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How to Fix My Computer Screen is Changing Colors

Every time I turn on my pc the colors are like black/grey, if I go in my amd settings and adjust my Gpu they turn ok, but when I restart they eventually go black... How can I fix?  Why is my computer screen changing colors?


1. External Display test

Test your laptop on another display. If you get the laptop screen colours distorted on the monitor, replace the broken motherboard, circuit assembly or repair the notebook.

If you connect the laptop to external display and it looks good, so you can know the notebook display is broken and you need to repair or replace the notebook display.

Step 1: Connect laptop to another display with VGA or HDMI. If the problem is resolved, there may be a problem with the notebook display.

Step 2: Test the monitor with another system. If the problem persists,check another video port. If the problem persists, go to step 3.


Step 3: Try another HDMI cable or try using a VGA cable (if available).If the rainbow screen on laptop, then we can reasonably determine that the fault is with your computer, not the monitor or cable. You may find problem at the motherboard or graphics card.

2. Reinstall the graphics driver

Update the driver for graphics that is not working properly. Use the latest graphics driver and check if the issue appears. Sometimes driver updates can solve some of the display problems on your laptop screen.

3. Enter safe mode and check for problems

If there are no problems in safe mode, start your computer to safe mode to check if any third-party programs are causing the computer screen keeps changing colors.

4. Check the graphics card settings

Display Settings—display,

Check the Adapter under the "Advanced display settings" menu,

Check the refresh rate and colour settings.


5. Recalibrate the display settings

Windows 10 can detect and configure the appropriate display settings automatically, but it's not just making the icon bigger or changing the screen resolution.

Windows 10 includes a colour calibration utility to ensure your display is set to display the most accurate colors. This may solve the problem of laptop screen colors messed up.

How to calibrate monitor windows 10:

1) Use the "Windows + i" shortcut to open the Settings app,

2) Click Show,

3) Click the "Advanced Display Settings" link,


4) Then click the "color calibration" link to launch the utility.


5) Click "Next" to start the process.

6) The wizard will now guide you through the steps to access the on-screen menu on the display to set specific colour settings. Click"Next" to continue.

7) Click Next again.

8) Adjust the gamma setting by moving the slider up or down until you can hardly see the small dots, then click Next.


9) Click Next again.

10) Find the Brightness Control on the display, then increase the brightness or decrease the brightness as shown below, then click Next to continue.


11) Click Next again.

12) Adjust contrast on the display and set it to high, as shown below,then click Next to continue.


13) Click Next.

14) Adjust the color balance by moving the red, green, and blue sliders until you remove any colors from the gray bars, then click Next.


15) Click the "Previous Calibration" or "Current Calibration" button to compare the new changes.

If the new color is configured properly, click "Finish" to apply the settings or click Cancel to discard the new configuration.


Even if you click Cancel, the changes through the display menu are retained.

However, if you are not satisfied with the new settings, you can restore the changes or reset the display to the default settings.

The above methods can help you determine which components are causing the computer screen has changed colour. If the laptop screen or lcd/led cable is faulty, then only the relevant laptop parts need to be replaced. More notebook repair component is available at GEMWON Wholesale. If the motherboard or graphics card is broken, the difficulty and cost of repair will be higher.


In many cases, the problem of laptop screen changing colors during use is not limited to red, it can also be displayed in blue or green. The steps to solve the problem are the same. Methods in this article hope to help you when next time you encounter laptop screen changing colors randomly.

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How to Fix Dell Fingerprint Reader Not Working Windows 10

A while back my fingerprint reader for my Dell G5 5587 wouldn't function because the drivers had been uninstalled - they could not be installed again no matter how hard I searched.I could send it for repairs, though is it really worth it?

If your dell fingerprint reader stopped working, try the troubleshooting provided in this article before send for repair to try to fix it.


1. Turn on fingerprint reader

1) Open the start menu - control panel,

2) View all control panel - biometric devices,

3) Then change the biometric settings - check "Allow users to use their fingerprints to login to the domain" and save the changes.

When the laptop fingerprint reader is not responding, you should check if the hardware is turned on.

2. Set the fingerprint

Delete the original fingerprint data and re-enter it. It is not excluded that the fingerprint data saved by the computer is damaged due to some software factors and the dell fingerprint reader not working. Try to delete the fingerprint data and enter the new fingerprint.

How to setup fingerprint login in windows 10:

1) Go to Settings > Accounts.

2) Select "sign-in options" to scroll to Windows Hello and click on "Settings" in the "Fingerprints" section.

It should be noted here that if the driver is not working properly, you may not see this option here.

If you don't have a PIN, you'll need to create a PIN to set up the fingerprint reader.


3) Click "Start".


4) Enter your PIN code.

5) Scan your finger on the fingerprint reader.


You will scan your finger multiple times to provide complete finger fingerprint data.

6. If you want to enter fingerprints for multiple fingers, click Add Another or close the program directly.

3. Update the fingerprint reader driver

Fingerprint reader not connected windows 10, first you must make sure your fingerprint driver has been installed properly.

1) Open Explorer - "find this pc".

2) Right click and select "Manage" to enter the "Device Manager".

Select "Device Manager" - find the "biometric device" and see if it exists.

If you can't find it, then go to the support website to download the driver and install it.


