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How to Replace HP Laptop Touch Screen

Hey, there! Anybody want to lend a helping hand while I attempt to replace my laptop touchscreen? I'm working with a HP Pavilion 15 and a dangerously small amount of experience.

How to solve the problem of hp laptop touch screen replacement?


The HP Pavilion 15-bk020wm is used as an example in this article. The maintenance methods for touch screens of another brand laptop are similar. If you are using DELL/ASUS or Toshiba, you can also use them as a reference.

Howto replace touch screen on hp laptop?

1. Turn off the computer and disconnect the external device. Unplug the computer's power adapter.

2. Remove the two screw cover strips. Unscrew all 12 screws from the bottom of the computer.


3. Using the plastic opening tool, lift the keyboard cover to the right and left hinges.


4. Lift the keyboard cover from the lower left side near the touchpad.


5. Remove the blue cable. Lift the keyboard cover

6. Tilt the keyboard stands up.Separate the blue ZIF cable from the bottom of the notebook. Use the plastic opening tool to flip the two ZIF cables that connect the battery to the motherboard.


7. Use a Phillips located around the battery to remove the four Phillips screws. Remove the battery from your laptop.

8. Remove the two cables from the motherboard.


9. Unscrew all ten screws (M2.5x4.4) from the motherboard with a Phillips 00 screwdriver. Remove the fan and lift the motherboard.


10. Use Phillips to unscrew the screen from the main body of the notebook. Screw size: M2.5 x 4.4.


11. Use the plastic opening tool to lift the touch screen hinge to remove the screen.

12. Get the new touch screen to connect to your hp laptop.

13. To reassemble the device, perform the following instructions in reverse order.

Howto install touch screen on your laptop?

1. Unplug the power and remove the battery from the laptop. In the middle of the bottom of the notebook, there are fixed screws, remove the screws, and remove the drive.

2. After the optical drive is removed, remove all the screws on the bottom of the notebook. Then carefully remove the frame with a flat-blade screwdriver and remove the bottom case.

3. Find the USB port next to the board. First remove the protective rubber plug on the screen, and after removing the screws that secure the display, decisively remove it. Then use aflat-blade screwdriver to remove the frame. This side will be fastened, so be careful of the rear cable when you remove it.

4. Place the touch screen we purchased in front of the original display and start distributing the screen cable.

5. About the touch screen cable jack and four-wire connection is very important, must be taped multiple times,but the order of the cable must not be messy, otherwise it will affect the tightness of the cover.

6. Take the cable out of the shaft of the screen and put it into the body.

7. Because the computer doesn't have the touch hardware, so you must add a control card, and the line leveling is good. Solder the wire to the USB pin, solder it, place the control board and USB in the original position, and then test screen touch.

You have mastered all the steps to replace cracked laptop touch screen, then you need a laptop touch screen. You can give us the exact notebook model to help you find parts and instructions. The easiest thing to do is to change the laptop screen assembly. You might think it's a bit expensive, but you can save a lot of time and effort on replacing touch screen for hp laptop.


You can also find the laptop parts yourself at GEMWON, if you don't know the specific model of the laptop, this is not possible. Please feel free to contact us and we will try our best to help you find the laptop repair parts and information you need.

HP laptops may have screen problems such as broken LCD screens, dead backlights. I hope this article on how to replace hp touch screen laptop can help you replace the broken laptop touch screen.

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How to Remove Damaged Screws from Laptop

I've got stuck keyboard screw in my T530 - photo. Screw is totally stuck - I tried everything,how could I now remove keyboard? Is it possible to remove keyboard if I drill only the head of screw, or I have to drill out whole screw?  How to remove laptop screws that are stuck?


As a laptop repair beginner, the screw may not be removed due to the lack of a complete repair tool kit or the use of an improper screwdriver.

Way 1: Screwdriver

Use a knife to draw repeatedly on the screw cap, draw a groove, and then use a flat-blade screwdriver to screw out, but manual operation is time-consuming and laborious.

Way 2: Strong glue

If the laptop screw is stripped because of an oversized screwdriver, you can try the following method after changing the correct screwdriver:

The cross-shaped screw is easier to be broken, we can use a flat-blade screwdriver instead.

1. Pad some gauze, paper towel and the like to increase the friction,and then unscrew it. Apply enough pressure and slowly turn the screwdriver until the screw begins to move.

2. Screw the tip of the screwdriver with a strong glue, fill the part that has been twisted with glue, and form a new occlusal surface after drying.

3. Strong glue, after adjusting according to 1:1, the glue is glued to your bad screw cap. The screwdriver can be fixed in the middle of the screw until the glue is dry.

Then try to remove the screws, just make sure not to apply too much glue on the tip, otherwise it may spill and glue the stripped screws into place.

If the screw is peeled off, the screw may be cross-threaded, and if so,the epoxy may be better because it is stronger than the super glue.

Way 3: Professional repair tools

Use some professional repair tools to easily unscrew.

