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How to Find Replacement Screen for Laptop

I Need to purchase laptop screen from reliable source. I have a HP Envy 15t-k100 CTO with screen B156HTN03.3. I have purchased 3 from Amazon and each time screen was defective.

How can I find the best place to buy laptop screens?

Before Replacing the Laptop Screen:

Before doing anything, check your laptop to make sure which screen component needs to be replaced.

Correctly identify the parts of the screen and purchase what you need.

The Difference between the Laptop Touch Screen and LCD Screen of Laptop:

The touch screen is a transparent layer that reads signals from the touch and transmits them to the processing unit. This is the outermost layer of the screen, you can touch the part without disassembling the device.

The LCD screen is a panel inside the screen for displaying images.

This is the middle layer of the screen.


When only the touch screen is broken, you still can see what is happening on the display and the screen is still running.

When only the LCD is broken, you can still use the touch screen, but the panel will have dark spots or spiderweb cracks (or both).

When both the LCD and the touchscreen are damaged, you may no longer be able to use the laptop screen.

Detect Possible Damage to other Components:

For example, if the graphics card on the motherboard is damaged, it is useless to spend time and effort to replace the screen.

To ensure that your graphics card is working properly, you can connect external monitor or TV to your laptop:

If the picture on the external display looks normal, it is likely that your notebook screen is broken.

If you don't get any picture on the external display, keep in mind that some laptops require you to press some of the function keys on your laptop to activate the projection output.

If you do not get any from external screen and laptop screen, your graphics card or motherboard may be damaged, not only the screen.

Find Part Number of the Laptop Component:

Before purchasing a laptop screen replacement, you need to determine the part number on the back of the screen.


This is another reason to open the laptop screen bezel before buy replacement laptop parts.

Even if you have the specific model of the laptop that needs to buy the screen, but the same model of the notebook may have a different resolution, confirm the unique laptop screen PN to ensure that you can buy the correct screen.

But based on my experience, you can consult the GEMWON laptop. According to the information provided by the seller, if the screen is compatible with your laptop model, it usually works.

Cheap Laptop Screen Repair Near me:

Finding a replacement screen is usually easy - you don't have to pay the original price from the manufacturer.

Just search for eBay, Amazon or Google using your laptop model and screen part number. You will find that replacement screen for laptop can be as low as $20.

If you can't find anything, you can also contact GEMWON to purchase a hard to buy and vintage laptops screen wholesale. It can provide all the screen components you need.


Try removing the damaged screen to make sure you can replace it.

To save the laptop screen replacement cost, I suggest you search in Google and YouTube to get repair guide of your laptop or find a service professional to get help with the laptop repair steps.

How to Fix a Broken HP Laptop Screen:

These applies to most laptop models.

Desk Area: Find a flat area for your laptop.

Magnetic Philips screwdriver: If you don't have a head screwdriver, try to find a magnet that is enough to magnetize the screws. This helps making it easier for the screw to be removed and replaced without lost.

Spudgers and repair tools: Opening tools helps to pry the screen border away from the body.

A piece of white paper: This is used to store the small screws and you can mark the position on the paper to identify the position of each screw of the notebook to prevent the wrong screws when reinstalling the parts.

If you are looking for the best laptop screen replacement, the most trusted service provider is GEMWON. Not only can you get the laptop screen replacement guide, but you can purchase a replacement screen at 20% off, with a laptop screen as low as $20. For more notebook repair guide, please refer to GEMWON Blog.

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How to Fix Ghost Touch Screen on Windows 10

A few days afterI purchased my new spectre x360, I noticed ghost touches (touchs without meactually touching it) on the lower left corner of my screen.

The problem is that the touch screen laptop clicking by itself. Troubleshoot the hp touch screen ghost clicks step by step according to the following methods.


Why Screen Ghosting on Laptop

1. When using laptop under conditions of temperature, humidity, lighting or other distracting screen functions, some laptop or tablet can stuck on the touch screen and cannot respond to touch.

2. Some drivers may be incorrectly installed or uninstalled via Windows Update which may cause touch screen issues on Windows 10.

3. There may be a problem with the touch screen hardware. Sometimes loose or broken screen cable can also cause the ghost touch screen or touchscreen to become unresponsive.

How to FixLaptop Touch Screen Ghost Touch

1. Clean the screen

The touch screen may not respond due to accumulated dust.

Turn off the computer, wet the soft and clean cloth with water, and then wipe the screen gently. Wait for the screen to dry, turn on the computer and try using the touch screen again.

2. Calibrate the Touch Screen

When your touch screen responds slowly or inaccurately to record your touch gestures, you may need to re-calibrate it.

Open Control Panel > Hardware and Sound.

Select Calibration Screen > Calibration.


When finished, check that the screen touch is normal.

3. Reinstall the Driver

Your screen may ghost touch screen on laptop because driver is not enabled or need reinstall. Use Device Manager to enable and reinstall the touchscreen, graphics driver.

1) In Windows, search for and open the Device Manager.

2) Expand the "Human Interface Devices" list.

3) Left click on the arrow next to "Human Interface Devices "to open the drop-down list. Right-click on the HID-compliant touchscreen list and select "Disable".

4) You now need to right click on the list again, but this time select "Enable".

5) Touch the screen to see if it responds. If not, continue with these steps.

6) Right-click the touchscreen device and click "Uninstall".

7) The same operation, uninstall the graphics driver.


8) Restart your computer to reinstall the driver.

9) Tap the screen to see if it responds properly. If not, proceed to the next step.