If there is a yellow or red mark on the icon, it is likely that the driver is faulty. Right click on "Uninstall Device", download the driver and reinstall it.

If there is a downward black arrow on the drive icon, it means the fingerprint reader driver is disabled, you need to right click and select "enable".

4. Restart the TPM

To configure and register a fingerprint, the system must be able to access the TPM.

First you need to enter the BIOS and then disable the TPM, it is under the Security tab. Uncheck the TPM box, select "Disable", "Apply" and exit. Enter the BIOS again to enable TPM.

Restarting the TPM can activate the fingerprint reader, which may solve the problem that the fingerprint reader not detected dell laptop.

5. Update the firmware

First install the driver and then perform a firmware upgrade. Do not turn off your power plug when upgrading firmware.

Maybe you are willing to do some simple attempts. Before upgrading bios,consider loading the bios default and checking if the fingerprint can be response. Sometimes a bios reset can restore some unrecognized computer hardware.

6. Dell xps fingerprint reader not working after sleep

Some user reports that the dell fingerprint reader not working after sleep.

Try the following:

Check the power management settings:

1) Press the "Windows + X", then select "Device Manager" from the list.

2) When the "device manager" opens, find your"fingerprint reader". It should be in the "biometric device"section.

3) Right click on the fingerprint reader and select "Properties".

4) Navigate to the "Power Management" tab and uncheck "all the computer to turn off this device to save power."


5) Click "OK" to save your changes

7. Disable and enable the Credential Manager service

Fix the laptop fingerprint sensor not detected through restart Credential Manager service.

1) Press the Windows key + R to open the "Run" dialog. Type services.msc and press Enter.

2) When the Services window opens, locate the Credential Manager service and double-click it.

3) Open the "Credential Manager" properties window. Go to the Service Status section and click Stop.


4) After stopping the service, click "Start" to restart the service.

5) Click Apply and OK to save your changes.

8. Lenovo Yoga 720 Fingerprint Reader Replacement

If the fingerprint reader hardware not available, you need to replace the fingerprint reader to solve the problem.

Lenovo Yoga 720 Fingerprint Reader Replacement As an example, steps for other notebook models is similar.

1. Turn the device first so that you can see the screws on the bottom cover and remove all the screws.

2. Use your opening tool to pry up the case from the USB port.


3. Lift the outer casing from the bottom and the opposite side of the hinge. Remove the bottom case.


4. Unscrew the screws around the fixed battery and lift the battery slightly with the plastic opening tool.


5. Gently pull the battery cable until it pops out. Remove the battery.


6. Disconnect the speaker.


7. Remove the left speaker, remove the adhesive and remove the right speaker.


8. Using a spudger, lift the black connector of the ZIF socket that connects the end of the ribbon cable to the fingerprint reader.

9. Disconnect the cable from the outlet. Remove one screw that secures the bracket.


10. Remove the stand and fingerprint reader.

Reinstall the components in the reverse order of installation and removal. At this point, the above steps should help you repair the laptop fingerprint reader fault caused by hardware failure. For more laptop repair parts and tips please refer to GEMWON.Com

Although the fingerprint reader provides the best security for Windows 10 laptop, there may be some issues, such as dell fingerprint reader not detected. If you have any problems with the dell fingerprint reader please try some of solutions above.

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How to Fix ASUS Touchpad Not Working on Windows 10

I updated my laptop from windows 8 to windows 10. I would log onto the laptop and my touchpad would work for like a minute. Then all of a sudden, it won't work. This article solves ASUS windows 10 touchpad problem, I hope I can help you.


What are the main reasons for the ASUS touchpad not working properly:

1. It may be that the touchpad driver has been damaged.

2. The touchpad is turned off. Some notebooks can be turned off by settings, so if you turn off the touchpad, it will cause the touchpad not working.

3. The virus in the computer.

4. The laptop touchpad has failed on ASUS (such as water damaged, foreign objects inside, etc.).

How to fix ASUS laptop touchpad not working:

1. Restart the computer

First, we try to restart the computer, because some programs run incorrectly, causing software errors and laptop touchpad no response.

If the touchpad still not working on ASUS, try the following.

2. Is the touchpad turned on:

1) Press the "Windows logo" key and open the "Settings" window.

2) Click on"Device".

3) Click the"touchpad" and then click Other Settings.

4) Make sure the Enable Touchpad is checked, then click Apply > OK.

Check the "Leave touchpad on when a mouse is connected" below. Confirm that the option is turned on,causing your ASUS touchpad not working when connecting the mouse.


If the mouse option is not found in the hardware, check if the touchpad driver is working properly.

Update the touch pad driver:

Click "Start",then enter "Device Manager", find the touchpad driver and right click, then select "Update".

Reinstall the mouse driver:

1. Go to ASUS support website and enter the model name of the ASUS device.

2. On the product support page, locate the drivers and utilities, then select the operating system as Windows 10.

3. You will see a list of drivers and utilities for Windows 10. Download and install the latest drivers for ATK and Touchpad Smart Gesture.


3. Virus scanning

Perform virus troubleshooting and use the anti-virus software to scan the computer in full.

4. Is the notebook touchpad locked?

If you press the touchpad shortcut keys by mistake, the notebook touchpad may be turned off, so the ASUS laptop touchpad not available.