Select a very small drill bit and place it in the middle of the stripped screw. Apply power and pressure slowly, but be sure not to press too hard or open the drill too quickly as this can cause serious damage to the notebook.Occasionally stop the drill bit and use pliers to try to remove the screw.

Electric drill + screw extractor: Prepare the drill and the screw extractor corresponding to the type of screw to be taken. The extractor is rotated with the electric drill assembly, and the screw of the sliding wire is taken out by the friction between the screw of the extractor and the screw.

Note: The drill needs to be reversed and the speed should be slow.

Laptop Repair Kit for Sale:

To avoid damage to the screw damaged head of laptop? In most cases, you will need to use a suitable screwdriver to unscrew the notebook screws. The GEMWON 52-in-1notebook repair kit provides you with a screwdriver of all shapes and sizes, and is equipped with the Burning Pen Solder Iron Tool, your best notebook repair assistant. For More repair tool kit and laptop parts such as laptop keyboard/ laptop fan/DELL adapter/ Toshiba adapter at bulk price please refer to GEMWON mall.


For damaged laptop screws, you can install a smaller or larger Torx drill to the damaged screw head and start spinning. You also can try the Dremel Mini Tool.

to sum up:

For the can't remove laptop screws, there are two main ideas:

1. Reverse the rotation by friction.

2. Drawing the screw a groove and use a flat-blade screwdriver to unscrew it.

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How to Connect Printer to Laptop Windows 10

Cant add printer - Print Spooler not running error. I tried reinstalling driver - I get the popup that driver installs correctly and device is ready to use, Trying to ADD a printer I get error.

This article is about how to connect printer to laptop windows 10.


Local printer:

How to connect printer to laptop with usb? The printer connects to the computer with usb. The common port is the USB. If there is no problem with the computer USB, follow the prompts to install the driver. Connecting to a laptop with usb printer is easier.


Printer error: The printer connection cable is not inserted securely. Replace the data cable, or re-plug and check to see if it inserts in place.

Network printer:

The printer can communicate with each other in the same IP segment under the network segment (for example, to The printer is connected to the laptop and the drive is install. At this time, the connected printer is set as the host, and this print is shared.

How to connect to the network printer:

1. Make sure the printer is connected to the network properly.

Enter [ping the IP address of the network printer] at the command prompt.

2. After the network is tested, it will start to connect to the network printer. Click [Start]----[Control Panel]----[Hardware and Sound] ----[Device and Printer].

3. Then click [Add a Printer].

4. Select [Add Network, Wireless or Bluetooth Printer].

5. Go to [Searching for available printers]. Search here takes a long time, so it is recommended to click [The printer that I want isn't listed].


6. Click [Search for a printer by name or TCP/IP address] and click [Add a printer using TCP/IP address or host name]

7. Enter the printer host name or IP address and click [Next]

8. [Requires additional port information] It is recommended to use the default direct [Next]

9. Install the printer driver,use [Install from Disk] to find the location of your printer's driver, and click OK.

10. Make sure the driver is correct. Click [Next].

11. The name of the printer can be changed or not changed. Click [Next].

12. Installing the printer driver.

13. After installing the printer driver, you will be prompted to share the printer. Choose to share this printer here.

14. After the network printer driver is installed, you will be prompted if you want to set the printer as the default printer ----- [Check if necessary].

After the driver is successfully installed, it is recommended to click [Print Test Page] to print normally without garbled characters, indicating that the driver is normal.

How to connect wireless printer to laptop with network sharing:

Go to the [Devices and Printers] and the system program shows that you are looking for a network printer.

1. If the system does not find the printer we need, click [The printer that I want isn't listed].

Printer addition can be done via the network sharing or by TCP/IP address.

2. We select a network and enter this address. If the password for this network path must be provided with a username and password, it can be entered.

3. Enter the path of this network, we can see that you want to connect to the printer. Right click on this printer and select Connect to this printer.


4. At this time, the system program shows that the printer has been successfully connected. We find the icon for this printer, right click and select the printer properties, click on the printer test page. If the printer has a test page, the printer program is already connected.

Common printer problems and solutions:

Error 0x000006d9 when sharing a printer on laptop

The reason for this is that the firewall failed to open.

Solution: (win 7, win 8, win 10 can refer to) Right click the computer to find the manage and open, double-click to open the service and applications. Open the services, find the Windows Firewall, right click properties, find the [general], start type select [automatically] and click OK.

Printer error 0x00000709 windows 10:

Win+r input, services.msc press Enter to open the service management.

Right click on the Printer Spooler and select Properties. Select the auto start type from the drop-down menu.

Check the status of the service and if the service is stopped, click Start and OK.

If the service is already started, first stop it and then click Start and OK.

Also, check for dependencies in the Print Spooler service properties.

1. Click the Dependencies.

The first box lists all the system services that must be run when Print Spooler starts.

2. Remember each dependency service.

3. Now browse the list and start each service that Print Spooler depends on.

If the service is not started,right-click the service and click Properties. Then confirm that the "Start type" is "Automatically".