The Windows 10/8 driver will automatically install again after you restart your computer. If it is a Windows 7 operating system, then you need to download the corresponding driver from support website.

4. Configure the touch display

1) Open Control Panel.

2) Click on Hardware and Sound.

3) Under "Tablet PC Settings", click the Calibrate the screen for pen or touch input link.


4) Under "Display options", select the display.

5) Click the "Calibrate" button.

6) Select the Touch input option.

Identifies the screen touch as aninput option.


5. Rollback Driver

Windows Update will update the hardware drivers. If it is a driver update that causes the Ghost Touch Screen or Touch Screen Not Working, you should try to roll back to the default.

In the "Device Manager", right-click on the HID-compliant touchscreen and select Properties. Then switch to the Driver tab and select "Roll Back Driver".

If you know that a specific old driver is available but cannot be implemented by rollback, download the corresponding old version on the support website and install it.


6. Perform Power Reset

1) Turn off the computer, disconnect all external devices and AC adapter.

2) Remove the battery from the battery compartment.

3) Press and hold the power button for 15 seconds to discharge any residual charge. (For a built-in battery, you can't unload the battery, then you can find a reset hole on the back of the laptop, you just need to find a pin to press this reset hole)

4) Insert the battery and plug the AC adapter back into the notebook.

5) Do not connect any peripheral devices.

6) Turn on computer to check the issue.

7. Using Windows Troubleshooting to fix touch screen issue

You may need to try the Windows 10 troubleshooting feature to solve the touch screen ghost clicks on laptop.

Here are the steps:

Step 1: Open the "control panel", choose to view by large icons.

Step 2: Choose "troubleshooting".

Step 3: Click on "hardware and sound".

Step 4: Select Hardware and Devices to open a new dialog.

Step 5: Click Next and Windows 10 will detect and fix the problem.


8. HP Hardware Diagnostics UEFI to Fix Ghost Touch Screen HP Laptop

1) Plug the AC adapter into your computer.

2) Press the power button for at least five seconds to turn off the computer.

3) Turn on the computer and press the F2 key repeatedly, about once per second.

4) When the HP PC Hardware Diagnostic UEFI screen is displayed, click "Component Test".

5) Click the Touch Screen.

6) There are two interactive touch screen hardware tests. First click the touch pointer test.

7) Read the on-screen instructions and click Run Once.

9. Restore to an Earlier Time

This option restores system an earlier time.

Step 1: Press and hold (or right-click) "Start Windows Logo"and select "Control Panel".

Step 2: Choose Recovery > Open System Restore > Next.

Step 3: Select the restore point associated with the application, driver or update in question and choose Next > Finish.

Wait until the system is restored to the point where the touch screen is in normal use.

10. Check the Hardware

Check the hardware, including the ghost touch screen, the motherboard,the power adapter (the power input to the laptop or the electric fluctuations can also cause the laptop phantom touch screen).

Replace the screen to solve ghost touch caused by water or other touch screen damage.

HP Spectre x2 12-a002dx Screen Replacement:

1. Make sure the device is powered off.

The HP Spectre is placed on a flat surface to separate the keyboard.


2. Remove the screen

Need to remove the screen clip and 4 Phillips M1.5x2.7 screws.

Use a Phillips #000 screwdriver to remove the screws.


There is a sticker that connects the laptop to the keyboard. Heat the sticker and use a thin tweezers to grab the sticker and remove it.

3. Use the plastic opening tool or insert a spudger to begin loosening the screen assembly. Disconnect all screen clips.


4. Remove the connection cable from the screen and battery. Use aspudger to expose the strip and peel it off carefully.

Insert the spudger into the other end and release the ZIF connector. Remove the cable.


5. Replace the new screen and connect the screen cable. Reinstall eachscreen component in the order in which the parts are removed.

You need to purchase a new HP Spectre x2 screen assembly before disassembling the screen. Maybe eBay or Amazon is your priority. But I think you can buy a full range of original laptop accessories at GEMWON at a low price. GEMWON specializes in providing laptop repair parts at wholesale prices for DELL/HP/Acer/Toshiba Brand.

The laptop touch screen ghost clicking issue is a very common problem that can occur on any device that supports a Capacitive touch screen. For more troubleshooting on laptop touch screens, please refer to GEMWON Blog.

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Fix Laptop Backlight Flickers When Display at Certain Angles

As my question says, the backlight will occasionally die whenever the display’s at a certain angle. It also will sometimes cut out and the laptop has to be restarted to get it back.

The reason why the laptop screen flickers is because the screen line connection is poor. If the laptop screen flickering when moved, it is generally determined that the screen cable is faulty.


1. Check if the screen is open to a certain angle and flash in the BIOS

Turn on the laptop and click the F10 button to enter the BIOS. (The buttons of different brands of laptops entering the BIOS will be different.)

1) Then wait 5 minutes and check if it is displayed properly, even if it is in the BIOS.

2) Please tilt the screen/display of the laptop slowly backwards and forwards to check if the screen flickering at certain angles.

If the interface in bios is normal at any angle, it indicates that the fault is caused by the software program. If the fault persists in bios, so there is hardware failure such as screen cable, laptop screen, etc.

The broken of the laptop screen generally show: no light, bright blocks or bright lines. The cable is not plugged in or poor connection, and there will be the desktop is deformed or the display is flashing.

2. Reinstall the driver

Some screen flickering caused by graphics driver. The first thing that uninstall the graphics card driver and reinstall. However, if the screen flickers at a certain angle, it is unlikely to be caused by a graphics driver error.