How to enable touchpad on ASUS laptop:

You can try to open the touchpad by pressing the Fn+F6 shortcut. Note: Some ASUS may be turned on or off touchpad with Fn+F9, but some brands of notebooks are different. For details,please refer to the instruction manual of the corresponding brand notebook or search for the information in google.


5. Touchpad stops working after sleep mode

You need to wait for a while to allow the touchpad program to respond to your touch, and if it still doesn't work, you close all open programs and restart your computer. At the same time,you need to make sure the BIOS has been updated to the latest version. The bios version update may solve some program errors after sleep mode.

6. The touchpad is not smooth or cannot be moved

Make sure there is no dust,grease, liquid or food on the touchpad or on your fingers (the touchpad must be in close contact with your fingers for operation).

Make sure there are no things that prevent the touchpad buttons from moving. Most touchpad have some click or touch response when fully pressed. If there is no obvious response after pressing, there may be foreign object under the touchpad that causes the ASUS laptop touchpad not working properly. I use a toothbrush and cleaner to clean it.

7. Check if the laptop detects the touchpad

View the mouse and touchpad settings and select the hardware. If the touchpad is not detected by laptop,try reconnecting the touchpad to the computer's motherboard.

Hardware problems such as ASUS touchpad not working after water spill, cable break, damage to the touchpad,etc. If you could disassemble the laptop touchpad, repair it yourself can save you a lot of maintenance costs, you can also send it to official repair. More laptop repair component for repair yourself,you can buy from GEMWON wholesale Mall.

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How to Fix laptop Bluetooth and WIFI not Working

My laptop Bluetooth connection seems to interfere with my WIFI connection and they can't be used at the same time. How can fix WIFI and Bluetooth missing windows 10?


1. Try a hard reset

1) Remove the laptop power cord and battery,

2) Press the power button for 15 seconds,

3) Plug in the power cord and power on.

2. Run hardware troubleshooting and check

Follow the steps:

1) Type "Troubleshoot"in the Search box and press Enter.

2) Select "Troubleshoot" from the window.

3) Select "Bluetooth"under the find and fix other problems.

4) Follow the instructions on the screen.


3. Is the Bluetooth turned on?

1) First of all, we must determine the reason why WIFI and Bluetooth not working at same time. Because Bluetooth is used less, it may be disabled by some software. In this case, it needs to be disabled from the software.

2) Click the Start menu and select Settings.

Click Devices.

Click Bluetooth.

Move the Bluetooth toggle to the desired setting.

Click the X in the top right corner to save the changes and close the settings window.


3) Open the Control Panel -Administrative Tools, go to the local service, find the Bluetooth Support Service item, set it to "Automatic" and restart the service.


4) In addition, there is a Bluetooth shortcut key on the laptop keyboard. Generally, FN +Bluetooth shortcut key, different computers may have different Bluetooth key positions. Press the shortcut key, when the blue light on the computer lights up, it means Bluetooth turned on.

4. Missing WIFI and Bluetooth after sleep

Open Device Manager, find the"Network Adapter", right click, select Properties, switch to the"Power Management" tab, uncheck the "Allow the computer to turnoff this device to save power " option.


5. Laptop Bluetooth kills WIFI windows 10

If it happens when you are using your computer, this could be a problem with the software driver on your computer. You can try to update the network adapter driver from your computer manufacturer website. After downloading the driver, wait for the uninstallation to complete and install it.

Uninstaller software:

Click Start -> Search Device Manager -> Network adapter ->Find Bluetooth and WIFI card driver ->Right click and uninstall device driver [Note – tick Remove Driver Software]-> Restart device [Your device driver will Automatic installation]

6. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth issues caused by signal interfere

Wireless signal interference can cause notebook WIFI and Bluetooth devices to disconnect or poor connection, but you can take steps to reduce or overcome it.

How to reduce signal interference: Resolve Wi-Fi and Bluetooth issues caused by wireless interference

7.Restore computer

If WIFI and Bluetooth not working after windows 10 update, it's best to try to restore Microsoft Windows to an earlier version. If any recent installations have blocked your Wi-Fi work, then you'd better roll back Windows to an early date.

8.Update bios

Updating your BIOS can cut boot times, fix compatibility issues, and improve overall performance. We recommend that you update the BIOS version, wireless network adapter drivers and Bluetooth drivers as one of the steps to solve stop Bluetooth from interfering with WIFI.

Some laptop model contains Bluetooth and Wi-Fi on the same hardware, which can cause laptop WIFI Bluetooth not working at the same time. If you want to replace the Bluetooth hardware inside your laptop to solve the Bluetooth and WIFI problem. Following HP ENVY 15-u000 the x360 wireless module replacement in this article.

There is problem that WIFI doesn't work when Bluetooth is on, I hope these methods can help you. More notebook repair accessories and tips are welcome to visit GEMWON Blog.

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How to Fix Laptop HP Bluetooth Speakers not Working

How to Fix Laptop HP Bluetooth Speakers not Working

How to Fix Laptop HP Bluetooth Speakers not Working

Playback of audio through Bluetooth devices is very crackly and keeps breaking up. I have tried with several different Bluetooth speakers and headphones and all have the same problem. So, the problem is with the laptop.

How can I solve the problem of Bluetooth speakers won't work on hp laptop?