Printer error port in use

This is due to data conflicts within the port. Solution, find the printer, and right click on the printer,find the port and switch the port.


Printer driver is not installed on this computer

Whether the laptop needs to reinstall the driver every time the printer is connected, use the printer CD-ROM driver for the corresponding series.


My laptop can't visit wireless printer

1) Modify user rights. Open the "Run" windows with the win+r keyboard combination and enter "gpedit.msc" to open the Group Policy Editor.

2) Expand the "Computer Configuration---Windows Settings---Security Settings---Local Policies---User Rights Assignment" directory on the left and double-click the "Deny access to this computer from the network".


3) The "deny access to this computer from the network" dialog box is displayed, as shown. Select the"Local Security Settings---Guest" account and click the "remove". Then the guest can access this machine.


Paper stuck in printer

There are several reasons:

1) The printer generates static electricity due to the different density of the paper, the process is different, or the printer is heated. When printing, multiple sheets of paper are fed at the same time, causing paper stuck.

2) Reduce the amount of one-time printing and try to print the content separately.


Because the add printer to laptop through WIFI through network sharing. You may experience problems with network settings, computer settings, printer settings, and more. So, I recommend that you use a usb printer. You only need a Print Cable to connect your laptop and printer, and print.

The above is a common shared printer problem, according to the above solutions can help you solve most of the faults.

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How to Fix Laptop Fan Running High Speed All Time

CPU usage at highest 15%. It'll turn on to max speed for about 3-10 seconds, shut off for half a second, and turn back on to max again. There will be a pause that lasts for a minute or 2 before repeating this cycle again and the noise this makes is driving me insane. How should I fix CPU fan running fast all the time?


Part 1: Abnormal cooling fan speed

1. Laptop fan sometimes speed up and slow down

At present, the design of the computer cooling fan is basically controlled by an intelligent temperature control system, and the fan speed is intelligently adjusted according to the change of the heat quantity of the CPU. This is a normal situation and can be used normally.

2. The fan has been maintained at high speed

2.1 This is maybe not a malfunction.As described above, when the laptop is in a state of high load operation and the system increases the fan speed automatically to maintain the heat dissipation.

2.2 After the computer is used for a period, the heat sink, fan, etc. may accumulate dust, which will affect the heat dissipation and ventilation effect. It will cause the laptop fan always on high speed to cool laptop fan.


3. Laptop fan stopped rotating

If the computer does not have a serious overheated, then the current workload of the computer is not full to start the fan. The heat sink, heat sink, and outer casing can meet the heat dissipation requirements.

Part 2: How to fix Laptop fan rotating very fast

1. Lubricating fan shaft

The most important component of fan transport is the shaft, which lacks lubricating oil for a long time, so that noise is generated when rotating at high speed.

2. Fixed fan blade

Vibration noise is also an important part of fan noise, as the blade loosens on the bearing and the bearing wear causes the gap to become larger. Tightening the screw can reduce fan noise that may be caused by loose screws.

3. Clean up the dust on laptop fan

The dust accumulated inside the notebook regularly, especially the dust on the computer fan must be cleaned up.


4. Upgrade the BIOS

The notebook fan running high speed suddenly, check the computer CPU, graphics card, hard disk temperature is not high but the fan speed is very high. You should fix hardware management program failure by upgrading bios.

Go to the Drivers and Downloads website, type in your computer model, and follow the instructions to download the latest BIOS update for your computer.

After updating the BIOS, please restart your computer.

Part 3: After windows 10 upgrade fan keeps running

The notebook fan can control the rotation speed automatically according to the program runs, but user that using the windows 10 notebook responds, the laptop's fan is running at full speed since windows 10 update. We can solve this by system power settings.

1. Press [win + x] to open the operation and click [Control Panel],

2. Click [Hardware and Sound],

3. Click [Power Options],

4. Click on "Power Saver",


5. Click on the"Change Plan Settings" button after the power mode;

6. Click [Change Advanced Power Settings];

7. Click on [Processor Power Management] - [System Cooling Mode], set it to "Passive", click "Apply" - OK.


After the setting is completed, the laptop fan will only rotate at a high speed when we run a lot of programs and it will not always rotate at high speed to generate noise.

When the computer is turned on, the laptop fan is running very fast and noise. But after 5 to 20 seconds,the fan noise will disappear. If the fan continues to rotate at high speed or makes strange noises, there may be a problem with the laptop fan.


If the above solution can't solve the laptop fan revs to max speed. Then you need to consider replacing the new laptop fan to test.


The price of a laptop fan is lower than the price of other laptop parts, and you can purchase a new notebook fan to replace that may be damaged. At GEMWON you can get most models of laptop accessories laptop fan/HP Fan/MSI/ASUS fan at wholesale price and fast shipping.

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What Can I do if I Spilled Water on My Laptop

Something similar happened to me, I spilled water on my keyboard.. The screen immediately went black. Spilled water on my laptop it won’t turn on, what do I do? Spilled water on laptop what to do?