3. The screen cable is loose

Check the video cable connection first. Reconnecting the screen cable may solve screen flickering when it is open certain position. If you want to check this, you must remove the display panel because the connector is on the back of the LCD screen.

4. It is a TN screen

Twisted Nematic (TN) screens tend to have a fairly narrow angle of view, and even within that range, viewing from different angles gives noticeable color shifts, and even screen only display at some angles.  Of course, if this is the problem, you will be easy to judge and it will not cause any malfunction.

5. Breaking the screen cable

Since you have tried to reconnect the screen cable and it is not working properly,the next step is to replace the screen cable. Because laptop screen is all folding, too much times to open and close the screen will wear the screen cable and will easily cause the screen to break.

Use a new screen or a screen line to detect whether the screen is broken or the line is broken.

I first replaced the screen cable because it was cheap.

Moreover, the probability of screen line broken is very large according to the laptop screen only works in certain position.


How to Find the Laptop Parts You Need?

1.What model of notebook do you have? You can view the part number or find the user guide for the product, which can help you disassemble and know all laptop component.

2.To know the specific parameters of the component, you can download some notebook detection software, you can query the part number of the screen.

3.You need to know what the original resolution of the LCD is to determine its part number. At the same time, you can see a white label on each part of the notebook and the part number on label. You can also get the part number that you need to purchase by removing the part.


Where to Buy Replacement Laptop Parts?

Perhaps eBay and Amazon are the top choices for you, but if you want to do professional repairs, you should choose the GEMWON online store. You can buy a full range of laptop repair parts here, including repair tools and repair parts. One-stop shopping, buy all the laptop accessories, register to become a member can also enjoy the lowest wholesale price.


Tips for Replacing a Laptop Screen Cable:

  • Be sure to shut down first.
  • When screwing screws, be sure to remove all the screws.
  • Some model may have hidden screws, such as the need to remove the gasket to see the screws.
  • When removing the buckle or sticker, use a small crowbar to tilt it up slightly. Do not rub it directly with your hand. It is easy to damage the frame and the buckle.
  • Some screen cable ports have adhesive stickers, open the adhesive tape, open the buckle, then remove the screen line and finally remove the screen.

Replace Dell Vostro 3350 Notebook Screen Cable:

The Dell Vostro 3350 notebook flickering lines on screen,confirming that it is a problem with the screen cable. Buy one online and replace the Dell Vostro 3350 screen cable yourself. You will save a lot of repair costs compared to the high cost of contacting the official service replacement.

1. Turn off the notebook power.

2. Remove the battery first, then remove the bottom cover.


3. Unscrew the two screws of the fixed hard disk, unplug the hard drive data cable, remove the hard disk, wireless network card, and memory.

4. Unscrew the screws under the bottom case, including four screws under the four pads.

Then flip, remove the keyboard, and then remove the screws below the keyboard.


5. Disconnect all C cover connections and remove the C cover.


6. Unscrew the upper screws and disconnect the upper right corner fan cable and the lower right corner speaker cable.

Lift up from the left and remove the motherboard.


7. Unscrew the pivot fixing screws on the upper left and upper right corners of the D case.


8. Remove the screen.


9. It takes patience to remove the screen border.

Use a knife to pick up a bit from the seam in the lower right corner, then separate it a little, and the edges of the frame are separated until you disconnect all the screen clips and remove the B side.


10. Remove the screen panel by unscrewing the four silver fixing screws on the screen panel.


11. Disconnect the screen cable, camera,microphone and ambient light sensor cable and remove the right shaft screw.


12. Next, you can remove the cable and replace the new cable.


Take the Dell Vostro 3350 to replace the screen cable as an example to fix the problem of the laptop screen goes black at certain angles. The cause of the problem is easier to determine and fix. If you need more troubleshooting on the repair of laptop parts, please refer to the GEMWON Blog.

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How to Fix Toshiba Laptop Power Button Not Working

my Toshiba P50-A laptop and found that it was completely dead. The power button does nothing at all.

The Toshiba laptop power button not responding When I press it. I guess it might be that the notebook button is faulty and I can feel the switch button being loose.

Here are the troubleshooting steps to help you solve the problem that your laptop won't start. We recommend that you review each result carefully for best results.


1. Perform a Power Reset

If power button not working on Toshiba laptop, it may be locked. You need to reset computer power to make the power button work.

1) Remove all external power and batteries.

2) Press and hold the power button for more than 10 seconds.

Or use the paper clip to press the reset button for more than 10 seconds.

3) Remove the RAM board and plug it in again.

4) Plug the AC adapter back into the notebook without the battery.

5) Press the power button to turn on the notebook.

After performing a power reset, test the notebook to boot normally.

2. Replace Other Power

Laptop won't turn on charger light turns off (power indicator, hard drive indicator, battery charge indicator, etc.). If you press the power button, the laptop will be unresponsive.

First check the AC adapter in this case.

Make sure both ends of the adapter cable are properly inserted. Replace the available adapter or wall outlet. If the laptop is working with the adapter, it may the battery exhausted or defective.

3. Check for Beep Alarms

Toshiba laptop power button not responding and emits a series of short or long beeps.

Normally, you should keep in mind the buzzer sound and go to the brand laptop support website to check the fault represented by the alarm sound. It is a high probability that a problem with the laptop LCD screen, video cable, graphics card or motherboard.

4. Hardware Damage

If you have completed all the above steps and the laptop is still not turned on, the hardware components inside the laptop may have failed.