1. Set Bluetooth as the default device

Right click on the sound icon to select  the playback device;

Set the speaker, Bluetooth audio device to default;

Place the cursor on the speaker icon in the lower right corner and you will see the icon as speaker(Bluetooth).

2. Check the Bluetooth driver

If you can't solve the problem that laptop Bluetooth not detecting devices which may be caused by incorrect installation of the notebook Bluetooth driver.

How to reinstall Bluetooth driver windows 10

Step 1: Open the "device manager". To do this, right-click the Start on the taskbar and click the "Device Manager" option.


Step 2: In the Device Manager,expand the Bluetooth category to find the Bluetooth adapter.


Step 3: Right-click the Bluetooth driver and click the "Uninstall Device" option.


Step 4: Select the "Delete driver software for this device" option and click the "Uninstall Device" button.

Uninstall the Bluetooth driver from your device. But unless you have disabled windows automatic updates,Windows 10 will automatically download and install the Bluetooth driver through the Windows Update service.


To reinstall the Bluetooth driver, simply navigate to the Settings app > Updates & Security >Windows Update and click the Check for Updates button. Windows 10 will automatically download and install the Bluetooth driver, then restart the computer.

If you want to download and install the Bluetooth driver manually for Windows 7, you can also get it from the driver support website.

3. Bluetooth settings

Turn on the playback device and see if Bluetooth are normal.

In some cases, other Bluetooth devices may interfere with the pairing process causing the laptop won't connect to Bluetooth speaker. Therefore, it is recommended that you disconnect all other Bluetooth devices and then only open the devices you need to pair.

4. Try adding Bluetooth speaker again

On the keyboard, press the "Windows + S".

Type "Control Panel" and press Enter.

Click Hardware and Sound.

Find the device and remove it.

Now you can click Add the device again.

After completing these changes,check if the laptop Bluetooth connection problems issue is solved.

5. Some laptop model contains Bluetooth and Wi-Fi on the same hardware, which can cause laptop WIFI Bluetooth not working at the same time. Some users claim that they can pair

Bluetooth successfully after disable Wi-Fi adapter when laptop Bluetooth speaker not connecting.

If the Bluetooth hardware fails,the first suggestion is to purchase an external Bluetooth speaker or a usb speaker... If you want to replace the Bluetooth hardware inside your laptop to solve the Bluetooth pair problem, then the following HP ENVY 15-u000 the x360 wireless module replacement can help you.

Depending on the configuration of your laptop, there may be a WLAN or WLAN/Bluetooth combo module. However, the removal and replacement steps are the same.


6. Replace the wireless module for HP ENVY 15-u000 x360

Before replacing:

  • You need a Phillips screwdriver, tweezers or needle-nosed pliers and a non-metal opening tool.
  • Turn off the computer.Disconnect the Ethernet or modem cable. Disconnect the power adapter.
  • Transfer the computer to a clear, flat, stable surface on a non-carpeted floor.
  • HP recommends that you use an antistatic wrist strap and a conductive foam pad when disassemble your computer.

1. Remove the top cover.


2. Disconnect the battery cable from the motherboard.


3. Locate the two wireless antennas on the wireless module.


4. Grasp the wireless antenna cable with a small tweezers and remove it.


5. Remove the Phillips screw that secures the wireless module to the motherboard and release it to the spring tensioned position.


6. Grasp the edge of the wireless module and gently pull to remove it.


7. Align the socket of the wireless module with the socket on the motherboard.


8. From a certain angle, gently insert the wireless module into the slot on the motherboard and press the wireless module.


9. Replace the Phillips screw that secures the wireless module. Reconnect the antenna cable to the wireless module.


10. Route the wireless antenna cable through the routing channel on the base chassis. Make sure the battery cable is reconnected to the motherboard.


11. The Bluetooth wireless module replacement is completed by installing the top cover back to the notebook.

Specifically, Bluetooth connected no sound windows 10 after update. Don't worry, you can find a solution to the laptop Bluetooth connection without sounds. More laptop repair parts and troubleshooting you can refer to GEMWON blog.

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How to Fix HP Chromebook Keys not Working

Some of my chromebook C202 keyboard keys won't work after I press them. For example,the back space, h key and esc and others. How to fix stuck keys on Chromebook HP?


Part 1: How to Fix hp Chromebook keys don't work

1. HP Chromebook number keys not working

If the hp Chromebook numeric keyboard not working, it is very likely that you pressed the Numlock button accidentally and closed the keypad. Check indicator on the keyboard whether is lit or you try to press Numlock multiple times and check if the number keys is working.


Because of the limited space of the 14-inch or smaller laptop keyboard, the function of the numeric keypad is combined in the letter key when keyboard designing. Currently, press the fn+Numlk key to switch the letter/numeric input.

2. Half of HP laptop keyboard not working

The parts of the keyboard does not respond is generally due to a problem with the internal circuit board of the computer keyboard. The internal circuit board of the keyboard or the conductive plastic is not clean for a long time, so that the circuit cannot be connected, which may cause some keys not working on laptop hp.

Here are some specific steps to clean the laptop keyboard:

1. You remove the broken keycaps (keys on the keyboard).

2. Use the nails to buckle the edges, slowly buckle up.

3. After the removing, look at the inside of the silicone bracket whether there is broken, take a small screwdriver to try to fix.