After the notebook is suffered water damage, the first thing to do is to disconnect all power supply,turn off the laptop and disassemble the battery. Don't rush to boot, otherwise it will easily burn more hardware.

After the notebook is powered off and the external device is removed, the notebook water damage is further processed.

Spilled water on laptop keys not working

If the water is entered by the keyboard surface, dry the surface of the keyboard and then flip the computer to the table. If possible, it is recommended to place an item on one side to tilt the computer at a certain angle to facilitate moisture flow.

If the water is entering from the side of the computer, dry the water on the side. After understanding the structure of your computer, place the water side down on the table to allow water to flow back from the inlet to prevent moisture from expanding.


If the bottom of the laptop submerged in water, move the computer to a dry, well-ventilated place. Remember to move slowly while moving, otherwise moisture will flow inside the computer and damage other laptop components.

Disassemble & clean up moisture:

As with any electronic device that contains boards and IC chips, water and moisture are enemies. Water not only cause shorts circuits, but also leaves minerals in the water when dry.

What to Do if You Spill on Laptop:

  • Remove the battery and do not plug in the laptop charger.
  • Remove the unit and perform a full inspection. Look for traces of water remaining and minerals left behind. Calcium may leave white marks.
  • Check for components that are obviously damaged. Like varistor, capacitor, etc.
  • Depending on your findings, you may need to bathe the board to remove residue. Use 99% pure alcohol.
  • Clean and reassemble.


After doing this, we put the notebook in a dry and ventilated position for a while. Or put the computer in a food bag filled with rice, remember to drain the air from the bag. You can also add silicone bag. The rice and silica will remove all moisture.

It is recommended to put about 48 to 72 hours, then install the hardware back to the boot test. If spilled liquid on laptop and it won't turn on, you should consider repairs.

How much does it cost a laptop with water damage?

So how much does it cost to repair the notebook? The main is to check at the damage of the notebook. If it is a simple problem, you should not pay for it if you clean it yourself. If there is hardware damage, the repair is more expensive.

If spilled water on laptop not charging?

Generally,the laptop suffered water is more serious and the most vulnerable is the motherboard. If the notebook motherboard is damaged, you need to replace the motherboard, the price generally needs more than $200.


You can fix a water damaged notebook screen for only $20-$50 at GEMWON If the laptop screen is damaged by water.

Our products can be shipped free for all over the world, which is far less than the money you spend on after sales. Hp Pavilion X360 isthe best seller product at GEMWON and you should trust the choice of most people. More popular laptop screen/ laptop keyboard for Hp Pavilion/Asus Notebook/Dell Inspiron.


In addition, if there is no damage to the notebook hardware, but the water damaged notebook keyboard not working, you can buy external Bluetooth keyboard, you may only need less than $10. If you need to change the notebook's built-in keyboard, it usually takes one or two hundred dollars.

About the cost in the notebook water repair. In fact, mainly based on the laptop model and the degree of damage, it may take at least a few tens of dollars to repair damaged computer parts. If the internal component of the notebook is damaged, the repair price may be more expensive.


Some tips to protect your computer from water damage:

  • Try not to put a cup of water on the side of the computer. If you really need it, put a cup with a lid and tighten the lid.
  • If you have ample money, consider buying a stand for your computer.
  • Keep all liquids away from the computer.


The above is solutions for spilled water on laptop keys not working. In general, the first step is to clean the parts that are easy to disassemble, clean up the water stains instead of the start to test. You can visit our BLOG to search for more notebook repair knowledge if needed.

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How to Fix MacBook Slow Startup

The computer has been used for a long time and even if the hardware is not damaged, it will inevitably appear to be stuck, slow and so on. How to solve the MacBook pro slow startup and freezing? There are many ways to solve this problem. This article will discuss with you to solve the slow startup of MacBook.


1. Manage startup programs

I believe that many users will find that the old and weak computers will have a common point. They may only open a browser or a Keynote and the computer will show that the memory is insufficient.

In fact, many software defaults to the self-starting option. If your MacBook is turned on, even if you don't do anything, the background has already opened many applications. So, it will cause the computer to appear not enough memory and slow running.

So how do you turn off self-starting apps?


Click on "Apple Menu"in the upper left corner of the screen > click "System Preferences" > select "Users & Groups" > open the"Login Items" tab > select the program you think does not need to be started automatically > click "-" to delete project.

2. Reduce transparency and animations

Some old MacBook switching animations and transparency with integrated Intel GPU can cause MacBook extremely slow startup. Reduce these effects can help improve Mac performance.

Reducing Transparency:

Open "System Preferences" in Apple menu > select "Accessibility" >control panel and choose "Display" from the options list. Look for "Reduce Transparency" and check the along side this option to disable transparent effects throughout the Mac OS user interface.


Reduce the animations:

The first is to reduce the animations. When this option is enabled, some animations on the system, such as the pop-up of the notification center, multi-tasking display, desktop switching, etc. will stop.