The following is an example of replacing the Toshiba Satellite M45 Power Button to resolve the Toshiba laptop does not power on due to damage to the power button.

1. Please turn off the computer and disconnect the power.

2. Slide the battery lock to remove the battery.


3. Use a Phillips screwdriver to remove the screws from the RAM cover and then use a flat-edge tool to pry the cover.


4. Push the RAM with your finger, eject the RAM, and gently remove the RAM from the connector.

5. Remove the panel screws below and use a flat-edge tool to pry the cover.


6. Disconnect the black and white wires and push the tabs to remove the hardware.

7. Remove the hard drive screws and use the crowbar to open the cover.


8. Pull the hard drive out of the slot.

9. Remove the ODD screw.


10. Pull the driver out from the side of the housing.

You can then pull the rest out of the slot.

11. Open the panel above the side keyboard of the laptop.


12. Turn the laptop screen to level with the laptop keyboard and gently move the clips on the fixed panel.


13. Remove the 2 screws on the outer edge of the keyboard.


14. Pry the keyboard away from the upper outer edge and lift the keyboard slowly from the notebook until you can remove the cable that connects the keyboard to the notebook.


15. Disconnect the display cable near the left speaker.

16. Disconnect the brown cable away from the keyboard connector.

17. Disconnect the other 2 white cables located in the upper right half of the keyboard and disconnect the connector.


18. Unscrew all the screws on the side.


19. Three additional screws need to be removed through the three holes in the optical drive.


20. Open the case and pull it up slowly, you need to remove the white cable.


21. Remove the 2 screws located above the power button logic board.


22. Using the crowbar tool, move the logic board out of its slot.


23. Disconnect the white cable that connects the power button to the logic board.

24. After installing the new power button logic board, reinstall each laptop component.

The Bottom Line:

Through the Toshiba satellite power button replacement, solve the problem of Toshiba laptop power button failure. If you need more information about laptop repair consultation, please refer to GEMWON Blog. GEMWON provides Toshiba/HP/DELL/Acer laptop screen/laptop adapter DC Jack/Cord/ Laptop Board.

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How to Change Keyboard on Acer Chromebook

In using the acer Chromebook keyboard, you may need to replace the keyboard after water damage or the keyboard does not work, this article provides you replace keyboard on acer Chromebook.

If some keys or all keys on your acer Chromebook keyboard not working, you can usually replace the keyboard yourself. If you buy a laptop repair keyboard at the GEMWON laptop Accessories Mall, the price ranges from $5 to $20. The keyboard replacement operation is actually very simple, you can change laptop keyboard in your comfortable home.

Although each laptop model is different, the keyboard replacement steps are similar. To remove the keyboard of the laptop, usually just loosen the cover, remove a few screws, then disconnect the cable and replace it. This article uses the Acer Chromebook C720-2420 Keyboard Replacement as an example to provide you with a laptop replacement tutorial.


How to Clean Acer Laptop Keyboard:

1. Buy a replacement keyboard

Get the right keyboard for your laptop. Compare prices by eBay, Google and online stores that specialize in replacing hardware, such as GEMWON laptop. Make sure that the keyboard you purchased is for the exact model of your laptop. You can find your laptop model on between the keyboard and screen or on the label attached to the bottom of the laptop.


2. Acer c720 keyboard replacement

Please consult acer's laptop manufacturer and the website where you purchased the replacement keyboard to see if they offer Hardware Maintenance Manual.

1) Make sure your Acer Chromebook is closed. Turn over the Chromebook.

2) Using a Phillips screwdriver,remove all thirteen 6.5 mm Phillips screws that secure the back cover.


3) Remove the bottom carefully using the crowbar opening tool.

4) Remove the two 3.6 mm screws that secure the battery.


5) Disconnect the connector that connects the battery to your Chromebook.


6) Remove the battery.

7) Remove the six 4.7 mm Phillips screws that secure the fan.

8) Disconnect the fan cable from the motherboard. Remove the fan.


9) Remove the 3.6 mm Phillips screw that secures the SSD. Remove the SSD


10) Disconnect the speaker cable from the motherboard. Disconnect the display cable from the motherboard. Pullout the wires of the 2 PIC connectors.

11) Remove the two 3.7 mm Phillips screws that secure the motherboard.


12) Lift the black tape on the ZIF connector to release the ribbon cable. Remove the ribbon cable.


13) Lift up and remove the motherboard.


14) Use the plastic crowbar to remove the speakers located at the left and right corners of the Chromebook.


15) Use a screwdriver to remove the two 3.6 mm Phillips screws that secure the USB and SD card ports. Remove and remove the port.

16) Remove the two 3.6 mm Phillips screws that hold the LED sensor. Remove the LED sensor.


17) Turn the black tab on the ZIF connector to disconnect the ribbon cable. Remove the ribbon cable.


18) Unscrew the 3 screws that secure the display assembly to the top.

19) Disconnect the keyboard and touchpad connection cable.

20) Replace the new asus laptop keyboard.

To reassemble your acer laptop,follow these instructions in reverse order.


The Bottom Line:

When a key on the keyboard does not work, it is usually due to a mechanical failure. In this case, you will need to replace keyboard in acer laptop. The above steps in this article apply to the keyboard has some keys available for HP/Dell/ASUS laptop.

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How to Fix Laptop not Turning on Unless Plugged in

my laptop won’t turn on unless plugged in and "charging”. laptop indicates it is fully charged and will cut all power once unplugged.