Laptop keyboard keys not working after spill Cola, this method is used to remove sticky keys from the keyboard and remove sticky residue. Make sure the keys are detachable and can be easily install before open the keyboard.

3. Reinstall the driver to fix hp Chromebook keys don't work

If the keyboard driver is not compatible and chromebook keyboard doesn't work, we need to reinstall the keyboard driver.

Update the keyboard drivers in windows 10:

1) On the desktop, right click "this pc" - "manage"

2) Find keyboard options

3) Right click the driver and click on the "update driver"

4)You can also choose to"uninstall driver", which will be automatically reinstalled after the computer is restarted

5) After completing all the steps of the Hardware Update Wizard. Restart the computer.


The most common fault of keyboard is above. Keyboard circuit board, motherboard, and CPU failure may cause hp Chromebook keys not responding, but these reasons are not common.

Part 2: How to use the keyboard when the parts of the keyboard does not work

1. Using the virtual keyboard input, enter the cursor search box into "on screen keyboard". Click the on-screen keyboard to open the virtual keyboard.

You can click the keys above to input. If you don't need a on screen keyboard, you can close it. Click the"X" in the upper right corner to close the soft keyboard and then open it when you want to use it again.


2. The keyboard keys are connected to the motherboard by two ribbon cables. Both cables are folded into a "Z" bracket. You can try to fix the keyboard problem by squeezing the cable slightly.

If you can remove the keyboard,open the keyboard and wipe the contacts of the LVDS cable with an eraser...Reinsert and try again.

If you have tried it and laptop keys not working properly, and the internal circuit path of the keyboard may malfunction.

If your laptop is still with warranty, please send it for repair or consider replacing the laptop keyboard.I think this is a better solution.


You can try to purchase replacement parts at Amazon, eBay, GEMWON, etc. It is best choice to replace broken laptop keyboard yourself. You don't have to bother to find a repair shop near you and you can buy a cheap laptop replacement keyboard yourself.

Part 3: HP Chromebook 11 G4 Keyboard Replacement

1. Place your closed Chromebook with the back facing up.


2. Pry open the rubber pads to reveal the screws under each corner pad.


3. Remove the 6 mm Phillips screws, a total of 11 screws.


4. Open your Chromebook.


5. Insert the flat end of the spudger between the bottom of the Chromebook and the keyboard.

Slide the spudger along the gap and apply pressure down to separate the two components.


6. Lift the bottom of the keyboard to expose the internal components of the hp Chromebook.


7. Use the tip of the spudger to flip the black tabs on the two ZIF connectors on the motherboard.

Gently slide the keyboard cable out of the motherboard and disconnect.


8. Remove the keyboard from the base of the notebook and remove it.


9. Replace the original laptop keyboard purchased from GEMWON and install the components in reverse order.


This article introduced solutions for keys not working on hp Chromebook. Friends with similar problems can refer to it and hope to help everyone.

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How to Expand Memory on Laptop

Many notebooks with 8G RAM. Whether it is a desktop or a laptop, it is rare to see less than 8G RAM. But if the 8G memory is good for office use, it is not enough to gaming. How to Upgrade the RAM on a Laptop?


Part 1: How to Change Memory on a Laptop

1. Change Laptop Virtual Memory

When the physical memory in computer system is not enough, the system will enable virtual memory automatically to solve the problem of insufficient memory.

The virtual memory, the system uses an area on the hard disk as physical memory (RAM), but because the hard disk read/write speed and memory are far from comparable, so there will be a big difference in performance.

Increasing Virtual Memory in Windows 10:

1) Right click [This PC], select [Properties], in the pop-up window,click [Advanced System Settings] on the left;

2) Then click [Advanced], then click [Settings];

3) Click [Adjust to Best Performance] and [Change].

4) At the bottom of the new window, check what the Recommended value is and how it compares to Currently allocated.

5) If the current setting is significantly less than the recommended, uncheck the Automatically manage paging file size for all drives box at the top of the same windows and then click on [Custom size].

6) Enter the Recommended value in the [Initial Size] box, and a larger figure in the [Maximum Size] box.

7) Click OK to save the new settings.


2. Reduce the application

If you really need to reduce RAM usage. You can do it in two ways.

First, try to use a lighter app alternative as much as possible. If your computer has difficulty opening Photoshop, try a small application (such as Paint.NET) for a small image editing. Use Photoshop only when you are committed to project work.

Applications that are not use for a few months are just wasting resources on your computer, so you should delete them. Do this by navigating to Settings > Apps and clicking Uninstall on any apps you want to delete.


If you use it sometimes and don't want to uninstall the application, you can prevent it from running at start-up. These methods can effectively increase ram on laptop without buying.

3. How to increase physical memory

3.1 System type

The system has 32-bit and 64-bit type. You can right-click on "this pc" to select "properties". The 32-bit system supports up to 3.2G computer memory, while the 64-bit system can reach 128G. So, the computer is a 32-bit system. When installing a memory stick more than 4G, you must reinstall the 64-bit system. If not, even you add more memory is also a futility.


3.2 Can I add more memory to pc?

Many laptops have a sealed bottom or memory soldered to the motherboard,both of which prevent you from upgrading RAM.

Before buying a memory stick, be sure to check if your motherboard has extra memory slots. Normally, you will have 2 memory slots. You need to check if both slots are occupied.