If you select "Reducing Transparency", the transparency of the frosted glass effect on the Dock bar, menu bar, and folder side menu bar will decrease.

Turn off the Dock bar effects:

Open System Preferences from your Dock or Applications folder.

Click Dock.

Click the checkbox next to Show recent applications in Dock so that the check disappears.


After setting the Dock bar effects option, the icon magnification on macOS and the animation when the window is minimized will cancel, but the system load will be reduced and solve MacBook running slow.

3. Close the background program

Open the Activity Monitor in your system to display all currently running applications and processes and the resources they are using.

After opening the application, click on the CPU tab to sort the processes that consume a lot of CPU processing power. If you find an application that occupies the CPU, double-click it and then quit the application. Maybe you can also consider uninstalling the app or looking for a lightweight alternative.


Activity Monitor will show which processes are running out of your system resources.

4. Disable FileVault Disk Encryption

If you are using OSX Yosemite or newer, FileVault disk encryption is turned on by default. This is a nice feature that encrypts your entire drive and even if your MacBook is stolen, the data won't fall into others. However,the process of encryption also occupies a lot of resources and "my mac takes forever to start up".


If you encounter such a problem,the start up or logon process speed of your MacBook maybe slow. open System Preferences, go to Security & Privacy, and click Close FireVault.

5. Clean up disk space

One of the most important reasons for causing a MacBook to be stuck is that the garbage in your computer is almost full of your disk. Clean them up to ease the burden on your MacBook.

First, we need to see how much space is left on your disk.


To view the remaining space on your MacBook disk, simply click on the Apple menu in the top right corner and select "About This Mac" > click on "Storage Space".

Not only can you view the used storage space and the remaining space here. The system also classifies the used space so that you know the disk space of your computer. Clean up caches, logs,language packs and more, freeing up hard drive space and speeding up hard drive running.

6. Update OSX

If you are still using an older version of the OSX system, it may be one of the culprits causing the MacBook running slow for no reason, which is why Apple basically releases new mac OS every year.

Updating the OSX operating system is a great way to speed up the mac. After the update, you may find that the performance will get a good boost. If you find MacBook slow start-up after update, then I suggest you reinstall mac OS.

7. Reset SMC

If your MacBook is not only slow to boot, but also has some unstable issues, such as the trackpad not working properly, can't connect to the WIFI, the status indicator or the battery is abnormal.

Resetting SMC is one solution to many system issues. This may help organize your start-up applications and processes and help you achieve performance improvements.

If the battery is not removable:

Select Apple menu > Shut down and wait for MacBook to shut down.

Press Shift-Control-Option on the keyboard and press the power button at the same time for 10 seconds.

If your MacBook Pro has a Touch ID, the Touch ID button can also be used instead of the power button.

Release all buttons.

Press the power button again to turn on the MacBook again.


If the battery is removable:

Turn off your MacBook.

Remove the battery and all external power supply.

Press and hold the power button for 5 seconds.

Reinstall the battery.

Press the power button again to turn on the MacBook.

8. Hardware update

Your MacBook so slow all of a sudden. It's time to consider upgrading hardware. If you're using an old MacBook, you might be using an HDD. First thing you can do is replace the hard drive with an SSD.


After upgrading a MacBook storage drive to an SSD, it is rarely automatically set to the first Auto Start disk.This means that SSD will stay on the start screen for a while before starting the operating system. Just follow the steps below to change the settings to better use SSD performance:

  • Select system settings,
  • Click on the boot disk,
  • Click the newly installed SSD and select Restart.
  • Once the Mac is rebooted, the newly installed SSD will also start immediately.

So, we can solve the MacBook slow after boot camp with the above method. They all boil down to a simple idea: give your MacBook more space.

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How to Fix Lenovo Laptop Stuck on Logo Screen

Stuck at lenovo logo screen. Clicked on f12 to go to Boot settings. Can any have resolution for this.In this article we will discuss the best solution to solve Lenovo laptop stuck on Lenovo screen.


Why Lenovo stuck on logo screen:

  • Memory stick error
  • Optical drive or hard disk drive failure
  • External devices (USB devices,printers, memory cards, etc.)
  • The working environment temperature of the laptop (the temperature is too low, the ground wire is not connected, etc.)

Top Ways to Fix Laptop Stuck on logo Screen:

1. Check the working temperature

Under normal circumstances, it is recommended that the laptop work between 10-25 degrees Celsius. Too high or too low will cause adverse effects on the motherboard. If in winter, the host should be idle a period in the normal temperature environment before boot and check whether the laptop stuck on Lenovo screen is solved.

2. Power reset your laptop

Turn off the laptop and unplug the power adapter (Note: the notebook needs to remove the battery at the same time). Then press the power button and hold it for 10 seconds, and then release it. After the operation is completed, connect the power and restart the laptop to check whether the fault is eliminated.

For notebooks with a built-in battery,you need to find the reset hole on the back of the notebook to operate the power reset.


3. Remove the external device

In the power off state, remove all unnecessary external devices such as printers, cameras, memory cards, Express Cards, etc., and observe whether laptop won't boot up past logo screen.