Do you need to replace the battery when your laptop not working unless plugged in? You can try some of the troubleshooting in this article before replacing the laptop battery.


Part 1: How to fix laptop not turning on without adapter

1. How to do a hard reset on laptop

When the laptop is connected to a power adapter, it typically charges to the battery + computer.

If the battery is not charged (in fact, it is not detected), and your laptop thinks there is no battery, it can only power on when plugged in.

  • Remove the battery adapter and all external power supplies.
  • After the battery is removed, press and hold the power button for 20 seconds to release static electricity from the notebook.
  • Plug in the adapter and turn on the power.
  • Plug in the battery after you turn on the laptop. Your laptop will detect the battery and start charging.

2. Reinstall the power management driver

  • Before replacing a battery that may be defective or frayed, use the instructions below to test why won't my laptop turn on unless it's plugged in.
  • Open the Start menu and search for "Device Manager".
  • Under "Batteries," you should see some items: "Microsoft ACPI Compatible Control Method Battery", although there may be other items. Right-click each item, select "Uninstall Driver", and restart your computer.

If this does not resolve laptop not turning on when not plugged in, you may need to download the latest drivers from the manufacturer's website and reinstall it.


How to disable fast start-up on Windows 10:

  • Run the Power troubleshooter and disable Fast Start up
  • Open "Control Panel" > type "power" in the search bar
  • Select Choose the "power options"
  • Select "Choose what the power buttons do"
  • Click on the option that allows you to "change the settings that are currently unavailable"
  • Uncheck the option Turn on Fast start up to disable the feature


3. Reset Bios

Follow the steps below to check the status of the HP AC adapter and the health of the battery.

1) Turn off the system. Remove all peripherals except the AC adapter.

2) Power on the system, quickly start to click the F2 button to enter the bios. (Different notebook model buttons may be different)

3) In the BIOS, the AC adapter should be listed under the main tab or battery information to check the battery can be detected. If there are any problems, it is recommended that you reset the bios. Generally, 4) press F9 or F10 to reset, select enter and then restart the computer.

5) Battery health should be listed under the Advanced tab or battery information. Battery health should mean that your battery is working properly or not, and any other message means that the battery is likely to malfunction.

Part 2: Battery Replacement to Fix Laptop Won't Turn on without Charger Plugged in

Since you can use your laptop when plugging in a laptop adapter, you can know there is no problem with your adapter and you will most likely need to replace the battery.

Disassembly of the built-in laptop battery can be slightly difficult,and most models have similar disassembly methods. In this article, take the Toshiba Satellite P50W-C Battery Replacement as an example, I hope to give you more reference from GEMWON blog.


How to replace laptop battery Toshiba Satellite P50W-C:

1. Turn off the laptop and unplug the AC adapter and any other accessory components.

2. Turn over the laptop and remove the 7 5mm silver JIS #1 head screws. If some screws are difficult to remove, use tweezers to help.


3. Use a screwdriver to remove the three 5mm black JIS #1 head screws located on the hinge.


4. Use the spudger to remove the back cover.


5. Remove the four 5 mm JIS #1head screws that secure the battery to the body and remove the battery gently.


6. Gently pull out the black connector and disconnect the battery from the motherboard.


7. After installing the new battery, connect the battery connector and reinstall the parts in the order of disassembly.

When should I replace the battery?

Laptop batteries usually take three to five years to replace. Once the battery has reached the end of its life, you can choose to replace the laptop or just replace the battery. Usually you can use some Software for laptop battery test to check the health of the laptop battery.

By replacing the battery instead of the laptop, you can extend the life of your notebook, reducing your cost for buying a new laptop.

Where can i buy a replacement battery for my laptop?

Different notebook models require corresponding battery. Before ordering the battery, you need to know the product number of the laptop to determine the part number of the replacement battery. To find the product number, use Support Assistant or find the product number on the product label.

To find the product number on the product label, turn off the notebook.Turn the laptop over and find the product label on the bottom of the notebook.The product number (P / N) is printed on this label. On some models, the product label may be located inside the battery compartment or behind the access panel.


Original laptop battery for ASUS/HP/Dell/MacBook from GEMWON is a reliable wholesaler of notebook accessories.

In Addition:

If you find that laptop not turning on without adapter even after replacing the battery and adapter then there may be internal component failure such as damage to the motherboard or charging circuit. Please take your computer for repair or contact the manufacturer for warranty and replacement details.

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How to Fix Sound Coming out of Speakers and Headphones

i have hp laptop (windows 7) and did every option i saw in the internet still didn't fix my problem, sound still playing in both speaker and earbuds.

This article provides some tips to help you solve sound playing out of speakers and headphones.


Part 1: How to Fix HP Laptop Sound from Speakers and Headphones

1. Restart Laptop and Uninstall Sound Devices

Search Device Manager on the search bar -> click on Sound, Video and Game Controller -> Right click on Realtek (or any sound program installed on your computer) and uninstall it-> Restart your computer.

Then download and install the audio driver from hp website. The headphone driver for your hp laptop can be reinstalled. If you still can't solve the problem of sound playing through speakers and headphones on hp laptop, then follow the steps below.


2. Replace the Earphone to Test

Replace the earphones that can be used perfectly on other devices as a test to see if there is still a problem with the headphones and speakers playing at the same time.

3. Windows Troubleshooting

In Windows, Find and Repair Audio in Search, or right-click the speaker icon on the taskbar and select "Troubleshoot Sound Problems".

1) Select Find and fix audio playback issues or find and fix sounds issues from the search results.