If there is only one memory slot, then upgrading the memory requires replacing the original memory stick and purchasing a larger memory stick, which will cost more.

If you have trouble removing and disassembling the memory, you can also check the number of memory slots on the motherboard through the "CPU-Z" software.

3.3 Memory parameters

When purchasing a memory stick, in addition to paying attention to your own computer system and hardware, you must confirm the memory parameters of your computer.

It is best to purchase the same parameters when upgrading the laptop memory stick. Of course, almost all DDR4 now, so if you should focus on the memory frequency.

If you are adding a memory stick to your notebook, you also need to pay attention to the memory voltage, memory has a standard voltage and low voltage,and the same as the CPU. The new memory voltage must also be the same as the old memory, otherwise, there may be problems that the motherboard does not support.

Part 2: How to expand the memory on Huawei

Notebook disassembly (general considerations for laptop memory upgrade)

1. Turn off the notebook and unplug the power adapter.

2. Open the bottom of the notebook and check the memory module.(Depending on your notebook model, you may have to unscrew the back of the notebook to remove the memory and other components)


3. Avoid static electricity

However, before touching any component in your PC, touch any metal surface inside the computer (for example,the back of the hard drive or the metal connector of another laptop component).This will release any potentially static electricity in your body. Or wear anti-static gloves for disassembly.

4. Remove the memory stick

If you need to pull out some memory module, you can replace them. To remove the memory module, push the clip that secures the clip open. The memory module should be ejected at an angle. Note that it shouldn't remove the memory module force, which may damage the slot.


Hold the edge of the memory module - Do not touch the gold connector on the bottom to lift the module.

5. Install a new memory stick

Next, insert the new module into the open slot at a 45-degree angle with the gold edge facing down. Use your finger to push it into place at a uniform pressure on the top of the module.

When you hear the click and feel the memory stick snap into place, push the module firmly back until it is flat and level and the clip is securely fastened.


Start the laptop and return to the "System properties" or "Task Manager" to verify that new memory has been added.

Expanding memory for laptop or replacing any laptop component is to improve the performance of the notebook, for more laptop component at wholesale price,please go to GEMWON Laptop.

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How to Fix the Service Battery Warning on MacBook

Macbook Air (2012) the battery icon shows "Service Battery". The number of charging cycles in the system information is only 150 times. What does service battery mean on MacBook?

It usually means that the battery is running out (or use more than recommended number of cycles). Either way, you may need a new battery.


If your battery is running out of life, you won't have any problems with a battery that has no capacity. Therefore, if you are not accepting the short battery life, please replace the Mac Book battery.If you are satisfied with it,please continue to use the battery.

According to Apple, MacBook Pro or MacBook Air batteries are designed to provide up to 1000 full charge and discharge cycles of their original capacity.

After installing Mavericks, the"service battery" warning seems to be wrong or the operating system is more sensitive to potential battery problems.

The charge cycle count is a count of the number of times the battery is fully drained and charged. If you don't drain the battery before recharging, you will easily reach the limit of the cycle number designed by the MacBook. In other words, you may see Service Battery warning on macOS.

Before replacing the MacBook battery, it is recommended that you try the following troubleshooting to fix the service battery warning caused by MacBook software.

How to Remove Service Battery Warning MacBook Pro?

1. Check system report

When you receive a "Service Battery" notification, the first thing you should do is to check the system report. This will tell you the number of cycles and condition of your MacBook battery.

1. Select the Apple menu (the Apple icon in the upper left corner of the computer) and select "About This Mac".

2. Select "System Report..." and then select "Power".

3. Check the "cycle count" of the battery.


2. Reset the charging cycle

2.1 Charge the battery fully.Once charged to 100%, keep the notebook running for hours while connecting the power.

2.2 Unplug the MacBook from the power source, but let it continue to run.

2.3 Allow the MacBook to run until it is turned off due to low battery.

2.4 Place your MacBook one day without power.

2.5 Charge the MacBook again until the battery is full.

Your MacBook should now be able to measure battery status more accurately. If it works, your MacBook service battery warning disappeared.

If you still see the Service Battery message, continue with the following troubleshooting.

3. Reset the SMC

The system management controller manages battery power. If it goes wrong, it can cause service battery messages on MacBook. In this case, you can reset it.

3.1 Do this if you can remove the battery from your MacBook:

3.2 After the MacBook is turned off, press and hold the power button for 10 seconds. After that, insert the battery and you are done.

If the MacBook is built-in battery:

If you are unable to remove the battery, turn off your MacBook. Then, press Control + Shift + Option and hold the power button for 10 seconds. After 10 seconds, open your MacBook.

SMC controls computer fans,back lights and indicators, port and battery, so resetting it will force your MacBook to restore to the default settings of all this hardware.

This issue should be resolved if the hardware status causes a service battery warning.

If you have tried to calibrate the battery and reset the SMC and MacBook display the service battery warning,then you have only one option left: replace the MacBook battery.

Of course, if you don't want to pay for expensive repairs in the apple store, then replacement battery yourself is the best option.


You can find professional laptop repair component and find laptop repair guide at GEMWON BLOG.

The following is a tutorial on the replacement of the MacBook Air 13 battery. You can get a lot of inspiration about the battery replacement operation for other MacBook models.

