wireless connection and select "Enable". If the device is disabled, you can see a black arrow pointing down in the icon.


5.Reset winsock

1) Go to the search for menu and type CMD.

2) Right-click on the command prompt icon and select "Run as administrator".

3) Type "netsh winsock reset" in the window and press Enter.

4) Restart your computer and test it.

6.Run the network troubleshooting program

Select Start > Settings > Update & security > Troubleshoot.

Click "run the Troubleshooter"


7.Use the command prompt to reset the network

Go to the search for menu and type CMD.

Right-click on the command prompt icon and select "Run as administrator".

If the "User Account Control" appears, ask if you want the application to make changes to your computer, click "Yes".

Type the following commands in turn, pressing Enter after each command:

Netsh int tcp set heuristics disabled

Netsh int tcp set global autotuninglevel = disabled

Netsh int tcp set global rss = enabled

Close the command prompt,restart your computer, and test whether it can solve hp laptop not connecting to internet.

8.How to replace hp laptop WIFI card

1) Remove the battery,slide the battery lock to the unlocked position, and remove the battery.

2) Remove the wireless LAN Mini PCI card

2.1 Remove the screws that secure the Mini PCI cover to the bottom of the notebook.

2.2 Use your finger or flat tool to lift the outside of the Mini PCI cover and remove the cover.

2.3 Remove the two wireless antenna cables from the Mini PCI card carefully using small needle pliers or tweezers.

2.4 Simultaneously push the fixed arm outward to release the Mini PCI card to the eject position.

2.5 Grasp the edge of the Mini PCI card and gently remove it.

2.6 Put the Mini PCI card in an antistatic bag.

3) Replace the wireless LAN Mini PCI card

3.1 Remove the wireless LAN Mini PCI card from the antistatic bag.

3.2 Locate the appropriate slot and align the card's socket with it.

3.3 Grasp the edge of the Mini PCI card and gently push in the card.

3.4 Press the Mini PCI card to lock the fixed arm.

3.5 Reinsert the two wireless antenna cables into the Mini PCI card.

3.6 Insert the Mini PCI cover into the door and snap it into place.

3.7 Install the screws again.

4) Reinstall the battery

4.1 Plug the battery into your laptop.

4.2 Press the battery into the base housing until you hear a click.

9.How to use traceroute to troubleshoot network

1) Use the shortcut key [Win] key + [R] key, enter "cmd" in the input box and click Enter;

2) Open windows command prompt;

3) Enter "tracert";

4) We first track the network address of this laptop, "tracert"+space+"IP address";


If the tracking is not available, or the speed is very slow; please check the local network connection, or check the network card;

5) Track the local gateway; enter "tracert"+space+"LAN gateway address";

if the trace is not available, please check the LAN connection;

6) Track an external network ip address, where we track Google's address;

if it's not possible to track, check internet connectivity.

More laptop repair blogs and laptop parts, please refer to laptop.gemwon

If your hp laptop WIFI not available windows 10, you may need to consider restoring Windows 10 reinstall system. Or refer to this article to find more possible solutions for hp WIFI not working problems:

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