2) Click Next.

3) Select the device you want to troubleshoot and click Next.

4) Wait for the troubleshooting to detect why do my headphones and speakers play at the same time.

5) When the troubleshooting procedure is complete, the Troubleshooting Completed page is displayed listing all the issues found and the changes made to the computer.


4. Check the Sound Settings in Windows

Step 1: Make sure the computer recognizes the speaker and earphones.

Step 2: Enable or set the default playback device.

You may need to set the headset as the default playing device. Follow these steps:

1) Select the device you want to use (possibly one or more devices) from the Playback tab of the sound window.

2) If the device you want to use contains a small circle with an arrow pointing down, it means the device is disabled. To enable the device, right-click on the device name and select "Enabled".

3) Click "Set Defaults" to set it as the default headset, then click "Apply".

Step 3: Check the volume and mute settings.

5. Uninstall Software Updates

Are there any software changes or updates on your laptop? Uninstalling the software that was updated before the problem occurred is likely to be a conflict between the software update and the sound software.

6. How to Stop Headphones and Speakers Playing at the Same Time

Under normal conditions, plugging in the headphones should cut off the laptop speakers. If the speaker of the laptop still plays sound when the headset is in, check the following steps:

  • Check if the connection is loose,
  • Remove any foreign objects that may be on the port,
  • Unplug and reconnect the headset. Make sure the connector is fully.

Inspect the headphone jack for damage such as water or dropped.


7. Sound Comes from Both the Headset and Speakers When using a Headset Microphone

If you hear the sound playing from both speakers and headphones while using a headset microphone,

1) In the Start screen, enter a sound to open the Search and select Sound from the search results.

2) The Sounds window opens.

3) Click the Recordings tab.

4) Select the microphone and click Properties.

5) In the Microphone properties,click the "Listening" tab.

6) Remove the check box next to "Listen to this device" and click Apply.


8. Test speaker with HP PC Hardware Diagnostics (UEFI)

You can test the audio hardware components in your hp laptop using the HP PC Hardware Diagnostics.

1) Turn off your computer completely.

2) Turn on the computer and immediately press the F2 key repeatedly.

3) The HP PC Hardware Diagnostics(UEFI) window will be displayed.

4) Select component testing.

5) On the Component Test menu,choose Audio.


6) In the audio playback test, select "Run once".

7) Select the headphone to start the test.


8) During the test, the computer will play some notes and repeat. Select the number of notes you hear in the sequence.

9) If you can't hear the sound,please choose no sound.


10) If the test fails, you can contact HP support center, please write down the fault result ID.

Part 2: Remove and replace the laptop speakers of the HP Pavilion 15-abXXX

Before working:

  • A pair of tweezers, a non-metal crowbar and a Phillips screwdriver.
  • Turn off the computer. Disconnect the Ethernet or modem cable. Disconnect the power adapter.
  • Transfer the laptop to a clear, flat, stable work surface on a non-carpeted floor.
  • Recommends that you use an antistatic wrist strap and a conductive foam pad when using your laptop.
  • Buy the new laptop speaker from GEMWON laptop parts store.Maybe you need more laptop parts such as HP/ASUS laptop screen, hp laptop keyboard and laptop fan, can be find at GEMWON.

1. First remove the battery,optical drive, rear cover, frame and wireless module.

2. Remove the two 3 mm P1 Phillips screws that secure the laptop fan to the top cover and system board, lift the fan off the top cover and remove it.


3. Now remove the system board.Disconnect the speaker cable from the connector on the system board.

4. Disconnect the power connector cable and the touch screen cable from the connector on the system board.


5. Strip the grounding tape that secures the display cable to the top cover.

6. Lift the locker and display panel cable ZIF connector and disconnect the display panel cable from the system board.

7. In the same way, disconnect the optical drive, keyboard light, touchpad, hard drive adapter cable and system board.

8. Remove the four 3 mm P1 Phillips screws that secure the system board to the top cover.

9. Lift the system board off the alignment pins on the top cover and turn it over so that you have access to the USB board ZIF connector.


10. Disconnect the USB board ribbon cable from the system board. Remove the system board.

11. Remove the display panel cable from the routing channel on the left speaker.


12. Remove the speaker cable from the routing channel that secures it to the top cover.


13. Lift and remove the speaker from the locating pin on the top cover.

14. Place the two speakers onto the alignment pins on the top cover.

15. Pass the speaker cable through the routing channel to secures it to the top cover.


16. Put the display panel cable through the routing channel on the left speaker.


17. Reinstall the system board,fan, wireless module, middle frame, rear cover, optical drive, and battery.

The Bottom Line:

The sound troubleshooting in this article can help you solve how to stop headphones and speakers playing at the same time. If the problem still exists, it does not rule out the hardware failure of the sound card, motherboard and other components. It is recommended that you contact the support center to repair.

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How to Fix Ethernet Not Working Windows 10

I have a dell XPS l521 x laptop. The wireless internet works, but whenever I plug in a working ethernet cable, the local area network says I still need to plug an ethernet cable in.

This is a Dell notebook that doesn't work on Ethernet. Don't worry, you just need to follow the steps below to help you solve it. This article is about how to solve the Dell laptop Ethernet not working.


1. Test other devices in the same network

Another Ethernet cables? Make sure the ethernet cable is not damaged.

Replacing cables for testing. If the ethernet not working but WIFI does is caused by a cable, it will work after the cable is replaced.