4. How to replace the MacBook battery

1. Turn off the macbook and remove the power, flip it over and place it on a soft mat.

2. Use a screwdriver to unscrew the 10 screws on the back:

2 9mm P5 Pentalobe screws

8 2.6mm P5 Pentalobe screws

3. Insert your finger between the display and the D case and pull the D case up to remove it from the body.


4. Gently grasp the clear plastic tab attached to the battery connector and pull it toward the edge of the battery to disconnect the battery.


5. Unscrew the following five screws with a T5 Torx screwdriver:

3 6.9 mm T5 Torx screws

2 3.0 mm T5 Torx screws


6. From the edge of the battery,remove the battery from the top case.


7. Install a new battery,gently insert the clear plastic tab into the battery connector and finally screw the screws in place.


Replacing the battery can solve the MacBook service battery warning caused by battery hardware. If you encounter MacBook service battery message, please tell us and feel free to leave your thoughts and suggestions.

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How to Find Replacement Screen for Laptop

I Need to purchase laptop screen from reliable source. I have a HP Envy 15t-k100 CTO with screen B156HTN03.3. I have purchased 3 from Amazon and each time screen was defective.

How can I find the best place to buy laptop screens?

Before Replacing the Laptop Screen:

Before doing anything, check your laptop to make sure which screen component needs to be replaced.

Correctly identify the parts of the screen and purchase what you need.

The Difference between the Laptop Touch Screen and LCD Screen of Laptop:

The touch screen is a transparent layer that reads signals from the touch and transmits them to the processing unit. This is the outermost layer of the screen, you can touch the part without disassembling the device.

The LCD screen is a panel inside the screen for displaying images.

This is the middle layer of the screen.


When only the touch screen is broken, you still can see what is happening on the display and the screen is still running.

When only the LCD is broken, you can still use the touch screen, but the panel will have dark spots or spiderweb cracks (or both).

When both the LCD and the touchscreen are damaged, you may no longer be able to use the laptop screen.

Detect Possible Damage to other Components:

For example, if the graphics card on the motherboard is damaged, it is useless to spend time and effort to replace the screen.

To ensure that your graphics card is working properly, you can connect external monitor or TV to your laptop:

If the picture on the external display looks normal, it is likely that your notebook screen is broken.

If you don't get any picture on the external display, keep in mind that some laptops require you to press some of the function keys on your laptop to activate the projection output.

If you do not get any from external screen and laptop screen, your graphics card or motherboard may be damaged, not only the screen.

Find Part Number of the Laptop Component:

Before purchasing a laptop screen replacement, you need to determine the part number on the back of the screen.


This is another reason to open the laptop screen bezel before buy replacement laptop parts.

Even if you have the specific model of the laptop that needs to buy the screen, but the same model of the notebook may have a different resolution, confirm the unique laptop screen PN to ensure that you can buy the correct screen.

But based on my experience, you can consult the GEMWON laptop. According to the information provided by the seller, if the screen is compatible with your laptop model, it usually works.

Cheap Laptop Screen Repair Near me:

Finding a replacement screen is usually easy - you don't have to pay the original price from the manufacturer.

Just search for eBay, Amazon or Google using your laptop model and screen part number. You will find that replacement screen for laptop can be as low as $20.

If you can't find anything, you can also contact GEMWON to purchase a hard to buy and vintage laptops screen wholesale. It can provide all the screen components you need.


Try removing the damaged screen to make sure you can replace it.

To save the laptop screen replacement cost, I suggest you search in Google and YouTube to get repair guide of your laptop or find a service professional to get help with the laptop repair steps.

How to Fix a Broken HP Laptop Screen:

These applies to most laptop models.

Desk Area: Find a flat area for your laptop.

Magnetic Philips screwdriver: If you don't have a head screwdriver, try to find a magnet that is enough to magnetize the screws. This helps making it easier for the screw to be removed and replaced without lost.

Spudgers and repair tools: Opening tools helps to pry the screen border away from the body.

A piece of white paper: This is used to store the small screws and you can mark the position on the paper to identify the position of each screw of the notebook to prevent the wrong screws when reinstalling the parts.

If you are looking for the best laptop screen replacement, the most trusted service provider is GEMWON. Not only can you get the laptop screen replacement guide, but you can purchase a replacement screen at 20% off, with a laptop screen as low as $20. For more notebook repair guide, please refer to GEMWON Blog.

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How to Fix Ghost Touch Screen on Windows 10

A few days afterI purchased my new spectre x360, I noticed ghost touches (touchs without meactually touching it) on the lower left corner of my screen.

The problem is that the touch screen laptop clicking by itself. Troubleshoot the hp touch screen ghost clicks step by step according to the following methods.


Why Screen Ghosting on Laptop

1. When using laptop under conditions of temperature, humidity, lighting or other distracting screen functions, some laptop or tablet can stuck on the touch screen and cannot respond to touch.

2. Some drivers may be incorrectly installed or uninstalled via Windows Update which may cause touch screen issues on Windows 10.

3. There may be a problem with the touch screen hardware. Sometimes loose or broken screen cable can also cause the ghost touch screen or touchscreen to become unresponsive.

How to FixLaptop Touch Screen Ghost Touch

1. Clean the screen

The touch screen may not respond due to accumulated dust.

Turn off the computer, wet the soft and clean cloth with water, and then wipe the screen gently. Wait for the screen to dry, turn on the computer and try using the touch screen again.