4. Check the hard disk and optical drive connection

You can check whether the data cable and power cable of the hard disk and the optical drive are loose. Under the guidance of a professional, try plugging in the connection test.

5. Start the laptop from safe mode

To escape from Lenovo boot screen,first try to start the Lenovo laptop in safe mode. Safe mode is very effective and can solve driver and program problems.

There are many ways to enter windows safe mode, you can do it according to our previous articles.

How to Enter Windows 10 Safe Mode:


6. Load the BIOS default

By setting the BIOS of the Lenovo laptop to default. Sometimes some hardware management programs fail such as "Laptop Caught in a Booting Loop". The resetting bios is the most common solution.

To perform the BIOS default settings:

Step 1: Restart your Lenovo laptop.

Step 2: On the Lenovo loading screen,click F2 to enter the BIOS. ThinkPad notebooks have a difference, you need to click F1 instead of F2.

Step 3: After loading is complete,press F9 to load the default. These also appears as an option at the bottom of the screen. You can also try Alt + F or just click the "Load Defaults" button on the screen.

Step 4: Now press Esc>Save > Exit. Click Enter to save all the changes. You can exit the BIOS and the computer will restart automatically. At this point, you can determine if the Freeze in laptop brand logo is resolved.


7. The laptop hangs the Lenovo logo during startup

1) Press the power button for 4 seconds to turn off the computer.

2) Press the power button to turn on the computer and immediately press the button that start the bios (Lenovo brand is generally F2), then the computer enters the BIOS setup.

Disable Lenovo Service Engine in the BIOS setup. If you can't find this setting in the BIOS, skip this step.

8. Scan the hard disk drive

There may be a logic error or a bad sector on the hard disk drive, causing the laptop to boot the hard disk self-test fail and can't past the logo screen.

How to run the hard disk drive diagnostics on the Lenovo ThinkPad?

1) To start the diagnostics, the user should press the F10 key during booting, which will launch the Lenovo diagnostics.

2) In addition, the user can press F12 to the boot menu and then press the Tab to ** the application menu, the down arrow key to go to Lenovo Diagnostics, and press Enter to select it.


The common solution is to detect which component caused the laptop Lenovo logo to crashed, then we need to buy the corresponding laptop repair parts to replace and fix the problem.

For professional notebook repair parts,I recommend GEMWON. GEMWON is a wholesaler of all accessories from China.Register as a GEMWON customer, you not only enjoy the wholesale price, but can get 10% off for all layout laptop keyboard, laptop fan, laptop power adapter.


In the above, we discussed the "Lenovo laptop freezes on startup". We hope that one of these solutions will meet your needs and fix your laptop. If there are more solutions, you are welcome to share them with us in the comments below.

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Every time I turn on my pc the colors are like black/grey, if I go in my amd settings and adjust my Gpu they turn ok, but when I restart they eventually go black... How can I fix?  Why is my computer screen changing colors?


1. External Display test

Test your laptop on another display. If you get the laptop screen colours distorted on the monitor, replace the broken motherboard, circuit assembly or repair the notebook.

If you connect the laptop to external display and it looks good, so you can know the notebook display is broken and you need to repair or replace the notebook display.

Step 1: Connect laptop to another display with VGA or HDMI. If the problem is resolved, there may be a problem with the notebook display.

Step 2: Test the monitor with another system. If the problem persists,check another video port. If the problem persists, go to step 3.


Step 3: Try another HDMI cable or try using a VGA cable (if available).If the rainbow screen on laptop, then we can reasonably determine that the fault is with your computer, not the monitor or cable. You may find problem at the motherboard or graphics card.

2. Reinstall the graphics driver

Update the driver for graphics that is not working properly. Use the latest graphics driver and check if the issue appears. Sometimes driver updates can solve some of the display problems on your laptop screen.

3. Enter safe mode and check for problems

If there are no problems in safe mode, start your computer to safe mode to check if any third-party programs are causing the computer screen keeps changing colors.

4. Check the graphics card settings

Display Settings—display,

Check the Adapter under the "Advanced display settings" menu,

Check the refresh rate and colour settings.


5. Recalibrate the display settings

Windows 10 can detect and configure the appropriate display settings automatically, but it's not just making the icon bigger or changing the screen resolution.

Windows 10 includes a colour calibration utility to ensure your display is set to display the most accurate colors. This may solve the problem of laptop screen colors messed up.

How to calibrate monitor windows 10:

1) Use the "Windows + i" shortcut to open the Settings app,

2) Click Show,

3) Click the "Advanced Display Settings" link,


4) Then click the "color calibration" link to launch the utility.


5) Click "Next" to start the process.

6) The wizard will now guide you through the steps to access the on-screen menu on the display to set specific colour settings. Click"Next" to continue.

7) Click Next again.

8) Adjust the gamma setting by moving the slider up or down until you can hardly see the small dots, then click Next.


9) Click Next again.