Another Laptop? Unplug the ethernet cable and plug it into another computer to see if the issue is resolved.

Check the LAN connector? is there any physical damage to the Ethernet port? And the setting of the router is correct, whether this the computer is prohibited from connecting to the network by the router.

2. Is the Ethernet adapter disabled?

1)Press Win + R (Windows key and R key) at the same time. The Run dialog box will appear.

2)Type "devmgmt.msc" in the Run box and click the OK button. The Device Manager window will appear.

3)In the Device Manager, expand the "Network Adapters".

4)Confirm that the Ethernet adapter driver icon is in normal state. If there is a black down arrow on the icon, then you need to select it, right click and select "enable".

5)If there is a yellow exclamation point on the adapter driver icon, then you need to right click and select "Uninstall Drive".

Before this, you need to download the corresponding ethernet driver from DELL support center for reinstallation after Uninstallation. You can use this troubleshooting if the ethernet not working but WIFI is.


If the Ethernet adapter is not displayed under Device Manager, then the Ethernet adapter may be disabled in Bios:

1)During the computer power-on self-test enter the BIOS setting screen by pressing the F2

Select Power settings. ...

2)Enable settings related to Power Up on PCI card, LAN, or Network.

3)Click Save and exit the BIOS settings.

3. Ethernet is enabled in the Internet settings

Howto view network configuration using Settings:

1)Open Settings.

2)Click on Network & Internet.

3)Click on Status.

4)Under the "Change your network settings" section, click the View your network properties link.

5)The Network Connections will open.

Here,look at the Ethernet icon and right click on it. From the right-click menu,select the "Enable" option. If it is enabled, disable it and then enable it again.


4. Turn off all antivirus software or firewall

Ethernet won't connect to internet caused by interference from anti-virus software. To check if there is a problem, disable your antivirus software temporarily and check if the issue solved.

5. Windows Troubleshooting for WIFI and ethernet not working windows 10

You can use Windows Troubleshooter to diagnose problems with no Ethernet connection windows 10.

To run the troubleshooting, follow these steps:

Step 1: Press Windows + X, then click "Settings" from the menu that opens.

Step 2: In the Settings window, click the Update and Security option.

Step 3: Now, in the new window, click "Troubleshoot" from the left panel.Then, from the options that appear, click the Run Troubleshooter option.


6. Ethernet not working after windows update

1)If your Dell laptop can't connect to Ethernet after update, it is recommended that reset your network adapter to regain access to the Internet.

Open the "settings".

Click "Network & Internet".

Click "Status".

Click "Network Reset".

Click the "Reset" Now button.

Click "Yes" to confirm and restart your computer.


2)If the system failure causes dell laptop no Ethernet connection in windows 10,then you may need to reset Windows 10 to solve this problem.

How to reset windows 10:

Open "Settings".

Select "Update & security"

Click "Recovery" in the left.

Click "Get started" under Reset this PC.

Click "Keep my files" or "Remove everything,"depending on what file you want to save.

If all the methods can't solve the laptop ethernet not connecting to internet,then you can consider restoring the system, which works in most cases.

Of course, the easier way, you can seek help from the repair center. GEMWON continues to provide you with laptop troubleshooting and repair parts for laptops DELL/HP/Asus screen/cooling fan/keyboard.

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How to Fix External Monitor Freezes on Laptop

when I connect my AOC F22 external monitor via HDMI to my HP Spectre, the computer nearly freezes and the monitor doesn't come on.

There is a problem that second monitor frozen on extended display, how to fix it?


Part 1: How to fix the external monitor keeps freezing on hp laptop

1. Update video card driver

External screen freeze after Windows 10 projection may be caused by graphics drivers. So, to fix it, you can try to update the intel and Nvidia drivers.

1) In "Device Manager", click the arrow next to "Display Adapter" to expand the category.

2) Right-click on Graphics and select "Update Driver" (if there are multiple graphics adapters executing one by one).

3) Select the option to "search automatically for updated driver software".

4) Notebook should find and automatically install and updated video drivers.

5) After the installation is complete,restart Notebook.

6) If it is an HP notebook, you can download it to the graphics card driver on the hp support website and install it.


If your laptop is ASUS, Acer, Toshiba and other brands of computers, it is a similar operation to fix videos freezing on second monitor.

2. Clear the temporary files

If Windows doesn't have enough space to store temporary files, it may run slowly and even freeze screen. So, you should clean them regularly.

1) On the keyboard, press the Windows and R keys simultaneously, then type "temp" in the Run window and press Enter.This will call Windows Explorer, open the Temp folder and display all the temporary files on your computer.

2) Select all the files in the Temp folder and delete them.

If screen freezing after connecting external monitor via HDMI after clearing the temporary files, try the next steps.

3. Increasing virtual memory in windows 10

When the external display is used, it may Occupy a lot of computer resources. If the memory space is insufficient, it will present a problem with the second screen being stuck after mirroring.

Virtual memory is basically an extension of computer physical memory. It is a combination of RAM and a part of the hard drive. If your computer runs out of RAM while performing intensive tasks, Windows will enter virtual memory for temporary file storage.

How to increasing virtual memory in windows:

1) Right-click on the "this pc" and select "Properties". In the left panel, select "Advanced System Settings".

2) Go to the "Advanced" tab and click "Settings" below "Performance".

3) Go to the "Advanced" tab again and select "Change"... in the Virtual Memory section.

4) Make sure the "Automatically manage paging file size for all drives" check box is unchecked.

5) Choose your Windows drive.