2. Calibrate the Touch Screen

When your touch screen responds slowly or inaccurately to record your touch gestures, you may need to re-calibrate it.

Open Control Panel > Hardware and Sound.

Select Calibration Screen > Calibration.


When finished, check that the screen touch is normal.

3. Reinstall the Driver

Your screen may ghost touch screen on laptop because driver is not enabled or need reinstall. Use Device Manager to enable and reinstall the touchscreen, graphics driver.

1) In Windows, search for and open the Device Manager.

2) Expand the "Human Interface Devices" list.

3) Left click on the arrow next to "Human Interface Devices "to open the drop-down list. Right-click on the HID-compliant touchscreen list and select "Disable".

4) You now need to right click on the list again, but this time select "Enable".

5) Touch the screen to see if it responds. If not, continue with these steps.

6) Right-click the touchscreen device and click "Uninstall".

7) The same operation, uninstall the graphics driver.


8) Restart your computer to reinstall the driver.

9) Tap the screen to see if it responds properly. If not, proceed to the next step.

The Windows 10/8 driver will automatically install again after you restart your computer. If it is a Windows 7 operating system, then you need to download the corresponding driver from support website.

4. Configure the touch display

1) Open Control Panel.

2) Click on Hardware and Sound.

3) Under "Tablet PC Settings", click the Calibrate the screen for pen or touch input link.


4) Under "Display options", select the display.

5) Click the "Calibrate" button.

6) Select the Touch input option.

Identifies the screen touch as aninput option.


5. Rollback Driver

Windows Update will update the hardware drivers. If it is a driver update that causes the Ghost Touch Screen or Touch Screen Not Working, you should try to roll back to the default.

In the "Device Manager", right-click on the HID-compliant touchscreen and select Properties. Then switch to the Driver tab and select "Roll Back Driver".

If you know that a specific old driver is available but cannot be implemented by rollback, download the corresponding old version on the support website and install it.


6. Perform Power Reset

1) Turn off the computer, disconnect all external devices and AC adapter.

2) Remove the battery from the battery compartment.

3) Press and hold the power button for 15 seconds to discharge any residual charge. (For a built-in battery, you can't unload the battery, then you can find a reset hole on the back of the laptop, you just need to find a pin to press this reset hole)

4) Insert the battery and plug the AC adapter back into the notebook.

5) Do not connect any peripheral devices.

6) Turn on computer to check the issue.

7. Using Windows Troubleshooting to fix touch screen issue

You may need to try the Windows 10 troubleshooting feature to solve the touch screen ghost clicks on laptop.

Here are the steps:

Step 1: Open the "control panel", choose to view by large icons.

Step 2: Choose "troubleshooting".

Step 3: Click on "hardware and sound".

Step 4: Select Hardware and Devices to open a new dialog.

Step 5: Click Next and Windows 10 will detect and fix the problem.


8. HP Hardware Diagnostics UEFI to Fix Ghost Touch Screen HP Laptop

1) Plug the AC adapter into your computer.

2) Press the power button for at least five seconds to turn off the computer.

3) Turn on the computer and press the F2 key repeatedly, about once per second.

4) When the HP PC Hardware Diagnostic UEFI screen is displayed, click "Component Test".

5) Click the Touch Screen.

6) There are two interactive touch screen hardware tests. First click the touch pointer test.

7) Read the on-screen instructions and click Run Once.

9. Restore to an Earlier Time

This option restores system an earlier time.

Step 1: Press and hold (or right-click) "Start Windows Logo"and select "Control Panel".

Step 2: Choose Recovery > Open System Restore > Next.

Step 3: Select the restore point associated with the application, driver or update in question and choose Next > Finish.

Wait until the system is restored to the point where the touch screen is in normal use.

10. Check the Hardware

Check the hardware, including the ghost touch screen, the motherboard,the power adapter (the power input to the laptop or the electric fluctuations can also cause the laptop phantom touch screen).

Replace the screen to solve ghost touch caused by water or other touch screen damage.

HP Spectre x2 12-a002dx Screen Replacement:

1. Make sure the device is powered off.

The HP Spectre is placed on a flat surface to separate the keyboard.


2. Remove the screen

Need to remove the screen clip and 4 Phillips M1.5x2.7 screws.

Use a Phillips #000 screwdriver to remove the screws.


There is a sticker that connects the laptop to the keyboard. Heat the sticker and use a thin tweezers to grab the sticker and remove it.

3. Use the plastic opening tool or insert a spudger to begin loosening the screen assembly. Disconnect all screen clips.


4. Remove the connection cable from the screen and battery. Use aspudger to expose the strip and peel it off carefully.

Insert the spudger into the other end and release the ZIF connector. Remove the cable.


5. Replace the new screen and connect the screen cable. Reinstall eachscreen component in the order in which the parts are removed.

You need to purchase a new HP Spectre x2 screen assembly before disassembling the screen. Maybe eBay or Amazon is your priority. But I think you can buy a full range of original laptop accessories at GEMWON at a low price. GEMWON specializes in providing laptop repair parts at wholesale prices for DELL/HP/Acer/Toshiba Brand.

The laptop touch screen ghost clicking issue is a very common problem that can occur on any device that supports a Capacitive touch screen. For more troubleshooting on laptop touch screens, please refer to GEMWON Blog.

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