10) Find the Brightness Control on the display, then increase the brightness or decrease the brightness as shown below, then click Next to continue.


11) Click Next again.

12) Adjust contrast on the display and set it to high, as shown below,then click Next to continue.


13) Click Next.

14) Adjust the color balance by moving the red, green, and blue sliders until you remove any colors from the gray bars, then click Next.


15) Click the "Previous Calibration" or "Current Calibration" button to compare the new changes.

If the new color is configured properly, click "Finish" to apply the settings or click Cancel to discard the new configuration.


Even if you click Cancel, the changes through the display menu are retained.

However, if you are not satisfied with the new settings, you can restore the changes or reset the display to the default settings.

The above methods can help you determine which components are causing the computer screen has changed colour. If the laptop screen or lcd/led cable is faulty, then only the relevant laptop parts need to be replaced. More notebook repair component is available at GEMWON Wholesale. If the motherboard or graphics card is broken, the difficulty and cost of repair will be higher.


In many cases, the problem of laptop screen changing colors during use is not limited to red, it can also be displayed in blue or green. The steps to solve the problem are the same. Methods in this article hope to help you when next time you encounter laptop screen changing colors randomly.

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How to Fix Dell Fingerprint Reader Not Working Windows 10

A while back my fingerprint reader for my Dell G5 5587 wouldn't function because the drivers had been uninstalled - they could not be installed again no matter how hard I searched.I could send it for repairs, though is it really worth it?

If your dell fingerprint reader stopped working, try the troubleshooting provided in this article before send for repair to try to fix it.


1. Turn on fingerprint reader

1) Open the start menu - control panel,

2) View all control panel - biometric devices,

3) Then change the biometric settings - check "Allow users to use their fingerprints to login to the domain" and save the changes.

When the laptop fingerprint reader is not responding, you should check if the hardware is turned on.

2. Set the fingerprint

Delete the original fingerprint data and re-enter it. It is not excluded that the fingerprint data saved by the computer is damaged due to some software factors and the dell fingerprint reader not working. Try to delete the fingerprint data and enter the new fingerprint.

How to setup fingerprint login in windows 10:

1) Go to Settings > Accounts.

2) Select "sign-in options" to scroll to Windows Hello and click on "Settings" in the "Fingerprints" section.

It should be noted here that if the driver is not working properly, you may not see this option here.

If you don't have a PIN, you'll need to create a PIN to set up the fingerprint reader.


3) Click "Start".


4) Enter your PIN code.

5) Scan your finger on the fingerprint reader.


You will scan your finger multiple times to provide complete finger fingerprint data.

6. If you want to enter fingerprints for multiple fingers, click Add Another or close the program directly.

3. Update the fingerprint reader driver

Fingerprint reader not connected windows 10, first you must make sure your fingerprint driver has been installed properly.

1) Open Explorer - "find this pc".

2) Right click and select "Manage" to enter the "Device Manager".

3) Select "Device Manager" - find the "biometric device" and see if it exists.

4) Double-click Biometric devices, then select the fingerprint device, right-click and select "Uninstall Device".

5) Restart your computer and test to see if the fingerprint reader is working properly.

If you can't find it, then go to the support website to download the driver and install it.


If there is a yellow or red mark on the icon, it is likely that the driver is faulty. Right click on "Uninstall Device", download the driver and reinstall it.

If there is a downward black arrow on the drive icon, it means the fingerprint reader driver is disabled, you need to right click and select "enable".

4. Restart the TPM

To configure and register a fingerprint, the system must be able to access the TPM.

First you need to enter the BIOS and then disable the TPM, it is under the Security tab. Uncheck the TPM box, select "Disable", "Apply" and exit. Enter the BIOS again to enable TPM.

Restarting the TPM can activate the fingerprint reader, which may solve the problem that the fingerprint reader not detected dell laptop.

5. Update the firmware

First install the driver and then perform a firmware upgrade. Do not turn off your power plug when upgrading firmware.

Maybe you are willing to do some simple attempts. Before upgrading bios,consider loading the bios default and checking if the fingerprint can be response. Sometimes a bios reset can restore some unrecognized computer hardware.

6. Dell xps fingerprint reader not working after sleep

Some user reports that the dell fingerprint reader not working after sleep.

Try the following:

Check the power management settings:

1) Press the "Windows + X", then select "Device Manager" from the list.

2) When the "device manager" opens, find your"fingerprint reader". It should be in the "biometric device"section.

3) Right click on the fingerprint reader and select "Properties".

4) Navigate to the "Power Management" tab and uncheck "all the computer to turn off this device to save power."


5) Click "OK" to save your changes

7. Disable and enable the Credential Manager service

Fix the laptop fingerprint sensor not detected through restart Credential Manager service.

1) Press the Windows key + R to open the "Run" dialog. Type services.msc and press Enter.

2) When the Services window opens, locate the Credential Manager service and double-click it.

3) Open the "Credential Manager" properties window. Go to the Service Status section and click Stop.