"Initial Size" - This value is varying to your settings. If you are not sure which value to use, just enter the number in the recommended category and enter "Maximum size".

6) After entering the virtual memory value, click "Set" and then click "OK" to save.


Part 2: Why second screen freezes when connecting laptop

1. Display refresh rate

Obviously, the external projector does not affect the running of the computer. The accepted explanation is that if the refresh rate of the projector is very low, in fact, when we move the mouse cursor, the mouse is always moving, but the projector is not refreshed, so the mouse is stuck.

The image is stuck when the external display refresh rate is not the same as laptop screen.


Turn the computer's refresh rate to a minimum(60 Hz), but this may not completely solve this problem.

How to adjust refresh rate in Windows 10:

1) Open Settings.

2) Click on "System"— "Display".

3) Click the "Advanced display settings".

4) Click the "Display adapter properties for Display 1" ...

5) Click the "Monitor" tab.

6) Under "screen refresh rate" menu to select the refresh rate you wish and click "OK".


2. Laptop stuck on second screen only

Since video can be played on a laptop,it is certain that there is a problem in the process of signal transmission or output.


The projector may have a problem with the video converter cable or the port connecting. Check whether the laptop and projector have a broken pin on VGA/HDMI.

3. Second screen is freezing when wireless mirroring

1. Check the speed of network. The network connection will affect the playback of the video.

2. Change to a video to determine if there is a problem with the movie media.

3. WIFI is unstable. Check the display wireless connection settings.

The above is about the second screen freezes windows 10 on HP laptop. Of course, the problems you encountered in the actual may not be mentioned in this article, then welcome your leave a message below, we will help you repair the laptop.

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How to Fix DELL Touchpad not Working Windows 10

I have the Dell Latitude D630. My touchpad had been working without any problem but it stopped working this afternoon. I think i have clicked on some wrong button by mistake. So, I want to ask that how can I get my touchpad back to work?

This article helps you solve the problem that the DELL touchpad not working properly by the simplest six steps. You don't have to try everything, just go to your problem.


Part 1: Why is my dell touchpad not working?

What are the main reasons for the touchpad is not working on laptop?

1.It may be that the touchpad driver has been damaged or the user has uninstall edit.

2.The notebook touchpad is turned off. Some notebooks can be turned off by settings, so if you turn off the touchpad accidentally, it will naturally cause the touchpad to no response.

3.Software program errors in the computer, may be caused by anti-virus software.

4.The notebook touchpad has failed (such as water damaged, foreign objects inside, etc.).

Part 2: How to fix touchpad not working on dell laptop?

1. Restart your computer

If this touchpad stops working during use, first try restarting the laptop,because some programs run incorrectly, causing memory running errors and temporary touchpad error. So, the first attempt is to test the touchpad again after restarting the laptop.

2. Check if the dell touchpad is locked

If you press the touchpad switch button accidentally, the notebook touchpad may be turned off, so resulting in the dell laptop touchpad is unavailable. You can try to open the touchpad by pressing the Fn+F5 key. (Note: Different brand notebooks may use other function key combinations, you can seethe corresponding instructions on the key.)

3. Check if the touchpad driver is working

Sometimes, dell touchpad not working after upgrading, then you may need to reinstall the touchpad driver.

You can find the corresponding touchpad driver to download and install according to the laptop model in the dell support website.

After installing the driver, you need to check the touchpad settings of the dell touchpad driver in the control panel.

1) In the "Control Panel" that opens, find the "Hardware and Sound" option.

2) Find the "Mouse" option in "Hardware and Sound"that opens.

3) In the mouse properties window, click on the "Dell Touchpad" option, then the touchpad icon in the window will appear "DELL pointing devices”.

4) Then "DELL pointing devices" window opens "touchpad on/off"

5) Finally click on "Save".


4. Check if the touchpad driver is disable

After updating the driver, you can find the touchpad in the device manager and check if the touchpad driver is turned on.

1) Find "Device Manager" in the main window of the control panel. If the word is not found, you will need to select "small icon"in the view mode in the upper right corner.

2) Locate the mouse and other pointing devices in the pop-up "Device Manager" where you can see the words "Dell Touchpad". If it is disabled, there will be a downward black arrow on the drive icon, right click on it and select "enable device".

5. Try power resetting

Performing a hard reset usually solves many problems and frees up any residual power on the dell parts. If some parts of your Dell PC are not responding, including problems with the dell touchpad stops working sometimes,

try to following:

1) Turn off your Dell PC.

2) Disconnect the AC adapter or power cord and remove the battery (Dell laptop).

3) Disconnect all external devices or peripheral devices, such as USB drives, printer cables, and media cards (SD/xD).

4) Press and hold the power button for 15-20 seconds to release the remaining charge.

If the laptop has a built-in battery, you can find a reset hole on the back of the laptop. After removing the external device, you need to take a pin and press the hole to complete the power reset.

5) Connect the AC adapter and battery (Dell laptop).

6) Start the laptop and test touchpad.


it's may a ribbon loose try take off the keyboard to see where the ribbon is and follow it to both ends if still attached may have to reinstall touchpad.

Obviously, a poor connection flex ribbon or a broken touchpad cable can make the dell touchpad unresponsive. Then you will most likely need to buy a replacement touchpad. GEMWON will provide dell repair parts at wholesale price, which will be the best choice for repairing notebooks.

This article is about the solution that the dell touchpad keeps getting disabled. The above 6 steps will help you solve it. If you have more questions, please feel free to visit the GEMWON blog or leave a message below this post.

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