4) After stopping the service, click "Start" to restart the service.

5) Click Apply and OK to save your changes.

8. Lenovo Yoga 720 Fingerprint Reader Replacement

If the fingerprint reader hardware not available, you need to replace the fingerprint reader to solve the problem.

Lenovo Yoga 720 Fingerprint Reader Replacement As an example, steps for other notebook models is similar.

1. Turn the device first so that you can see the screws on the bottom cover and remove all the screws.

2. Use your opening tool to pry up the case from the USB port.


3. Lift the outer casing from the bottom and the opposite side of the hinge. Remove the bottom case.


4. Unscrew the screws around the fixed battery and lift the battery slightly with the plastic opening tool.


5. Gently pull the battery cable until it pops out. Remove the battery.


6. Disconnect the speaker.


7. Remove the left speaker, remove the adhesive and remove the right speaker.


8. Using a spudger, lift the black connector of the ZIF socket that connects the end of the ribbon cable to the fingerprint reader.

9. Disconnect the cable from the outlet. Remove one screw that secures the bracket.


10. Remove the stand and fingerprint reader.

Reinstall the components in the reverse order of installation and removal. At this point, the above steps should help you repair the laptop fingerprint reader fault caused by hardware failure. For more laptop repair parts and tips please refer to GEMWON.Com

Although the fingerprint reader provides the best security for Windows 10 laptop, there may be some issues, such as dell fingerprint reader not detected. If you have any problems with the dell fingerprint reader please try some of solutions above.

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How to Fix ASUS Touchpad Not Working on Windows 10

I updated my laptop from windows 8 to windows 10. I would log onto the laptop and my touchpad would work for like a minute. Then all of a sudden, it won't work. This article solves ASUS windows 10 touchpad problem, I hope I can help you.


What are the main reasons for the ASUS touchpad not working properly:

1. It may be that the touchpad driver has been damaged.

2. The touchpad is turned off. Some notebooks can be turned off by settings, so if you turn off the touchpad, it will cause the touchpad not working.

3. The virus in the computer.

4. The laptop touchpad has failed on ASUS (such as water damaged, foreign objects inside, etc.).

How to fix ASUS laptop touchpad not working:

1. Restart the computer

First, we try to restart the computer, because some programs run incorrectly, causing software errors and laptop touchpad no response.

If the touchpad still not working on ASUS, try the following.

2. Is the touchpad turned on:

1) Press the "Windows logo" key and open the "Settings" window.

2) Click on"Device".

3) Click the"touchpad" and then click Other Settings.

4) Make sure the Enable Touchpad is checked, then click Apply > OK.

Check the "Leave touchpad on when a mouse is connected" below. Confirm that the option is turned on,causing your ASUS touchpad not working when connecting the mouse.


If the mouse option is not found in the hardware, check if the touchpad driver is working properly.

Update the touch pad driver:

Click "Start",then enter "Device Manager", find the touchpad driver and right click, then select "Update".

Reinstall the mouse driver:

1. Go to ASUS support website and enter the model name of the ASUS device.

2. On the product support page, locate the drivers and utilities, then select the operating system as Windows 10.

3. You will see a list of drivers and utilities for Windows 10. Download and install the latest drivers for ATK and Touchpad Smart Gesture.


3. Virus scanning

Perform virus troubleshooting and use the anti-virus software to scan the computer in full.

4. Is the notebook touchpad locked?

If you press the touchpad shortcut keys by mistake, the notebook touchpad may be turned off, so the ASUS laptop touchpad not available.

How to enable touchpad on ASUS laptop:

You can try to open the touchpad by pressing the Fn+F6 shortcut. Note: Some ASUS may be turned on or off touchpad with Fn+F9, but some brands of notebooks are different. For details,please refer to the instruction manual of the corresponding brand notebook or search for the information in google.


5. Touchpad stops working after sleep mode

You need to wait for a while to allow the touchpad program to respond to your touch, and if it still doesn't work, you close all open programs and restart your computer. At the same time,you need to make sure the BIOS has been updated to the latest version. The bios version update may solve some program errors after sleep mode.

6. The touchpad is not smooth or cannot be moved

Make sure there is no dust,grease, liquid or food on the touchpad or on your fingers (the touchpad must be in close contact with your fingers for operation).

Make sure there are no things that prevent the touchpad buttons from moving. Most touchpad have some click or touch response when fully pressed. If there is no obvious response after pressing, there may be foreign object under the touchpad that causes the ASUS laptop touchpad not working properly. I use a toothbrush and cleaner to clean it.

7. Check if the laptop detects the touchpad

View the mouse and touchpad settings and select the hardware. If the touchpad is not detected by laptop,try reconnecting the touchpad to the computer's motherboard.

Hardware problems such as ASUS touchpad not working after water spill, cable break, damage to the touchpad,etc. If you could disassemble the laptop touchpad, repair it yourself can save you a lot of maintenance costs, you can also send it to official repair. More laptop repair component for repair yourself,you can buy from GEMWON wholesale Mall.

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